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Field leader(s) Daniele Castelli [Università di Torino], Simona Ferrando [Università di Torino], Chiara Groppo [Università di Torino], Franco Rolfo [Università di Torino]

Itinerary Torino – Pian del Re (Valle Po) - Torino

Date: 22 September 2022

Duration: 1 day

Costs (all included) € 50

The Monviso Massif is one of the best preserved relics of oceanic crust in the western Alps that formed during opening of the Mesozoic western Alpine Tethys and that underwent HP metamorphism during Alpine subduction. This fieldtrip gives the almost unique chance to see and appreciate different portions of the ancient ocean along a mountain trail. Among the various lithologies, we will see serpentinites, Mg-Al and Fe-Ti metagabbros, eclogites, metabasites, metasediments and minor metaperidotites. Metamorphic and metasomatic processes occurred during subduction and/or during the following exhumation are exceptionally well preserved in most of them. The field trip itinerary is located in a high mountain landscape in front of the pyramid of Monviso (3841 m), which is the symbol of the Cottian Alps. The excursion will start from the spring of the Po river at Pian del Re and will reach three spectacular mountain lakes (Lago Fiorenza, Lago Chiaretto and Lago Superiore), through a typical glacial landscape.

Further indications 

Min e max number of participants: 15 - 30

Type of vehicles : regular touristic bus from Torino to Crissolo; minibus from Crissolo to Pian del Re; 500 m elevation gain by foot

Track difficulty, clothing: the fieldtrip will follow a mountain path at altitudes between 2000 and 2500 m a.s.l.; consequently, good physical shape, mountain boots, sun glasses, and sun-tan lotion are strongly recommended, as well as warm, water- and windproof clothes, since weather can change rapidly.

Registration fee includes: travel costs, packed lunch, tourist tax.