A seguito del processo di revisione del Comitato Scientifico alcune sessioni sono state accorpate ed altre non attivate. I lavori sottomessi per le sessioni che non hanno raggiunto il numero minimo per l'attivazione sono stati spostati in altre ritenute di maggior pertinenza. In conseguenza di questo รจ stata predisposta anche una nuova numerazione. 


S1 Biominerals and environmental mineralogy P1
S2 Learning from the past for a sustainable future: geosciences in/for cultural heritage... P4
S3 Geosciences for Cultural Heritage P5
S4 Minerals, rock and museum: from collection to research in a post-pandemic world P6
S5 Sustainability in dimension and ornamental stones industry (from exploitation to appl... P8
S6 Palaeomagnetism, Rock Magnetism and Magnetostratigraphy P9
S7 Quantitative geology and modeling: an excursion through analogue and numerical modeling and the digital reproduction of outcrops  P11-P12 
S8 Perspectives on fluid- and melt-rock interactions by advanced thermodynamics and geochemistry: applications in petrology and geothermy P14-P17-P46
S9 Ground deformation measurements and Geosciences: applications and outlooks P18
S10 Evolution of collisional orogens in space and time: the Alpine-Himalayan system in 4 ... P20
S11 Composition and evolution of the oceanic lithosphere: a petrological, geochemical and... P21
S12 Growth, recycling and differentiation of the continental crust P22
S13 Earth dynamics to dynamic landscape: feedback between tectonics and landscape evolution P25-P26
S14 Ore deposits for a green future P27
S15 Mineralogy and waste: circular economy for a sustainable future P28
S16 The challenge of alkali-activated materials: new chance for a sustainable world P29
S17 Microporous and layered minerals: properties and applications for a sustainable futur... P32
S18  Celebrating the International Year of Mineralogy: two centuries of progress and disco... P34
S19 Slow rock slope deformations in different geodynamic and climatic settings: processes... P35
S20 Landslides from mountain to coastal environments and beyond P37
S21 Monitoring and sustainable management of natural and artificial cavities: a contribut... P38
S22 Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA): hazard identification, assessment and mitigation ... P39 
S23 Geology is coming home. A renewed interest in Italian geoscientific tradition P40
S24 Geosciences and museums: integrated approaches for a sustainable future  P41
S25 Geosciences at School  P42
S26  Climate change and the fossil record  P43 
S27 Earth's carbon cycle in active magmatic-tectonic systems and in the mantle: from prod...  P44
S28 A journey into Earth's upper mantle: spotlights on its composition, structure and dyn...  P47
S29  Stressed minerals and microstructures: a link between grain-scale processes and lithosphere dynamics  P48 - P70
S30 A petrographic and mineralogical journey through the extraterrestrial bodies: from di...  P49
S31 Towards modern concepts in seismotectonic-model definition and imaging: multidiscipli... P50
S32 From Source to Sink - the history of sediments inferred from the geological record P51
S33 Taphonomy and diagenesis of marine biogenic sediments in ancient and modern depositio... P52
S34 The Sediment Routing System as a tool to the understanding of fossil depositional sys... P53
S35 Field mapping and stratigraphy: significant insights from the geologic record P55
S36 Open session on Stratigraphy P56
S37 Sustainability of groundwater resources P58
S38 Geosciences and shallow geothermics for the energy transition and sustainability P60-P61
S39 Innovative strategies for sustainable agriculture and restoration of degraded soils: ... P62
S40 Environmental geology supporting the European Green Deal P63
S41 Evolution of the Variscan crust P64
S42 Faults and shear zones: the pathways for fluids P65
S43 Transversal Tectonic Lines in the Apennines: un updated review on their role for seis... P66 
S44  Faults and shear zones from near the surface to the deep crust: clues from micro-stru... P67
S45 Mapping crystalline basements: traditional and innovative approaches P69
S46 From Micro to Macro - How to unravel the nature of the Large Magmatic Events P73
S47 New insights on the study of gem-quality minerals and their synthetic analogous P33
S48 Resource availability, critical raw materials and by-products for the ecological transition and sustainability P31-P59
S49 Application of cutting edge techniques in global geochemistry: isotopic reservoirs from deep earth, food traceability and CO2 storage P10-P15-P16
S50 Open Poster Session P74



P2. Medical geology: the impact of the natural environment on human and animal health
P3. Geodiversity and geoheritage in the ecological transition: science, culture and susta...
P7. Geosciences and geoethics: achieving UN Agenda 2030
P13. Earth and other planets in the digital era: a multiscale technological approach
P19. The Iberia-Eurasia plate boundary from Variscan to present
P23. Linking tectonics and climate in mountains building processes
P24. Western Tethys meets Eastern Tethys - Trans-oceanic comparisons
P30. Petrographic and geochemical approach for a sustainable, resilient and circular suppl...
P36. Multi-scale rock physical properties in subsurface exploitation and natural hazards
P45. IUGS sub-commission for nomenclature and classification of igneous rocks. New ideas a...
P54. Modern and ancient marine evaporite systems
P57. From the surface to depth and back: the journey of diagenetic fluids up and down sedi...
P68. Integrated approaches and techniques for the study of metamorphic basements
P71. Active Normal Faulting Evolution: from long- to short-term up to seismic hazard
P72. From magma reservoirs to volcanic eruptions: insights from integrated field, experime...