T83. Multi-disciplinary investigation of magmatic processes: experimental petrology, eruptive products analysis and numerical modelling to constrain dynamics and timescales of magmatic processes


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Volcanoes are among the most important natural hazards and investigating the dynamics and timescales of magmatic processes that occur prior to an eruption is key to assess volcanic hazards and to mitigate potential risk. This includes processes like magma generation and storage, fractional crystallization and magma differentiation, magma mixing and contamination, mush re-mobilization, magma ascent dynamics including mineral and volatile exsolution, and fragmentation. Over the last few decades our knowledge of these processes has substantially increased through more precise and accessible analytical techniques for experimental and natural samples and through numerical modelling. Recent advances regard for example the interpretation of crystal growth and crystal zoning patterns or melt and fluid inclusions in erupted products, the analysis of dynamics and timescales of magma mixing, assimilation of host-rocks and bubble nucleation and growth at controlled laboratory conditions or numerical modelling of magma ascent dynamics.
In this session, we aim to bring together studies that investigate the dynamic nature of magmatic processes both in the laboratory and in nature. We welcome multidisciplinary contributions from mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, geochemistry, and numerical modelling to understand magma dynamics from the deep storage zone to the surface and to constrain magma ascent rates prior to volcanic eruptions.
CONVENERS: Marco Knüever (Università di Bari), Alessandro Pisello (Università di Perugia), Francesco Maria Lo Forte (Università di Palermo), Emanuele Caruso (Università di Bari)
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