T54. New frontiers of Planetary Geology


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Planetary geology is expanding the boundaries of geosciences. With growing interests for the exploration of new celestial bodies and the preparation for human missions on the Moon and Mars the role of planetary geology is gaining momentum. From the geological characterization of landing sites for robotic missions to the study of planets habitability, the role of planetary geology became crucial in the last two decades. The aim of this session is to bring together disciplines as various as geology, geomorphology, geophysics, mineralogy, sedimentology, geomicrobiology and geochemistry and their contributions to planetary geology.
From the geomorphology and mineralogy of terrestrial planets to the study of planetary analogues on Earth, in this session we welcome all contributions aimed at supporting ongoing and future robotic missions, including ExoMars and Mars Sample Return missions. We welcome presentations on both past and present geological processes, either from mission's data or comparative planetary geology (including fieldwork on terrestrial analogues), either observations or modeling or laboratory experiments, meteorites characterization and space mining (or any combination of those).
CONVENERS: Fulvio Franchi (Università di Bari), Giovanna Agrosi (Università di Bari), Barbara Cavalazzi (Università di Bologna), Lucia Marinangeli (Università di Chieti-Pescara), Giovanni Pratesi (Università di Firenze).
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