T12. Advances in remote sensing for hazard monitoring and geo-resource management through multi-dimensional digital models


Congressi SGI-SIMP

This session explores the forefront of geoscience technology, merging the power of Earth Observation applications and multidimensional digital modeling. It aims to showcase how these advanced tools are revolutionizing our understanding and management of geo-resources and risks. Indeed, the advent of new platforms, sensors, and algorithms provides opportunities to image, assess, and quantify natural processes in different geological settings. We explore the latest developments in techniques such as digital mapping, satellite imaging, airborne and UAV photogrammetry, LiDAR and X- ray/neutron microtomography. The session will highlight how these methods can be used to produce valuable 3D/4D geological data.
The session will comprehensively cover topics such as mapping and monitoring of natural hazards and risks (floods, landslides, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions), 3D dynamic and static models, 3D virtual outcrops, monitoring of dynamic models, fractured and porous media modelling for reservoir characterization and geostorage.
Challenges in collecting data, automated analysis of digital model data, machine learning implementation, management of large datasets, integration of multi-parametric and multi-dimensional data will be addressed, also by sharing qualitative and quantitative information to foster collaborative advances in the geosciences at various scales. Contributions that connect surface data with 3D subsurface multi-parametric model reconstruction are strongly encouraged.
CONVENERS: Rosa Colacicco (Università di Bari), Eugenio Fazio (Università di Catania), Giovanni Forte (Università di Napoli), Marco La Salandra (Università di Bari), Miller Zambrano (Università di Camerino), Martina Zucchi (Università di Bari)
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