T13. Constraints for 3D geological models of sedimentary basins: restoring the knowledge of surface and subsurface stratigraphy for multiple geological applications


Congressi SGI-SIMP

In recent years, subsurface modeling of sedimentary basins has experienced significant advancements, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create complex 3D representations of sedimentary heterogeneity. 3D modeling still tackles the enduring challenge of combining geometrical and evolutionary information within complex stratigraphic frameworks for practical applications, including geothermal and water resources management, urban planning, material extraction, and geological hazard analysis. The conceptualization of rich surface-subsurface dataset into model constraints faces the inevitable outcome of harmonizing simplicity with the multiscale and nested nature of sedimentary successions, often resulting in inaccurate and uncertain models. To address this challenge, this session invites researchers to explore subsurface models' methodology and outcomes, discussing the integration among geological maps, facies analyses, subsurface stratigraphic correlations, geophysical datasets, and evolutionary interpretations of sedimentary basins. Examples may encompass studies using innovative 3D modelling technique and/or classical geological dataset. The aim is to restore the importance of fundamental geological knowledge and highlight the potential pitfalls and limitations of 3D computation lacking robust conceptual models. Attendees will gain insights into the latest modeling developments of sedimentary basins, enhancing their ability to contribute to sustainable solutions in applied geology and geological engineering, bridging the gap between theoretical models and real-world geological challenges.
CONVENERS: Daniel Tentori (CNR Montelibretti, Roma), Chiara Zuffetti (Università degli Studi di Milano Statale), Edoardo Barbero (CNR Torino)
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