FT2 2022


Field leader(s) Leonardo Casini [Università di Sassari], Giovanni Luca Cardello [Università di Sassari], Fabrizio Cocco [Università di Cagliari], Antonio Funedda [Università di Cagliari], Giacomo Oggiano [Università di Sassari]

Itinerary Olbia (SS) – Bitti (NU) – Tempio P. (SS)/Aggius (SS) – S. Teresa di Gallura (SS) – Olbia (SS)

Date: 22-23-24 September 2022

Duration 3 days

Costs (all included) € 270

The field trip is dedicated to the Variscan basement of northern Sardinia, with a special focus on the migmatite-granite transition zone and related synmagmatic deformation structures. Northern Sardinia shows an almost complete section of lower to middle crust, from migmatites and paragneisses with relic HP assemblages to LP-HT migmatites, and granites. The HP evolution, tentatively correlated with Devonian-early Carboniferous subduction, preserve poor structural evidences because of extensive re-equilibration during a subsequent, late-Carboniferous/early-Permian HT-LP event ending up with the emplacement of the Corsica-Sardinia Batholith.
The excursion will start from a middle crustal section of amphibolite-facies orthogneiss, paragneisses and micaschists with relicts of HP assemblages. The metamorphic rocks are intruded by several late Carboniferous and Permian calc-alkaline plutons with excellent exposures showing the architecture of middle-crustal magma chambers. The field trip continues moving toward the lower part of the crustal section, i.e., the source zone of granitic melts. The second day will be fully dedicated to a huge migmatitic massif exposing a continuous metatexite-diatexite-granite transition. The outcrops are set in a nice marine context, offering superb 3D expositions of a quenched melt extraction zone. The last day is dedicated to an early Permian sub-alkaline volcanic-plutonic complex that ideally marks the end of the Corsica-Sardinia Batholith.

Further indications

The trip consists of a round journey starting from, and ending in, Olbia (SS), which is easily connected to several Italian and European cities by daily flights and boats. The transfer of participants (min 15 – max 30 persons) from and to the airport, as well as between the stops, will be accommodated by minibuses. Most stops are close to the roads or to the beach, thus they are easily accessible and require minimal trekking attitude and standard field work equipment (i.e., comfortable clothes, trekking shoes, a light backpack). The second half of September in Sardinia is usually warm and dry and most stops of the second day will be around a cliff overlooking the nice sea of S. Teresa di Gallura (SS), so don’t forget your swimsuit. Overnight stays and dinners will be in the Muto di Gallura (SS), a famous agritourism located in a strategical position close to several magnificently exposed granitic and migmatitic massifs. Packed lunch and water will be provided by the organization.

The FT2 field trip represents the annual field excursion held by GIGS, the SGI-session dedicated to Structural Geology and Tectonics.  

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Gruppo Italiano di Geologia Strutturale (G.I.G.S.)