T48. Geosciences at school 2024


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Climate change, sustainability, extreme events, georesources and critical minerals, soil exploitation, geological risks... These are just some of the major issues that our society must face on a daily basis but for which the population, at all levels, is often unprepared and incorrectly informed. This knowledge deficit has clear repercussions on the understanding of the concept of risk and the ability to consciously face the modern challenges of territory safeguarding and sustainable development. Geosciences are in fact essential in many key aspects of sustainability and are therefore necessary for achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.
The role of the school is fundamental for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences for the training of citizens of the future. This session aims to be a moment of meeting and encouragement for researchers and teachers to work towards improving the dissemination of geological knowledge at school, through all traditional and innovative teaching and educational tools, with attention to inclusive teaching. Contributions, also in Italian, which illustrate experiences at school and results obtained are welcome, as well as activities carried out in the frame of the PLS project (Piano Lauree Scientifiche) and positive school-university-museum interactions. The publication of a volume of the Rendiconti OnLine della Societa' Geologica Italiana (ROL-SGI), in the series "Le Geoscienze a Scuola", is planned.
CONVENERS: Francesca Cifelli (Università di Roma 3), Anna Gioncada (Università di Pisa), Claudia Lupi (Università di Pavia), Eleonora Paris (Università di Camerino), Elena Bonaccorsi (Università di Pisa).
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Congressi SGI-SIMP

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