T55. Challenges in the characterization of active faults: the contribution from seismology, geodesy, and structural analysis


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Combining seismic, geodetic, and seismotectonic data enables a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to active fault identification. This integration enhances our ability to precisely locate active faults, determine their behavior, and estimate their future earthquake potential. The results of this study are crucial for seismic hazard assessment, land-use planning, and infrastructure design in earthquake-prone regions, contributing to the overall understanding and management of earthquake risks.
In this session, we would like to provide the opportunity to exchange new data and new approaches to characterize seismotectonic areas. We welcome contributions to describing Italian seismogenic fault through 3D geophysical reconstructions, advanced earthquake location catalogs, seismic and remote sensing source modeling, and paleoseismological and geomorphological studies.
CONVENERS: Maria Grazia Ciaccio (INGV),Lorenzo Petracchini (CNR), Laura Scognamiglio (INGV), Marco Cuffaro (CNR).
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