Session Title
S1 Tectonics and sedimentation
S2 Evolution of sedimentary basins: an integrated approach
S3 Oceanic lithosphere and subduction factory
S4 Exhumation processes
S5 Adria Plate
S6 Coupling deep mantle structures with surface processes and magmatism along the Tethyian margin
S7 Dynamics of the Earth interior
S8 Impact of Renewable and Geo-Energies
S9 Hydrogeological environments: challenges and advances
S10 Earthquakes and Tsunami
S11 Volcanic Hazard in the terrestrial and marine environment
S12 Landslides in the terrestrial and marine environment
S13 Floods
S14 Geo-pollutants
S15 Coastal erosion
S16 Extreme environments
S17 Carbonate rocks: from sedimentation to diagenesis
S18 Geology and ecosystems
S19 Paleo-climatic transitions
S20 Resilience of oceanic ecosystems preserved in the geological record
S21 Holocene climate
S22 Quaternary climate and sea level change
S23 The cosmic challenge: from interplanetary dust to the bricks of life
S24 The contribution of geology to the knowledge of solar system bodies
S25 Urban Geology and Geomorphology
S26 Geo-heritage, geoparks, geo-itineraries
S27 Geology, food and health
S28 Geosciences at School 2021
S29 Open Poster Session