T49. Fossil record, paleoenvironment and climate change throughout the Neogene and Quaternary Earth history


Congressi SGI-SIMP

The Neogene and Quaternary Earth history is marked by significant global climate and environmental modifications that culminated in the Quaternary icehouse conditions. These diverse transient climate periods had profound impacts, of different rates and amplitudes, on faunal and floral assemblages. The investigation of these events is significant for the understanding of the interrelationships between ecosystem dynamics and climate change. This session is intended to bring together specialists in paleontology, paleoecology, paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, spanning from the Neogene to the Holocene. The aim is to share experience and results about the role of biota in highlighting climate transition and paleoenvironmental changes at different time scale, ranging from millions of years to decades. We welcome contributions ranging from both marine sediments, terrestrial records, geohistorical archives as well as multidisciplinary studies connecting the fossil record with independent information of environmental changes (organic and inorganic geochemistry, sedimentology and more). Ultimately, we intend to highlight how past records of biotic response to climate change can contribute to quantifying impacts of future climate change in the next decades.
CONVENERS: Patrizia Maiorano (Università di Bari), Adele Bertini (Università di Firenze), Angela Girone (Università di Bari), Maria Marino (Università di Bari), Raffaele Sardella (Sapienza Università di Roma).
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