T18. Field and digital geological mapping: the numerous facets of CARG project from crystalline basement to sedimentary deposits


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Geological fieldwork is the starting point for geological reconstruction and final working out of any geological map. The integration with stratigraphy, structural and microstructural geology, petrology, geochemistry and geochronology is a useful tool for reconstructing geological framework and its evolution. The improvement of technology in marine surveys and recent availability of large databases for submarine regions stimulated the interest in implementing official geological maps in marine areas. Geological fieldwork can strongly benefit from the 3D perspective and their integration can help to overcome the existing limitations of map production.
This session aims to collect contributions dealing with fieldwork mapping with an eye focused on the renewed funding of the official geological mapping project of Italy at 1:50,000 scale (CARG Project), discussing new data, stratigraphic studies and interpretations for Mediterranean continental to volcanoclastic, shallow and deep marine deposits as well as crystalline rocks, structural and microstructural data and analyses.
Scientific contributions would be addressed, but not be limited, to i) sedimentary, tectono-stratigraphic and tectono-metamorphic evolution of Palaeozoic-to-Cenozoic orogen and evolution of Quaternary basins from regional to local-scale; ii) morphodynamic, depositional and tectonic processes in marine areas; iii) new methodologies of collection, storage and restitution of field data and 3D map visualizations.
CONVENERS: Laura Tomassetti (ISPRA), Attilio Sulli (Università di Palermo), Diego Pieruccioni (ISPRA)
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