The Italian Geological Society (SGI) and the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology (SIMP) invite you to attend the Joint Congress entitled Geosciences for a sustainable future, which will be held in Turin from the 19th to 21th of September 2022. The Congress consists of three days, with Scientific sessions that focus on the main Geosciences themes and include plenary conferences of international scholars, round tables, forums, and workshops on topics of significant geological-social impact and major issues of public interest.

The Congress represents an exceptional place to meet different people working in Geosciences. For scholars, it represents a meaningful moment to confront the research strategies, discuss and disseminate the research outcomes. For professionals, it is a valuable occasion to update their expertise and to expand and deepen the skills in the field they work. For school teachers, it is an opportunity to get knowledge of new contents and teaching methods applied in the Geosciences and to establish collaborations with researches for lab activities. Finally, the Congress offers everyone the opportunity to build new networks, strengthen the old ones and expand collaborations with numerous public and private entities, where the geological “know-how” is pivotal. Moreover, it represents a unique chance to discuss new development and technology transfer strategies. 

The Congress will also be the occasion to critically think on the role of the Geosciences in a More Sustainable Future for our Society and Planet, on the position they deserve and the role they must take on in the formation of citizens, protection from natural hazards, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage, that make Italy a unique place in the World. Particular attention will be given to young researchers, PhDs, and students through events and meetings specifically designed to expand their networks, facilitate intercultural discussion and information exchange that will aid to make progress in their research and future studies planning.

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Rodolfo Carosi (SGI) e Daniele Castelli (SIMP)

Germana Barone (Università di Catania), Fabrizio Berra (Università di Milano), Matteo Berti (Università di Bologna), Fernando Camara (Università di Milano), Piergiulio Cappelletti  (Università di Napoli Federico II), Claudio Chiarabba (INGV), Rita Chirico (Università di Napoli Federico II), Renato Colucci (CNR), Chiara D’Ambrogi (ISPRA), Rosanna De Rosa (Università della Calabria), Laura De Santis (OGS), Daniela Ducci (Università di Napoli Federico II), Patrizia Fumagalli (Università di Milano), Biagio Giaccio (CNR), Fausto Guzzetti (Protezione Civile), Giulia Innamorati (SGI), Ilaria Mazzini (CNR), Mimmo Palano (INGV), Claudia Piromallo (INGV), Mario Soldati (Università di Modena), Stefania Venturi (Università di Firenze), Andrea Zanchi [Coordinatore] (Università Milano Bicocca)

Donato Belmonte (Università di Genova), Sabrina Bonetto (Università di Torino), Bernardo Carmina (Università di Pisa), Francesco De La Pierre (Università di Torino), Tema Evdokia (Università di Torino), Lorenza Fascio (SIMP), Salvatore Iaccarino (Università di Torino), Andrea Maffeis (Università di Torino), Nadia Malaspina (Università di Milano Bicocca), Chiara Montomoli (Università di Torino), Marcello Natalicchio (Università di Torino), Alessandro Petroccia (Università di Torino), Fabio Petti (SGI), Fabrizio Piana (CNR), Franco Rolfo (Università di Torino), Licia Santoro (Università di Torino), Mario Tribaudino (Università di Torino), Alessandro Zuccari (SGI)