FT1 2022

Field leader(s): Luca Barale [CNR-IGG, Torino], Carlo Bertok [Università di Torino], Anna d’Atri (Referent) [Università di Torino], Luca Martire [Università di Torino], Pietro Mosca [CNR-IGG, Torino], Fabrizio Piana [CNR-IGG, Torino]

Itinerary: Torino- Ponte Marmora (Maira valley) - Altopiano della Gardetta - Stura valley - Valdieri -Torino

Date: 16-17-18 September 2022

Duration: 3 days (2 nights)

Costs (all included): € 220

The trip runs mostly through the Mesozoic sedimentary and metasedimentary successions of the of SW Alps (Southern Cottian Alps). It starts from the Pre-Piemontese, Acceglio and Internal Briançonnais units and, going through the Pennidic front zone, it enters the External Briançonnais, Dauphinois and Provençal domains, as well as the Eocene-lower Oligocene Alpine foreland basin succession. Magnificent rock exposures in a karstic highland geomorphology (Gardetta plateau) and deep fluvial gorges (high Stura Valley) allows to compare the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the more internal units vs. the external ones and to interprete the Alpine tectonic setting and sedimentary evolution in the frame of transpressional tectonics, at  the southern termination of Western Alps arc. The trip is also dedicated to the extensive fault rock masses placed along the Argentera NE boundary faults, while the last part  is dedicated to the observation and discussion of some  peculiar petrogenetic processes, related to geothermal  fluid circulation, which occurred during  Alpine and pre-Alpine tectonics (e.g., Valdieri Marble, Gesso Valley).

Further indications

10 (min) to 20 participants, rented outdoor vehicles, no track difficulties as the trip is run mostly by car, medium mountain clothing, accommodations in hotels with dinner and packed lunch