FT5 2022

Field leader(s) Francesca Lozar [Università di Torino], Alessandro Borghi [Università di Torino], Anna d’Atri [Università di Torino], Elena Storta [Università di Torino], Elena Egidio [Università di Torino]

Itinerary The tour develops in the city center.

Date: 19 September 2022

Duration: 17.30 - 20.00

Costs (all included) € 10

The links among construction stone materials, their geographical provenance, geological origin, physical and chemical properties, and the architecture and history of a city are very interesting topics that need to be highlighted and explained to both students and tourists. This urban field trip consists of a geo-touristic walking-tour in Torino, from CLN square to the city center, focusing on historical and architectural aspects of the buildings as well as the geological features of the building materials. A variety of Alpine rocks used in palaces and historical monuments for both esthetic and structural reasons is displayed to the participants. In Torino, the itinerary moves towards the city center discovering the different types of ornamental stones (mainly metamorphic rocks) employed in buildings and monuments. For some of the stops, a detailed geologic description is also available through the application for mobile phones “TOURinSTONE”. This application includes descriptions of 26 sites of historical and scientific interest and provides information on the stone materials, including petrographic and mineralogical description and location of the historical quarries. The technical-scientific study of materials, its simplification and dissemination, the combination with the cultural aspect and the territory represent a new way of doing research and develop the link between geosciences, geomaterials and our soustainable future.