Geosciences: a tool in a changing world

Pisa, 4-6 settembre 2017

Programma delle sessioni

S1. Cosmochemistry of planetary materials and planetary processes

Conveners and Chairpersons L. Folco (UNIPI), C. Carli (IAPS-INAF, Roma)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] / Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [16.30-18.00] - Aula E1

1-1 14.30-14.45 Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Bersani D. & Lottici P.P.: Raman, SEM-EDS and cathodoluminescence mapping of an altered Ca-Al inclusion in the Ranazzo CR2 carbonaceous chondrite.

1-2 14.45-15.00 Di Rocco T.*, Gemelli M., Salvini M., D'Orazio M., Boschi C. & Folco L.: The fractionation of rare earth elements (REE) in enstatite chondrites: implication for planetary formation in the Inner Solar System.

1-3 15.00-15.15 Pratesi G.* & Moggi Cecchi V.: Acfer 370: the "first" Forsterite Chondrite.

1-4 15.15-15.30 Gemelli M.*, Di Rocco T., Folco L. & D'Orazio M.: Identification of Mafic igneous rocks Parentage by Handheld Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry.

1-5 15.30-15.45 Miozzi F.*, Morard G., Antonangeli D., Clark A., Edmumd E., Fiquet G. & Mezouar M.: On the interior of carbon rich exoplanets: new insights from Si-C system at ultra-high pressure.

1-6 15.45-16.00 Carli C.*, Di Genova D., Roush T.L., Ertel-Ingrisch W., Stefani S., Capaccioni F. & Dingwell D.B.: Reflectance and Raman spectroscopy of glassy igneous material with variable oxidation states.

1-7 16.30-16.45 Longo S.*, D'Elia M., Fonti S., Mancarella F., Micca Longo G. & Orofino V.: Kinetics and thermochemistry of carbonate mineral decomposition under conditions relevant to planetology and astrobiology.

1-8 16.45-17.00 Micca Longo G.* & Longo S.: Atmospheric entry model of mixed MgxCa(1-x)CO3micrometeoroids.

1-9 17.00-17.15 Alvaro M.*, Jones A.P., McMillan P.F., Salzmann C.G., Murri M., Domeneghetti M.G., Nestola F., Prencipe M., Dobson D., Hazael R., Moore M., Vishnevsky S., Logvinova A.M. & Sobolev N.K.: Structure characterization of impact natural diamond from Popigai crater.

1-10 17.15-17.30 Carone L.*, Folco L. & D'Orazio M.: Microscopic impactor debris at Kamil Crater (Egypt): the origin of the Fe-Ni-oxide microscopic spherules.

1-11 17.30-17.45 Campanale F.*, Folco L. & Glass B.P.: Impact ejecta from the Australasian microtektite layer: implication for target parent rock and impact location.

1-12 17.45-18.00 Folco L.*, Glass B.P., D'Orazio M. & Rochette P.: Projectile Identification in Australasian Microtektites Using Cr, Co and Ni Ratios.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster
1-13 Pannello 1 De Toffoli B., Carli C., Maturilli A., Sauro F., Massironi M. & Helbert J.: Reflectance spectroscopy applied to terrestrial analogues of Martian water-related environments.

1-14 Pannello 2 Manzari P., De Angelis S., De Sanctis M.C., Agrosì G. & Tempesta G.: Micro-imaging VIS-IR spectroscopy of Martian meteorites in support of the future MaMIss spectrometer measurements.

1-15 Pannello 3 Marinangeli L., Tangari A.C. & Pompilio L.: Sedimentary rocks and processes in Margaritifer Chaos, Mars.

1-16 Pannello 4 Ricci L., Frondini F., Zucchini A., Petrelli M., Canteri R., Pepponi G., Palmerini S., Trippella O. & Busso M.: Oxygen isotopic analysis of Mineo (Sicily, Italy) pallasite.

1-17 Pannello 5 Serventi G., Carli C. & Sgavetti M.: The role of very fine sizes in reflectance spectroscopy: new understanding for the interpretation of the finest fractions of regolith. Applications to the lunar regolith.

S2. Antarctica: a privileged observatory to understand the dynamics of the planet Earth

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Pompilio (INGV, Pisa), C. Baroni (UNIPI), A.M. Fioretti (IGG-CNR, Padova), E. Lodolo (OGS, Trieste)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula G1

2-1 11.30-11.45 Cianfarra P.* & Salvini F.: Towards a new geodynamic model of East Antarctica: intraplate strikeslip deformation corridor.

2-2 11.45-12.00 Colleoni F.*, De Santis L., Bergamasco A., Montoli E., Petrini M. & Olivo E.: Interplay between ic dynamics, ocean water masses and the morphology of seabed.

2-3 12.00-12.15 Rocchi S.*, Smellie J.L., Johnson J.S., Di Vincenzo G. & Schaefer J.M.: A tuff cone erupted under frozen-bed ice (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): linking glaciovolcanic and cosmogenic nuclide data for ice sheet reconstructions.

2-4 12.15-12.30 Pelorosso B.*, Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Faccini B., Giacomoni P.P. & Melchiorre M.: Petrological characterisation of northern Victoria Land lithospheric mantle, new insights from anhydrous and amphibole bearing mantle xenoliths.

2-5 12.30-12.45 Leone N.*, Agostini S., Di Vincenzo G., Rocchi S. & Smellie J.: Extended magmatic differentiation in the Pleiades plumbing system induced by a thick ice cap during the last glacial maximum in the West Antarctic Rift System.

2-6 12.45-13.00 Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Bonadiman C., Ferlito C., Zanetti A. & Ottolini L.: The role of volatiles in the genesis of cenozoic magmatism in Northern Victoria land: new data from primary olivine-hosted melt inclusions.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

2-7 Pannello 1 Cannata A., Del Carlo P., Giudice G., Giuffrida G., Larocca G., Liuzzo M. & ICEVOLC project team: ICE-VOLC Project: unravelling the dynamics of Antarctica volcanoes.

2-8 Pannello 2 Correale A., Pelorosso B., Rizzo A.L., Coltorti M., Italiano F. & Bonadiman C.: 3 He/4 He homogeneous mantle source below the Western Antarctic Ridge System: main evidences from volatiles in mantle xenoliths.

2-9 Pannello 3 Danesi S., Salimbeni S. & Urbini S.: Joint Radio Echo Sounding and Seismic Observations in the David Glacier Area, North Victoria Land.

2-10 Pannello 4 Iaccarino S., Carosi R., Montomoli C., Massonne H.S. & Opitz J.: Tectonometamorphic evolution of metasediments of the Dessent Unit (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): insights into the development of a HT suture zone.

2-11 Pannello 5 Lepidi S., Cafarella L. & Di Mauro D.: Polar region observations for the study of the magnetospheric dynamics and the contribution of Italian Geomagnetic observatories in Antarctica.

2-12 Pannello 6 Perotti M., Zurli L., Sandroni S., Cornamusini G. & Talarico F.: Provenance analysis of Ross Sea Drift in McMurdo Sound (Antarctica) during the Last Glacial Maximum: a petrographic approach.

S3 An entire rock entrapped inside a mineral grain. What we can learn from it?

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Alvaro (UNIPV), M. Scambelluri (UNIGE)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula E1

3-1 09.00-09.15 [KEYNOTE] Novella D.*: H2O in mineral inclusions in diamonds: Constrains on the water content of cratonic lithosphere peridotites and diamond-forming melts.

3-2 09.15-09.30 Nestola F.*: Super-deep diamonds, iron and hydrogen: what's going on in the deep Earth?

3-3 09.30-09.45 Jones A.P.*, Alvaro M. & Collins G.S.: A new framework for shock transformation of terrestrial minerals in the lithosphere during bolide impacts.

3-4 09.45-10.00 Howell D.*, Weiss Y. & Nestola F.: DiaMap: New applications for processing IR spectra of fluid-rich diamonds.

3-5 10.00-10.15 Campomenosi N.*, Scambelluri M. Mihailova B. Alvaro M. Nestola F., Mazzucchelli M.L., Murri M., Angel R.J. & Prencipe M.: Geometry and size effects on Raman shifts in natural host-inclusion systems: an experimental validation.

3-6 10.15-10.30 [KEYNOTE] Plümper O.*, King H.E., Geisler T., Liu Y., Pabst S., Savov I.P. Rost D. & Zack T.: Organic inclusions in forearc serpentinites from the Mariana mud volcanoes: Message in a bottle from a deep biosphere?

3-7 11.30-11.45 Ferrando S.*, Frezzotti M.L. & Petrelli M.: Trace element behaviour in deep subduction fluids: an example from the nature.

3-8 11.45-12.00 Malaspina N.*, Langenhorst F., Tumiati S., Campione M., Frezzotti M.L. & Poli S.: Multiphase solid inclusions as record of the redox budget of crust-derived fluid phases at the slab-mantle interface.

3-9 12.00-12.15 Musiyachenko K.A.* & Korsakov A.V.: Metamorphic history of UHPM rocks: What can tell us inclusions under pressure?

3-10 12.15-12.30 Tacchetto T.*, Bartoli O., Cesare B., Aradi L., Berkesi M., Szabó A., Dankházi Z., Dumond G. & Szabó C.: Study of polycrystalline inclusions in garnets from granulites of the Athabasca Granulite Terrane (Canada).

3-11 12.30-12.45 Agrosì G.*, Tempesta G., Mele D., Allegretta I., Terzano R.,Shirey S. B., Pearson G.D. & Nestola F.: Non-destructive, multi-method, internal analysis of multiple inclusions in a single diamond: first occurrence of mackinawite (Fe,Ni)1+xS.

3-12 12.45-13.00 Zaccarini F.* & Garuti G.: Evolution of platinum group minerals (PGM) from high to low temperatures: examples from ophiolitic chromitites.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

3-13 Pannello 7 Agrosì G., Tempesta G., Mele D. Della Ventura G. Cestelli Guidi M., Mangone A., Caggiani M.C., Allegretta I. Nimis P., Nestola F. & Hutchison M.T.: Non-destructive in situ analysis of multiphase inclusions in a super-deep diamond.

3-14 Pannello 8 Bonazzi M., Tumiati S., Poli S. & Alvaro M.: Synthesis of host-inclusion systems: Preliminary Data.

3-15 Pannello 9 Cipriani M., Dominici R., Cianflone G., Costanzo A. & Feely M.: The Palaeoenvironment of Selenite-bearing Evaporite Formation in the Catanzaro Trough, Calabria, South Italy.

3-16 Pannello 10 Cipriani M., Dominici R., Cianflone G., Costanzo A. & Feely M.: Halite Recrystallization Studies: potential key to understanding depositional histories of salt domes, an example from the Crotone Basin, Calabria, South Italy.

3-17 Pannello 11 Correale A., Martelli M., Paonita A., Scribano V. & Arienzo I.: A combined study of noble gases, trace elements and Sr Nd isotopes for alkaline and tholeiitic lava from the Hyblean Plateau (Italy).

3-18 Pannello 12 Ferrero S., Cesare B., Godard G., Palmeri R. & Wunder B.: Partial melting of ultramafic granulites from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: melt inclusions and thermodynamic modelling.

3-19 Pannello 13 Fregola R.A. & Festa V.: Fluid inclusion analysis of gypsum from Lesina Marina (Apulia, Italy): A preliminary report.

3-20 Pannello 14 Mazzucchelli M.L., Burnley P., Angel R.J., Domeneghetti M.C., Nestola F. & Alvaro M.: Elastic geobarometry: the strain and the stress distribution in the host-inclusion system revealed by Finite Element Modeling (FEM).

3-21 Pannello 15 Scambelluri M., Pettke T. & Cannaò E.: Fluid-related inclusions in Alpine high-pressure peridotite monitor subduction zone dehydration of serpentinized mantle (Cima di Gagnone, Swiss Alps).

S4. New insights on the mineralogical, petrological and geochemical composition of the lithosphere and implications on its geodynamical evolution

Conveners and Chairpersons P. Comodi (UNIPG), C. Bonadiman (UNIFE), P. Fumagalli (UNIMI)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula E1

4-1 09.00-09.15 Formoso F.*, Sessa G., Cannaò E., Moroni M., Langone A. & Tiepolo M.: Petrology and Geochronology of the Loro Intrusive Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone).

4-2 09.15-09.30 Berno D.*, Tribuzio R., Zanetti A. & Hemond C.: Early evolution of mantle melts intruding the lowermost continental crust of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (Southern Alps): insights from the Monte Capio peridotite-pyroxenite lens.

4-3 09.30-09.45 Fornasaro S.*, Comodi P., Crispini L., Marescotti P. & Zucchini A.: Trace metal distribution in spinels from ultramafic bedrocks with different degree of serpentinization: insight from the HP-LT Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps).

4-4 09.45-10.00 Fumagalli P.*, Borghini G., Rampone E. & Poli S.: The Forsterite-Anorthite-CaTschermak-Enstatite (FACE) geobarometer: tracking the exhumation history of mantle rocks.

4-5 10.00-10.15 Faccini B.*, Coltorti M., Gamberini E., Bonadiman C., Briggs R.M. & Casetta F.: Subduction-related metasomatism as evidenced in ultramafic xenoliths from North Island, New Zealand.

4-6 10.15-10.30 Sessa G.*, Tiepolo M., Fiorentini M.L., Moroni M., Deloule E., Ottolini L., Langone A. & Ferrari E.: Amphibole as a proxy for the volatile content in the Archean mantle.

4-7 11.30-11.45 Brombin V.*, Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Fahnestock M.F., Bryce J.G. & Marzoli A.: Cratonic and CO2-rich metasomatism signatures recorded in Veneto Volcanic Province xenoliths.

4-8 11.45-12.00 Capizzi L.S.*, Poli S., Fumagalli P. & Tumiati S.: Experimental study of interconnectivity of hydrous-carbonatitic melts and grain boundary wetness in mantle peridotite.

4-9 12.00-12.15 Pelorosso B.*, Radica F., Bellatreccia F., Bonadiman C., Cinque G. & Coltorti M.: Volatile contents in peridotitic minerals from Handler Ridge (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) through microFTIR analysis.

4-10 12.15-12.30 Corvo' S.*, Padrón-Navarta J.A. Zanetti A., Langone A. & Mazzucchelli M.: Hydrogen content in nominally anhydrous minerals from Finero peridotite (Italy).

4-11 12.30-12.45 Guidoni F.*, Comodi P., Nazzareni S., Balić-Žunić T. & Prakapenka V.: Effect of the composition on the HP behaviour of emplectite-chalcostibite solid solution.

4-12 12.45-13.00 Cannaò E.*, Tiepolo M., Borghini G., Fumagalli P. & Langone A.: Looking for potential fluid-mobile elements reservoirs in the lithosphere: preliminary results from experimental studies.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

4-13 Pannello 1 Borghini G. & Fumagalli P.: Subsolidus phase relations in a secondary-type pyroxenite: an experimental study from 0.7 to 1.5 GPa.

4-14 Pannello 2 Ferrando S., Compagnoni R. & Cossio R.: Metamorphic evolution of a metaperidotite from the Monviso meta-ophiolite complex, Italian Western Alps.

4-15 Pannello 3 Fumagalli P., Merlini M. & Pagliaro F.: The elastic behaviour of the 11.5 Å phase and its petrological implications in subduction environments.

S5 Non-ambient conditions experiments for unraveling geological systems through mineral physics

Conveners and Chairpersons F. Camara (UNIMI), P. Lotti (UNIMI)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula A1

5-1 09.00-09.30 [KEYNOTE] Ardit M.*, Cruciani G., Dondi M. & Merli M.: Compressional features of orthorhombic perovskites.

5-2 09.30-09.45 Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Aliatis I., Lambruschi E., Bersani D., Lottici P.P., Gatta D.G. & Redhammer G.: New high pressure Raman spectroscopy data on diopside: a comparison with other C2/c synthetic pyroxenes.

5-3 09.45-10.00 Stagno V.*, Bonechi B., Greaux S., Caruso M. & Scarlato P.: The stability of eclogitic clinopyroxene in the Earth's mantle: an experimental investigation.

5-4 10.00-10.15 Comboni D.*, Gatta D.G., Lotti P., Merlini M., Liermann H.-P. & Frost D.J.: Pargasite at extreme conditions: a comprehensive P-T study.

5-5 10.15-10.30 Della Ventura G.*, Susta U., Mihailova B., Marcelli A., Cestelli Guidi M. & Oberti R.: Hightemperature studies on Fe dominant amphiboles: what do we see with each technique?

5-6 11.30-12.00 [KEYNOTE] Bindi L.*: How quasicrystals form in outer space?

5-7 12.00-12.15 Murri M.*, Cámara F., Adam J., Domeneghetti M.C. & Alvaro M.: Intracrystalline "geothermometry" assessed on clino- orthopyroxenes bearing synthetic rocks.

5-8 12.15-12.30 Comodi P.*, Guidoni F., Nazzareni S., Balić-Žunić T., Makovicky E., Zucchini A. & Prakapenka V.: A high pressure phase transition in chalcostibite, CuSbS2.

5-9 12.30-12.45 Zaffiro G.*, Angel R.J., Mazzucchelli M.L. & Alvaro M.: Towards a reliable equation of state for zircon.

5-10 12.45-13.00 Cialdella L., Nestola F.*, Bosi F., Andreozzi G.B., Novák M., Dutrow B.L., Secco L. & Boffa Ballaran T.: High-pressure behavior of dravite tourmaline.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

5-11 Pannello 16 Beltrami G., Rodeghero E., Martucci A., Cruciani G., Sarti E., Pasti L. & Ardit M.: High temperature characterization of Y-Zeolite loaded with Chlorobenzene.

5-12 Pannello 17 Bernardini S. Ballirano P., Bellatreccia F., Casanova Municchia A., Sodo A. & Della Ventura G.: The manganite → pyrolusite transformation.

5-13 Pannello 18 Gatta D.G., Comboni D., Lotti P., Merlini M. & Guastoni A.: The behavior at non-ambient conditions of colemanite: a hydrous Ca-borate.

5-14 Pannello 19 Kong M., Lee Y.M., Gatta D.G. & Lee Y.J.: Crystal-fluid interaction and compressional behavior of chabazite with Li+, Na+, Ag+, K+, Rb+, and Cs+ as extra-framework cations.

5-15 Pannello 20 Merlini M., Cerantola V., Gatta G.D., Gemmi M., Hanfland M., Kupenko I., Lotti P., Müller H. & Zhang L.: The crystal structure of dolomite-IV, a high-pressure polymorph of dolomite, at 115 GPa.

5-16 Pannello 21 Mesto E., Vinci D., Lacalamita M., Schingaro E. & Della Ventura G.: The thermal behavior of armstrongite from Khan Bogdo (Mongolia).

S6 Advances in fundamental understanding of structure, properties and uses of ordered porous materials

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Martucci (UNIFE), G. Cruciani (UNIFE)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] / Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [16.30-18.00] - Aula A1

6-1 14.30-14.45 [KEYNOTE] Thibaud J.M., Rouquette J., Hermet P., Cambon O., Gorelli F.A., Scelta D., Dziubek K., Bini R., Garbarino G., Alabarse F.G., Di Renzo F.*, van der Lee A., Haines J. & Santoro M.: Unidirectional zeolites as hosts for the high-pressure synthesis of conducting polymer nanocomposite.

6-2 14.45-15.00 Consani S.*, Balić-Žunić T., Giuli G., Carbone C., Trapananti A., Cardinale A., Salviulo G. & Lucchetti G.: Synthesis and structural characterisation of Woodwardite and its relationships with rare earth elements.

6-3 15.00-15.15 Belviso C.*, Kharchenko A., Agostinelli E., Cavalcante F., Lettino A., Peddis D., Varvaro G. & Mintova S.: Red mud as aluminium source for zeolite synthesis.

6-4 15.15-15.30 Beltrami G.*, Rodeghero E., Dolabella S., Pasti L., Martucci A. & Cruciani G.: Detection of Brønsted acid sites in Zeolite l: a combined neutron and synchrotron diffraction study.

6-5 15.30-15.45 Comboni D.*, Gatta G.D., Lotti P., Merlini M. & Hanfland M.: New insights on the hydration of the zeolite laumontite: a natural Nano-sponge.

6-6 15.45-16.00 Brundu A., Sale E. & Cerri G.*: Thermal transformations of (NH4,Cs)-clinoptilolite: what happens for compositions in between the end-members?

6-7 16.30-16.45 Cametti G.*, Fisch M. & Armbruster T.: Thermal behavior of stilbite and stellerite revisited and dehydration of their Na-exchanged forms: considerations on the memory effect of the STI framework type.

6-8 16.45-17.00 Rodeghero E.*, Martucci A., Pasti L. & Cruciani G.: Adsorption and desorption of fuel-based compounds from water through synthetic Zeolite ZSM-5.

6-9 17.00-17.15 Salviulo G.*, Molinari S., Baratella D., Carbone C., Magro M., Tateo F. & Vianello F.: Chromium and arsenic removal from contaminated waters: environmental application of maghemite nanoparticles – preliminary results.

6-10 17.15-17.30 Polisi M.*, Bettelli A., Vezzalini G., Quartieri S., Deau J., Patarin J. & Arletti R.: Intrusion-extrusion of water/alcohol molecules in Si-chabazite: Structural interpretation of the energetic performance.

6-11 17.30-17.45 Vinci D.*, Ventruti G., Lacalamita M., Mesto E., Leoni M., Schingaro E., Balassone G., Nieto F., Arfè G., Mondillo N. & Boni M.: Multianalytical study of sauconite from the Skorpion (Namibia) nonsulfide supergene orebody.

6-12 17.45-18.00 Di Leo P.*, Ancona V., Ditaranto N. & Pizzigallo M.D.R.: Mechanochemistry immobilization of organic and inorganic pollutants into clay minerals: a suitable technology for soil remediation.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster
6-13 Pannello 6 Ballirano P., Pacella A., Giordani M. & Mattioli M.: The thermal behaviour of erionite series.

6-14 Pannello 7 D'Alessio D., Tribaudino M., Mezzadri F., Magnani G., Pontiroli D. & Riccò M.: Syntheses of Melanophlogite (type I Clathrate).

6-15 Pannello 8 Gjyli S., Cavani F., Belviso C., Tabanelli T. & Korpa A.: Synthesis Condition Influence on Fly Ash Zeolites Properties.

6-16 Pannello 9 Lepore G., Schingaro E., Mesto E., Lacalamita M., IannicelliZubiani E., Cristiani C., Gallo Stampino P., Dotelli G. & Giuli G.: XAS investigation of La in montmorillonites.

6-17 Pannello 10 Mameli P., Huertas F.J. & Cerri G.: Synthesis of zeolitic materials from Sardinian kaolin.

6-18 Pannello 11 Occhipinti R., Tarantino S.C., Riccardi M.P. & Zema M.: Synthesis of vishnevite analogue from alunite-bearing kaolin.

6-19 Pannello 12 Polisi M., Arletti R., Quartieri S., Pastero L., Martra G., Fabbiani M., Morandi S. & Vezzalini G.: Azobenzene/AlPO4-5 hybrid material: Synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction structural characterization.

6-20 Pannello 13 Rodeghero E., Beltrami G., Pasti L. & Martucci A.: Toluene and n-Hexane competitive adsorption on high-silica zsm-5 Zeolite.

6-21 Pannello 14 Tallarigo N., Pasti L., Beltrami G., Rodeghero E. & Martucci A.: Study of adsorption/desorption process of p-HBA into Y Zeolite: a model system for water treatment contaminated by humic acids.

6-22 Pannello 15 Vezzalini G., Arletti R., Giacobbe C. & Quartieri S.: High pressure behaviour of GIS-type zeolite amicite.

S7 New minerals, systematic mineralogy, crystal chemistry, new mineralogical localities

Conveners and Chairpersons M.E. Ciriotti (AMI), C. Biagioni (UNIPI)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [16.00-17.30] - Aula A1

7-1 16.00-16.15 Biagioni C. & Pasero M.*: The CNMNC procedures: spreading more and more information in a faster way, without losing accuracy.

7-2 16.15-16.30 Oberti R.*: Defining new minerals in a rapidly changing world (and in a careless community).

7-3 16.30-16.45 Cámara F.*, Biagioni C., Ciriotti M.E., Bosi F., Kolitsch U., Paar W.H., Blass G. & Bittarello E.: Piccoliite, a new mineral of the pilawite group.

7-4 16.45-17.00 Perchiazzi N.*, Hålenius U. & Demitri N.: A crystal structural study of gabrielsonite from Långban, Sweden.

7-5 17.00-17.15 Mugnaioli E.*, Lanza A., Gemmi M. & Gregorkiewitz M.: The crystal structure of kaliophilite, KAlSiO4, solved on the basis of electron diffraction tomography data.

7-6 17.15-17.30 Belmonte D.*, Cabella R., Carbone C. & Biagioni C.: As-V minerals of hydrothermal origin in the Mn-ore deposits of Eastern Liguria (Northern Apennine, Italy): where crystal chemistry meets geochemistry.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

7-7 Pannello 22 Biagioni C., Bonaccorsi E., Musetti S. & Pasero M.: The collection of type mineral specimens of the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa.

7-8 Pannello 23 Biagioni C., Lepore G.O., Mauro D. & Pasero M.: Thallium in iron sulphates: crystal structure of alum-(K) and voltaite from Fornovolasco mine, Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy.

7-9 Pannello 24 Biagioni C., Mauro D. & Orlandi P.: Raman spectroscopy of the new Mo minerals from Su Seinargiu, Sardinia, Italy.

7-10 Pannello 25 Diella V., Bocchio R., Marinoni N., Langone A.: Micro-tomography, LA-ICP-MS and electron microprobe investigation of garnet from Val Codera granitic pegmatite (Central Alps, Italy).

7-11 Pannello 26 Garavelli A., Pinto D., Mitolo D. & Kolitsch U.: Thermessaite-(NH4): another piece of the puzzle of the evolution of sublimate deposition at "La Fossa" crater fumaroles.

7-12 Pannello 27 Garuti G. & Zaccarini F.: Platinum group minerals (PGM) in Italy.

7-13 Pannello 28 Perchiazzi N., Barton I.F. & Vignola P.: Incorporation of Co in dolomite structure: coupled single crystal and EPMA investigations of cobaltoan dolomites from Tenke-Fungurume, D.R. of Congo.

S8 Naturally occurring asbestos: state of the art and strategies for investigation and management

Conveners and Chairpersons R. Punturo (UNICT), A. Bloise (UNICAL), E. Belluso (UNITO), C. Vaccaro (UNIFE)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula A1

8-1 09.00-09.30 [KEYNOTE] Cavallo A.*: Naturally occurring asbestos in serpentinite quarries: the Valmalenco case history.

8-2 09.30-09.45 Iezzi G.*, Della Ventura G., Yao S., Bellatreccia F., Petibois C., Marcelli A., Nazzari M., Lazzarin F., Di Gioacchino M. & Petrarca C.: Mineralogy and textures of Riebeckitic asbestos (crocidolite): the role of single vs agglomerated fibres in toxicological experiments.

8-3 09.45-10.00 Sala O.* & Cavariani F.: Asbestos tremolite contamination in a feldspar sand quarrying site: considerations.

8-4 10.00-10.15 Moro D., Ulian G. & Valdrè G.*: Correction factors for the effect of shape and thickness of sem-eds microanalysis of asbestos fibres by Monte Carlo analysis.

8-5 10.15-10.30 Giordani M.*, Mattioli M., Ballirano P., Pacella A., Luchetti F., Nasoni M.G., Valentini L. & Betti M.: Potential toxicity of non-regulated asbestiform zeolites.

8-6 11.30-11.45 Petriglieri J.R.*, LaporteMagoni C., Salvioli-Mariani E., Gunkel-Grillon P., Tribaudino M., Bersani D., Lottici P.P., Mantovani L. & Gandolfi N.B.: Fibrous minerals in New Caledonia: a comparison of different analytical strategies for environmental monitoring.

8-7 11.45-12.00 Sala O.* & Checchi L.: NOA, natural soil contamination: what analyzes, what assessment.

8-8 12.00-12.15 Capella S.*, Donata B., Fioretti E., Marinelli R. & Belluso E.: Monitoring of asbestos fibres both airborne and respired in Torino (Italy): identification and quantification by SEM-EDS.

8-9 12.15-12.30 Militello G.M.*, Yus González A., Sanguineti E. & Gaggero L.: Comparison among Italian normative methods for asbestos quantification in massive lithotypes by SEM-EDS.

8-10 12.30-12.45 Cossio R.*, Albonico C., Turci F. Zanella A., Novelli L. & Compagnoni R.: Innovative unattended SEM-EDS analysis for fiber quantification.

8-11 12.45-13.00 Rinaudo C.*, Croce A., Libener R., Mariani N., Gallizzi G. & Grosso F.: Mineralogy as useful tool for medicine: the study of hazardous materials in biological tissues.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

8-12 Pannello 4 Bellomo D., Gargano C., Guercio A., Rimoldi B. & Punturo R.: Workers' risks in naturally occurring asbestos contaminated sites.

8-13 Pannello 5 Bloise A., Punturo R., Ricchiuti C., Mengel K., Apollaro C. & De Rosa R.: Serpentinite-derived soils as carriers of toxic elements: potential for hazardous exposure in Southern Italy.

8-14 Pannello 6 Punturo R., Pappalardo G., Bloise A. & Mineo S.: Physical-mechanical and petrophysical properties of serpentinite rocks employed as stone material and environmental implications.

8-15 Pannello 7 Sanguineti E., Militello G.M., Yus González A. & Gaggero L.: Airborne fibers monitoring during railway tunnelling across a serpentinite lens (Voltri Massif, Italy).

8-16 Pannello 8 Spadafora A., Bruno M.R., Olori A., Angelosanto F., Iannò A., Sinopoli F., Giardino R., Conte M., Oranges T., Iavicoli S. & Campopiano A.: Naturally Occurring Asbestos in Calabria.

8-17 Pannello 9 Yus González A., Sanguineti E., Militello G.M. & Gaggero L.: Airborne monitoring in tunnel excavation, a highly dusty environment with Elongated Minerals Particles (EMP).

S9. Archaeometry and cultural heritage: the contribution of geosciences

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Barone (UNICT), G. Balassone (UNINA), R. Giustetto (UNITO), L. Maritan (UNIPD)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] / Lunedì 4 [16.30-18.00] / Martedì 5 [09.00-10.30] / Martedì 5 [11.30-13.00] / Martedì 5 [16.00-17.30] - Aula B1

9-1 14.30-15.00 [KEYNOTE] Benvenuti M.*: Mineralogy, the hedgehog, and the fox: the contribution of Mineral Sciences to Archaeometallurgy in the light of a new conceptual framework.

9-2 15.00-15.15 Rocchi I.*, Rocchi S. & Gemelli M.: Chemical characterisation of ancient, medieval and modern metallurgical slags in southern Tuscany and Elba Island.

9-3 15.15-15.30 Benvenuti M.*, Chiarantini L., Cicali C., Rovelli A., Villa I. & Volpi V.: Copper, silver and lead production in the Colline Metallifere district (southern Tuscany) in the High Middle Ages: recent results and open questions within the frame of the ERC "nEU Med" Project.

9-4 15.30-15.45 Di Fazio M.*, Felici A.C., Catalli F. & De Vito C.: A Multi-analytical approach for the characterization of ancient Roman coins in orichalcum.

9-5 14.45-15.00 Medeghini L.*, Fayek M., De Vito C. & Mignardi S.: Isotopic composition of lead for raw material tracing: the case of Roman lead-glazed ceramic.

9-6 16.30-16.45 Ferlito F.*, Frasca M., Mazzoleni P. & Spigo U.: Preliminary mineralogical, petrographic and chemical investigations on archaic clay statuettes from the first phase of the greek sanctuary of Francavilla di Sicilia.

9-7 16.45-17.00 Mastelloni M.A.*: Archeology and experimental research.

9-8 17.00-17.15 Messina M., Arcifa L., Mazzoleni P.* & Finocchiaro C.: Islamic pottery production in Sicily (X-XI centuries): technological aspects of local and imported products from Paternò (CT) on the basis of minero-petrographic and chemical characterization.

9-9 17.15-17.30 Miriello D.*, Brocato P., Pecci A., De Luca R., Mollo B.S., Lezzerini M., Ceci M. & Bloise A.: Archaeometric approach to study pottery from the archaeological site of S. Omobono (Rome - Italy).

9-10 17.45-18.00 Malfitana D., Barca D., Cacciaguerra G.*, Mazzaglia A., Miriello D., Longhitano L. & Sannuti L.: Between Archaeology and Archaeometry. Some case studies on Roman Pottery and Architecture in ancient Catania and Syracuse.

9-11 17.45-18.00 Agostino R.*, Carrà D. & Sica M.M.: The methodological restoring of Rhegion Greek eastern walls by analysing their components: clay and sandstone.

9-12 09.00-09.15 [KEYNOTE] Lezzerini M. & Raneri S.*: Effectiveness, compatibility and durability of consolidants for marble: a review of the last ten year of researches.

9-13 09.15-09.30 Possenti E.*, Colombo C., Conti C., Gatta D.G., Merlini M. & Realini M.: Pre-consolidation of decayed Angera columns with ammonium phosphate. A pilot study in a Milanese courtyard of XVI century.

9-14 09.30-09.45 Randazzo L.*, Montana G. & Castiglia A.: A comparative study of different formulations of poultices for soluble salts removal from experimental plasters.

9-15 09.45-10.00 Scrivano S.* & Gaggero L.: Grainsize and pore network as intrinsic factor for weathering: the Vicenza Stone case study.

9-16 10.00-10.15 Columbu S.*, Pagnotta S., Raneri S. Legnaioli S., Palleschi V. Lezzerini M. & Giamello M.: Geochemical and mineralogical alteration on the stone and mortar surfaces of medieval churches (Sardinia, Italy): weathering processes, ancient conservation treatments and their microstratigraphy.

9-17 10.15-10.30 Columbu S.*, Antonelli F. & Sitzia F.: Archaeometric study of the Roman marbles reused in the Late Antiquity St. Saturnino Basilica (Cagliari, Italy).

9-18 11.30-11.45 Branca S., Branciforti M.G., Chiavetta A.F. & Corsaro R.A.*: The geology of the 2nd century A.D. amphitheater area of Catania, Italy: historical eruptions affecting the urban district.

9-19 11.45-12.00 Giustetto R.* & Compagnoni R.: Comparative mineral-petrographic study between Neolithic greenstone tools and analogous pebbles from the alluvial deposits of the Lemme valley (Northeastern Piemonte region, Italy): archaeometric implications.

9-20 12.00-12.15 Delluniversità E., Eramo G.*, Muntoni I.M., Allegretta I., Monno A. & Sivilli S.: Chert circulation in Central Northern Apulia during Neolithic.

9-21 12.15-12.30 Diana E.*, Giustetto R. & Guglielminotti M.: Chinese Jades from the collections of the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin: from the material characterization to the historical attribution.

9-22 12.30-12.45 Bersani D. *, Culka A. Jehlička J. & Vandenabeele P.: Raman spectroscopy characterization of beryls by means of portable spectrometers: a comparative study.

9-23 12.45-13.00 Conte S.*, Arletti R. & Pacciarelli M.: Protohistoric glass from Southern Italy: from Early Bronze Age to Advanced Iron Age (18th-6th century BC).

9-24 16.00-16.15 Botticelli M.*, Stoiljkovic M., Momcilovic M. & Maras A.: Pulsed 10.6 µm TEA CO2 LIBS as a tool in the characterization of powdered ochres: preliminary assessments.

9-25 16.15-16.30 Campanella B., Grifoni E., Legnaioli S., Lorenzetti G., Poggialini F., Pagnotta S. & Palleschi V.*: Portable Instruments for in-situ analysis of archaeological findings. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy vs. X-Ray Fluorescence.

9-26 16.30-16.45 Gambino F., Borghi A.*, d'Atri A., Gallo L.M., Ghiraldi L., Giardino M., Martire L., Palomba M., Perotti L., Vaggelli G. & Valentino D.: TourinStone: a free mobile application for promoting geological heritage of Torino (NW Italy).

9-27 16.45-17.00 Spoto G.*, Grasso G., Valenti C. & D'Agata R.: Non-invasive identification of organic and biomolecular components of works-of-art by spatially resolved mass spectrometry and innovative biosensors.

9-28 17.00-17.15 Vandenabeele P.*, Barrocas M., Rousaki A., Van Pevenage J. & Moens L.: From the lab ot the art site: Application of Raman spectroscopy for the non-destructive analysis of pigments.

9-29 17.15-17.30 Barone G. Mazzoleni P. Cecchini A. & Russo A.*: In situ Raman and pXRF spectroscopic study on the mural paintings of Etruscan Tarquinia Tombs.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

9-30 Pannello 16 Angeloni R., Campanella L., Cecchini A., Grimaldi F., Mazzoleni P., Nunziante S. & Perazzolo V.: Tarquinia's "macco" as a pictorial substrate and processes of degradation in hypogea linked to seasonal cycles.

9-31 Pannello 17 Antonelli F., Akarish A.I.M. & Dessandier D.: Petrography and source origins of the main rock-types used for architectural and sculptural elements of the Alexandria Lighthouse archaeological site (Alexandria, Egypt).

9-32 Pannello 18 Bonomo A.E., Prosser G. & Rizzo G.: Rupestrian churches in the Matera Unesco site (Southern Italy): degradation patterns and textural characterization of the Gravina Calcarenite.

9-33 Pannello 19 Cossio R. & Vaggelli G.: Improvements of microanalytical methodologies for mineropetrologic investigation in Archeometry.

9-34 Pannello 20 Cossio R., Borghi A., Davit P., Lamagna G., Leone R., Operti L., Pratolongo V. & Turco F.: SEM-EDS X-ray compositional maps for minero-chemical characterization of ancient pottery: a first application on Adrano pottery (NE Sicily, Italy).

9-35 Pannello 21 Di Bella M., Italiano F. Leonetti F., Martinelli M.C., Mazzoleni P., Quartieri S., Sabatino G., Tigano G. & Tripodo A.: Archeometric characterization of prehistoric grinding tools from Milazzo Bronze Age Settlement (Sicily, Italy).

9-36 Pannello 22 Di Benedetto C., Graziano S.F., Guarino V., Rispoli C., Munzi P., Cappelletti P. & Morra V.: The archaeological site of "Porta Mediana" necropolis, Cuma, Italy. Geomaterials from a case-study mausoleum.

9-37 Pannello 23 Fabrizi L., Medeghini L., Mignardi S. Nigro L. & De Vito C.: Phoenician Red Slip Ware from Sulcis (Italy): a preliminary report.

9-38 Pannello 24 Fioretti G., Garavelli A., Pinto D. & Germinario G.: An archaeometric study of wall paintings in St. Angelo in Criptis cave (Santeramo in Colle, Southern Italy, BA): a tool for restoration and enhancement of the site.

9-39 Pannello 25 Germinario L., Zara A., Maritan L., Bonetto J., Hanchar J.M., Sassi R., Siegesmund S. & Mazzoli C.: Tracking trachyte on the Roman routes: provenance study of Roman infrastructure and insights into ancient trades in northern Italy.

9-40 Pannello 26 Izzo F., Germinario C., Grifa C., Mercurio M., Tomay L. & Langella A.: Archaeometric characterisation of ancient mortars from the Roman Theatre of Benevento (Italy).

9-41 Pannello 27 Lazzeri A., Coltelli M.B., Lezzerini M., Raneri S., Castelvetro V., Bianchi S., Toniolo L., Gherardi F., Poli T., Festa L., Vicini I., Ghaffari E., Weber J., Ban M., Rohatsch A., Fischer R. & Drewello R.: European Project NANO-CATHEDRAL: efficacy assessment of nanomaterials for conservation of natural stones.

9-42 Pannello 28 Lezzerini M., Raneri S., Cantini F., Belcari R. & Mazzoleni P.: Building materials and cultural models in late Roman Tuscany: archeometric studies on stones, mortars and vitreous tesserae from "Villa dell'Oratorio"(Capraia e Limite, Florence).

9-43 Pannello 29 Mastelloni M.A., Cucinotta F., Di Bella M., Epasto G., Guglielmino E., Italiano F. & Sabatino G.: Preliminary study of a "bronze foot" from the Lipari museum (Sicily, Italy).

9-44 Pannello 30 Mercurio M., Grifa C., Germinario C., Izzo F., Grimaldi C., Langella A., Alberghina M.F. & Schiavone S.: Authenticatication of metallic finds at the archaeological museum of Paestum by means of non-destructive and non-invasive techniques.

9-45 Pannello 31 Montana G., Randazzo L., Vassallo S. & Udine F.: The mosaic of the Frigidarium of "Villa Bonanno" in Palermo: mineralogical and petrographic analyses for in situ conservation and restoration interventions.

9-46 Pannello 32 Passalacqua F.: Lava stone and the Church of Santa Maria in Randazzo (Sicily).

9-47 Pannello 33 Pecchioni E., Fratini F. & Cantisani E.: Lumps as a key to identify the stone used for lime in historical mortars.

9-48 Pannello 34 Piovesan R., Maritan L., Meneghin G., Baklouti S., Sassi R. & Mazzoli C.: Stones of the "Terme del Sarno" façade (Pompeii, Italy).

9-49 Pannello 35 Raneri S., Lezzerini M., Legnaioli S., Mazzoleni P., Neri N.F., Pagnotta S., Palleschi V. & Columbu S.: Determination of reactivity of volcanic aggregates in ancient mortars by using LIBS.

9-50 Pannello 36 Rispoli C., Guarino V. De Bonis A., Di Benedetto C., Esposito R., Graziano S.F., Morra V. & Cappelletti P.: Villa del Capo and Villa del Pezzolo: Roman mortars from Sorrento Peninsula.

9-51 Pannello 37 Sabatino G., Arletti R., Italiano F., Marcianò G., Mastelloni M.A., Quartieri S. & Di Bella M.: Verifying the presence of lead stannate in opaque mosaic glass tesserae (2nd cent. BC - 4th cent. AD) from Southern Italy.

9-52 Pannello 38 Sabatino G., Aleo Nero C., Chiovaro M., Italiano F., Leonetti F., Marcianò G., Quartieri S. & Di Bella M.: Traces of metallurgy in the Panormos Phoenician Colony (Palermo, Italy): archaeometric characterization of iron-slags.

9-53 Pannello 39 Sanfilippo G. & Aquilia E.: Multidisciplinary diagnostic processes aimed to treatment of stone's lacune. Analysis and restoration of the balustrade of Villa Cerami in Catania.

9-54 Pannello 40 Scarpelli R., Cottica D., Sanavia A. & De Francesco A.M.: Archaeometric study of a local production of "Gnathia style" ware at Pompeii.

9-55 Pannello 41 Spagnolo G., Mazzoleni P. & Finocchiaro C.: Raw materials analysis for the identification of a production site of greek transport amphorae: the case of Corfu.

9-56 Pannello 42 Tesser E., Lazzarini L. & Antonelli F.: Laboratory characterization of deteriorated siloxane and epoxy resins applied for the consolidation of Venetian monumental stone surfaces in the XX century.

9-57 Pannello 43 Vaggelli G., Borghi A., Pratesi G., Lo Giudice A., Re A. & Angelici D.: On the route of lapis lazuli trade in ancient time: a multi-technique provenance study of the raw material used for carved artefacts.

S10. Sustainability and circular economy in the production of concrete and cementitious binders

Conveners and Chairpersons L. Valentini (UNIPD), A. Zucchini (UNIPG), C. Leonelli (UNIMORE)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] - Aula A1

10-1 14.30-14.45 [KEYNOTE] Bellotto M.*, Contessi S., Garbin E., Dalconi M.C. & Artioli G.: Chemical activation and rheological control of alkali-activated slag binders: Are we ready to give up cement-driven chemistry?

10-2 14.45-15.00 Coppola L. & Coffetti D.*: One-part alkali activated slags for environmentally friendly cement-free repair mortars for conservation, restoration and retrofitting of existing concrete structures.

10-3 15.00-15.15 Boscaro F., Palacios M., Marchon D. & Flatt R.J.*: Development of compatible admixtures for low clinker cementitious materials.

10-4 15.15-15.30 Clausi M., Occhipinti R.*, Tarantino S.C., Riccardi M.P. & Zema M.: Alkali activated materials from recycled sewage sludge of Pietra Serena sandstone.

10-5 15.30-15.45 Vitale E.*, Coudert E., Paris M., Deneele D. & Russo G.: Use of alkali-activated binders for soil stabilisation.

10-6 15.45-16.00 Romagnoli M.*, Lassinantti Gualtieri M., Cannio M. & Sassatelli P.: Geopolymer versus Kaolin rheology.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

10-7 Pannello 10 Contessi S., Valentini L. & Dalconi M.C.: Smectite-rich sediments as precursor for alkali activated binders: an alternative to kaolin?.

10-8 Pannello 11 Zucchini A., Comodi P., Di Michele A., Lanzafame G., Mancini L., Santinelli F. & Neri A.: Nano-added clinkers: industrial applicability.

S11. Geomaterials and their likes: from Nature to technology and manufacturing

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Mercurio (UNISANNIO), G. Eramo (UNIBA), C. Zanelli (ISTEC-CNR, Faenza), A.F. Gualtieri (UNIMORE)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] / Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [16.30-18.00] - Aula F1

11-1 14.30-15.00 [KEYNOTE] Mercurio M., Di Maggio R.M.*, Grifa C., Izzo F., Nuccetelli L. & Langella A.: Forensic mineralogy: the case study of the enfsi apst collaborative exercise soil 2017.

11-2 15.00-15.15 Conte S.*, Dondi M., Ardit M., Cruciani G. & Zanelli C.: High temperature viscosity of porcelain stoneware bodies.

11-3 15.15-15.30 Soldati R.*, Zanelli C.,Guarini G., Rambaldi E., Bignozzi M.C. & Dondi M.: Exploring Waste-based Body Formulations for ceramic tiles and clay bricks.

11-4 15.30-15.45 Vola G.*, Sarandrea L., Della Porta G. & Cruciani G.: Characterization of a Cambrian-Ordovician limestone (Kazakhstan) for the industrial production of quicklime and hydrated lime products.

11-5 15.45-16.00 Possenti E.*, Colombo C., Conti C., Gatta D.G., Merlini M., Realini M. & Sali D.: Application of ammonium phosphate to marble. Investigation of newly-formed calcium phosphates with synchrotron light and high lateral resolution FTIR microspectroscopy.

11-6 16.30-16.45 Rispoli C.*, Jackson M.D., Graziano S.F., Di Benedetto C., Guarino V., Morra V. & Cappelletti P.: A bridge between past and future concrete: Al-tobermorite in ancient Roman mortars.

11-7 16.45-17.00 D'Elia A.*, Fernández-Jiménez A., Palomo A., Eramo G., Pinto D. & Laviano R.: Effect of the activator concentration on the reaction products and properties of alkali activated Ca-rich clays.

11-8 17.00-17.15 Guidobaldi G.*, Cambi C., Cecconi M., Comodi P., Deneele D., Russo G. & Zucchini A.: Mechanical improvement and micro evolution of a zeolite-rich lime treated pyroclastic soil.

11-9 17.15-17.30 Izzo F.*, Mercurio M., Aprea P., Cappelletti P., de Gennaro B., Germinario C., Grifa C., Pasquino R. & Langella A.: Technological performance of surface modified natural Zeolite (SMNZ) for in vitro loading/release of ibuprofen sodium salt: new insights on chabazite-rich tuff.

11-10 17.30-17.45 Lotti P.*, Gatta D.G., Comboni D., Merlini M. & Liermann H.-P.: From Nature to materials science: (Cs,K)Al4Be5B11O28 (londonite) as a super-hard material.

11-11 17.45-18.00 Giaccherini A., De Luca A., Innocenti M., Lepore G.O., Montegrossi G., Romanelli M. & Di Benedetto F.*: Incorporation of Zn into complex quaternary sulfide structure through a solvothermal approach: a difficult task.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

11-12 Pannello 44 Barone G., Bergamonti L., Bersani D., Bondioli F., Fornasini L., Isca C., Lezzerini M., Lottici P.P., Mazzoleni P., Monaco I., Predieri G. & Raneri S.: Characterization and self-cleaning properties of N-doped TiO2 coatings on Perlatino limestone.

11-13 Pannello 45 D'Elia A., Pinto D., Eramo G., Mangone A., Ventruti G. & Laviano R.: Effects of mechanical and thermal activation on reactivity of carbonate-rich clays.

11-14 Pannello 46 Graziano S.F., Soldati R., Zanelli C., Dondi M., Cappelletti P. & Langella A.: Lightweight aggregates from glass recycling: high efficiency concretes manufacturing.

11-15 Pannello 47 Marinoni N., Bernasconi A., Diella V., Pavese A., Francescon F., Mancini L., Lanzarotti R. & Umili G.: Influence of the raw materials on the mineralogy and microstructure of fired sanitaryware vitreous body by Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Microtomography.

11-16 Pannello 48 Massa G. & Pieruccioni D.: The commercial varieties of marbles cropping out in Massa inland (Apuan Alps).

11-17 Pannello 49 Novembre D., Gimeno D. & Poe B.: Synthesis and characterization of KAlSIO4-O1 using a diatomite precursor.

11-18 Pannello 50 Paris E., Radica F., Stabile P., Maddala P., Ansaloni F., Giuli G. & Carroll M.R.: Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) for eco-innovative building product.

11-19 Pannello 51 Ruffolo S.A., Macchia A., Baffa M., Rovella N., Malagodi M., Licchelli M. & La Russa M.F.: New insights on the consolidation of mud bricks.

11-20 Pannello 52 Soldati R., Zanelli C., Conte S., Ismail A., Cazzaniga A. & Dondi M.: Syenites from ring complexes in the eastern desert (Egypt) as fluxes for porcelain stoneware tiles.

11-21 Pannello 53 Ulian G. & Valdrè G.: Mechanical properties of hexagonal hydroxylapatite (P63).

S12. Mineral and biosphere interfaces: focus on environmental processes and technologies

Conveners and Chairpersons G. De Giudici (UNICA), L. Gaggero (UNIGE), V. Rimondi (UNIFI), V. Funari (UNIBO)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] / Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [16.00-17.30] - Aula F1

12-1 11.30-11.45 [KEYNOTE] Medas D.*, Podda F., Meneghini C. & De Giudici G.: Supergene non-sulfide Zn deposits: could hemimorphite have a biological origin?

12-2 11.45-12.00 Mameli P.*, Mongelli G., Oggiano G., Sinisi R. & Soggiu R.: Manganese concretions and coatings on pebbles in a Messinian alluvial conglomerate: the role of bacterial catalysts.

12-3 12.00-12.15 Garuti G.* & Zaccarini F.: Sulfur isotope signature in the Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) deposits of the Italian Northern Apennine.

12-4 12.15-12.30 Chiarantini L., Rimondi V.*, Bardelli F., Benvenuti M., Cosio C., Costagliola P., Di Benedetto F., Lattanzi P. & Sarret G.: Mercury speciation in Pinus nigra barks from Monte Amiata (Italy): An Xray absorption spectroscopy study.

12-5 12.30-12.45 Biddau R.* & Cidu R.: Concentrations of metals and metalloids in wild asparagus: comparison between uncontaminated environments and sites contaminated by past mining in Sardinia (Italy).

12-6 12.45-13.00 Meneghini C.*, Carlomagno I., De Giudici G., Medas D., Buosi C., Cherchi A. & Kuncserf A.C.: Nanoscale distribution of Zn in foraminifera shell: a multi-scale/multi-technique investigation.

12-7 16.00-16.15 [KEYNOTE] Gomes H.I.*, Rogerson M. & Mayes W.M.: Management of highly alkaline steel slag leachate: impact of biofilm and hydraulic configuration on neutralisation.

12-8 16.15-16.30 Mantovani L.*, Tribaudino M., Funari V. & Chizzini N.: Mineralogical investigation on bottom and fly ashes from Parma incineration plant.

12-9 16.30-16.45 Funari V.*, Gomes H.I., Cappelletti M., Fedi S., Braga R., Dinelli E., Mayes W.M. & Rogerson M.: Metal recovery from MSWI fly ash and bottom ash by bioleaching and ion-exchange resin.

12-10 16.45-17.00 Bavestrello G. Bo M. Betti F., Canessa M., Gaggero L.*, Rindi F. & Cattaneo-Vietti R.: Differences in composition of shallow water benthic communities associated with two ophiolitic rock substrata.

12-11 17.00-17.15 Marescotti P., Cecchi G., Di Piazza S., Ballirano P. Lucchetti G., Mariotti M., Persiani A.M. & Zotti M.: Interactions between microfungi and pyrite mineralizations.

12-12 17.15-17.30 Pusceddu C.*, De Giudici G., Medas D., Meneghini C., Gianoncelli A., Rimondi V., Podda F., Cidu R., Lattanzi P., Wanty R. & Kimball B.: Natural biogeochemical barriers in a stream affected by mine drainage.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

12-13 Pannello 29 Carbone C., Columbu A., Sauro F., Ghezzi D., Cappelletti M., Zannoni D. & De Waele J.: Microorganism-silica mineral interaction in a pristine quartz-sandstone cave environment (Venezuela): first observations.

12-14 Pannello 30 Funari V., Mantovani L., Vigliotti L., Tribaudino M., Braga R. & Dinelli E.: Bottom and fly ashes from municipal solid waste incinerators: more hazardous than has been revealed?

12-15 Pannello 31 Mantovani L., Tribaudino M., Solzi M., Barraco V. & De Matteis C.: Magnetic measurement on minerals of PM10 filters and leaves: a new tool in airborne monitoring?

12-16 Pannello 32 Rimondi V., Benvenuti M., Chiarantini L., Del Soldato D., Lattanzi P., Paolieri M., Sacco A. & Costagliola P.: Arsenic in travertine soils near Viterbo, central Italy: mobility, bioaccessibility, health risks.

S13. Elements at the edge of life: minerals and mineralization processes in present and past organisms

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Collareta (UNIPI), K. Gariboldi (UNIPI/UNIMIB), G. Bosio (UNIMIB), B. Cavalazzi (UNIBO)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [16.00-17.30] - Aula E1

13-1 16.00-16.30 [KEYNOTE] Sabbatini A., Negri A., Bartolini A., Morigi C.*, Boudouma O., Dinelli E., Florindo F., Galeazzi R., Holzmann M., Lurcock P.C., Massaccesi L., Pawlowski J.W. & Rocchi S.: Selective zircon accumulation in a new benthic foraminifer, Psammophaga zirconia, sp. nov.

13-2 16.30-16.45 Coletti G.* & Basso D.: Authigenic Phosphorus minerals as a proxy for paleo-nutrient levels in Miocene carbonate factories.

13-3 16.45-17.00 Di Cencio A.*: Secondary mineralization during diagenesis in ammonites: a helpful tool for stratigraphic survey.

13-4 17.00-17.15 Terranova E.*, Iurino D.A. & Sardella R.: The fossil vulture (Gyps fulvus Hablizi, 1783) from the Late Pleistocene volcanic deposits of Alban Hills (Latium, central Italy).

13-5 17.15-17.30 Collareta A.*, Gioncada A., Gariboldi K., Marx F.G., Lambert O., Di Celma C., Bonaccorsi E., Post K., Urbina M. & Bianucci G.: Fossil baleen under the microscope: seeking the key for fine-scale preservation of soft tissues.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

13-6 Pannello 33 Bosio G., Malinverno E., Gioncada A., Gariboldi K., Basso D., DeVries T.J., Andò S., Petrini R., Collareta A., Coletti G., Di Celma C., Urbina M. & Bianucci G.: A complex diagenetic history for the Miocene invertebrates of the East Pisco Basin (Peru).

13-7 Pannello 34 Gariboldi K., Bosio G., Collareta A. & Bianucci G.: Amazing diatom preservation within dolomitised sediments of the late Neogene Pisco Formation, Peru.

13-8 Pannello 35 Sabbatini A., Negri A. & Morigi C.: The first appearance of monothalamous foraminifera and the molecular clock, state of the art.

S14. Modern and fossil oceanic lithosphere revisited: from field to laboratory

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Sanfilippo (UNIPV), E. Saccani (UNIFE), L. Pandolfi (UNIPI)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Martedì 5 [11.30-13.00] / Martedì 5 [16.00-17.30] - Aula N1

14-1 09.00-09.15 Basch V.*, Rampone E., Crispini L., Ildefonse B. & Godard M.: Multi-stage melt-rock interactions in the Monte Maggiore peridotitic body: Textural, Structural, and Chemical evolution from Peridotite to Hybrid troctolite.

14-2 09.15-09.30 Borghini G.*, Fumagalli P. & Rampone E.: Interaction between mantle peridotite and pyroxenitederived melts: experimental investigations at 2 GPa.

14-3 09.30-09.45 Caparelli S.*, Scicchitano M.R. & Piluso E.: The significance of the ultramafic rocks from the Sila unit, Northern Calabria.

14-4 09.45-10.00 Francomme J.*, Fumagalli P., Borghini G. & Ildefonse B.: Experimental constraints on the origin of olivine-rich troctolites by melt-rock reactions.

14-5 10.00-10.15 Montanini A.*, Tribuzio R., Van Acken D. & Luguet A.: Multiple events of melt-rock interaction recorded by undeformed spinel pyroxenites from the External Ligurian ophiolites.

14-6 10.15-10.30 Rampone E.*, Borghini G., Hidas K., Tommasi A., Zanetti A. & Godard M.: Timing and interplay between melt infiltration and deformation in the External Liguride mantle (Italy).

14-7 11.30-12.00 [KEYNOTE] Ceuleneer G.*: When recent discoveries from oceanic scientific drilling help to interpret the message of ophiolites, and conversely.

14-8 12.00-12.15 Sanfilippo A.*, Dick H.J.B., MacLeod C.J., Tribuzio R. & Expedition 360 Scientific Party: Igneous stratigraphy and lateral heterogeneity of a long in-situ transect of the lower oceanic crust formed at the Atlantis Bank core complex (SW Indian Ridge): new results from IODP Expedition 360.

14-9 12.15-12.30 Balestro G.*, Festa A., Borghi A., Castelli D., Gattiglio M. & Tartarotti P.: Role of the intra-oceanic tectono-sedimentary architecture in the Alpine tectonic evolution of the Monviso meta-ophiolite Complex (Western Alps).

14-10 12.15-12.30 Tribuzio R., Manatschal G., Ottolini L., Pezzali I., Renna M.R.*, Sauter D. & Zanetti A.: Magmatictectonic interplay during the early exhumation of the lower oceanic crust: the example of the Chenaillet ophiolite (Western Alps).

14-11 12.45-13.00 Renna M.R.*, Tribuzio R. & Sanfilippo A.: Incompatible elements and Nd isotope signature of morb generated beneath the jurassic Liguria-Piedmont basin: inferences on mantle sources and melting processes.

14-12 16.00-16.15 Rajkakati M.*, Bhowmik S.K., Ao A. & Clarke G. L.: Transition from oceanic subduction to continent collision tectonics in the Neo-Tethys: Constraints from the Tuting ophiolite, Arunachal Himalaya, India.

14-13 16.15-16.30 Hässig M.*: The obduction process: What extent? What timing? What cause(s)? The study of the northern branch of Neotethys in Anatolia and the Lesser Caucasus (Turkey and Armenia).

14-14 16.30-16.45 Frassi C.*, Musumeci G., Zucali M., Mazzarini F., Rebay G. & Langone A.: The Cotoncello Shear Zone (Elba Island, Italy): the deep root of a fossil oceanic detachment fault in the Ligurian ophiolites.

14-15 16.45-17.00 Shimabukuro D., Caparelli S. & Piluso E.*: A hypothetical reconstruction of the hyperextended margin of the Tethys branch preserved in northern Calabria and Lucania, Southern Italy.

14-16 17.00-17.15 Secchiari A.*, Montanini A., Bosch D., Macera P. & Cluzel D.: The contrasting geochemical message from the New Caledonia gabbronorites: insights on depletion and contamination processes of the sub-arc mantle in a nascent arc setting.

14-17 17.15-17.30 Saccani E.*, Dilek Y. & Photiades A.: Time-Progressive Mantle – Melt Evolution and Magma Production in the Eastern Mediterranean Tethys: A Case Study of the Albanide-Hellenide Ophiolites.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

14-18 Pannello 36 Berno D., Sanfilippo A., Tribuzio R. & Zanetti A.: Reactive melt migration controls the trace element budget of the lower oceanic crust: counterintuitive trace element compositions of minerals from the deepest portion of the Pineto gabbroic sequence (Corsica, France).

14-19 Pannello 37 Cirillo G., Arienzo I., Mazzeo F.C., Paonita A., Rizzo A., Petrosino P., Pelullo C., Iovine R.S. & D'Antonio M.: Sr-He-O isotopes in mafic phenocrysts from products of the Neapolitan Volcanoes (Southern Italy): constraints on the geochemical features of the mantle sources.

14-20 Pannello 38 Marroni M., Pandolfi L., Saccani E., Delavari M. & Dolati A.: The oceanic units of the Sorkhband area (north Makran, Iran): evidence of an association of MORB and SSZ ophiolites at the top of the Coloured Mélange Complex.

14-21 Pannello 39 Meneghini F., Fagereng Å. & Kisters A.: The Matchless Amphibolite of the Damara Belt, Namibia: peculiar preservation of a Late Neoproterozoinc ophiolitic suture.

14-22 Pannello 40 Pandolfi L., Frassi C., Göncüo?lu M.C., Marroni M., Ruffini L., Ellero A., Ottria G. & Sayit K.: The Intra-Pontide suture zone in the Tosya-Kastamonu area, Northern Turkey: geological map at 1:50,000 scale.

14-23 Pannello 41 Rebay G. Zanoni D. Langone A. Luoni P., Tiepolo M. & Spalla M.I.: Dating of ultramafic rocks from the Western Alps ophiolites discloses Late Cretaceous subduction ages in the ZermattSaas Zone.

14-24 Pannello 42 Rotondo F., Guerini S., Scambelluri M., Cannaò E., Tartarotti P. & Bebout G.E.: Oceanic and subduction ophicarbonates in the Champorcher Zermatt-Saas ophiolite (Aosta Valley, Northwestern Alps).

14-25 Pannello 43 Rumbolo T., Montanini A., Tribuzio R. & Bosch D.: Melt-rock reactions in the mantle peridotites from Tuscany ophiolites.

14-26 Pannello 44 Saccani E., Pirnia T. & Torabi G.: Geochemistry and tectono-magmatic significance of volcanic and subvolcanic rocks from Nain and Ashin ophiolites (Central Iran).

14-27 Pannello 45 Secchiari A., Becker H., Gleißner P., Li C., Montanini A. & Bosch D.: Evidence from the New Caledonia peridotites for contrasting behavior of highly siderophile and chalcophile elements in supra-subduction zone and normal upper mantle.

14-28 Pannello 46 Tribuzio R., Antonicelli M. & Sanfilippo A.: Amphibole and felsic veins from the gabbroic oceanic core complex of Atlantis Bank (Southwest Indian Ridge, IODP Hole U1473A): when the fluids meet the melts.

14-29 Pannello 47 Venier M., Princivalle F., Lughi V., Petrelli M., Logvinova A.M., Sobolev N., Turco G., Porrelli D. & Lenaz D.: Kimberlitic chromites: a trace element and inclusion study.

S15. A promenade along the subduction plate interface from the sea to the mantle and back: a multidisciplinary point of view

Conveners and Chairpersons F. Meneghini (UNIPI), F. Remitti (UNIMORE), L. Federico (UNIGE)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] - Aula N1

15-1 14.30-15.00 [KEYNOTE] Zucali M.*, Spalla M.I., Zanoni D., Roda M., De Salvo F., Corti L. & Rebay G.: Continental crust subduction related structures: contrasting evolutions vs. contrasting memories.

15-2 15.00-15.15 Cerchiari A.*, Mittempergher S., Remitti F. & Festa A.: Ancient microstructures as a tool to decipher fault mechanisms of shallow megathrusts: an example from the Sestola Vidiciatico tectonic Unit.

15-3 15.15-15.30 Pandolfi L.*, Delavari M., Dolati A., Marroni M., Saccani E., Chiari C. & Barbero E.: New insights into the geodynamics of Neo-Tethys in the Makran area: evidence from age and petrology of ophiolites from the Coloured Mélange Complex (SE Iran).

15-4 15.30-15.45 Scarsi M.*, Malatesta C., Fornasaro S., Crispini L. & Capponi G.: Geodynamic evolution of a subduction plate interface: constraints from the study of lawsonite-bearing eclogite in the mélange of the Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy).

15-5 15.45-16.00 Cannaò E.*, Scambelluri M. & Agostini S.: Into deep and beyond: elements recycling through serpentinites and metaperidotites evolved at the plate-interface.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

15-6 Pannello 54 Barbero E. & Festa A.: Chaotic rock units as marker of the tectonic evolution of the Ligurian accretionary wedge: examples from the Curone and Staffora valleys (Northern Apennines).

15-7 Pannello 55 Frassi C., Marroni M., Pandolfi L., Göncüo?lu M.C., Ellero A., Ottria G., Kaan Sayit K., McDonald C.S., Balestrieri M.L. & Malasoma A.: Burial and exhumation history of the Daday Unit (Central Pontides, Turkey).

15-8 Pannello 56 Malusà M.G., Federico L., Crispini L., Piazza M., Bassetti S., Frattolillo N., Milani M., Zampicinini M. & Capponi G.: Syntectonic sedimentation atop the Eclogite Belt of the Western Alps (Tertiary Piedmont Basin - Ligurian Alps): a geological map.

15-9 Pannello 57 Remitti F., Mittempergher S., Cerchiari A & Festa A.: Microstructures in clay-rich exhumed faults.

S16. Deformation and fluid flow in the crust from migmatites to epithermal systems

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Musumeci (UNIPI), F. Mazzarini (INGV, Pisa), G. Viola (UNIBO), P. Garofalo (UNIBO)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [16.30-18.00] - Aula N1

16-1 16.30-17.00 [KEYNOTE] Piana Agostinetti N.*: Fluids within a rock matrix: evidences from passive seismics.

16-2 17.00-17.15 Todesco M.*, Currenti G., Improta L. & Piccinini D.: Multi-phase flow and rock deformation: poroelasticity from the fluid perspective.

16-3 17.15-17.30 Scarsi M.*, Crispini L., Garofalo P.S., Graham-Gundlach A., Schwarz G., Günther D. & Capponi G.: Cyclic fault controlled mass transfer during gold mineralisation in carbonated ultramafites (Bisciarelle stream, Voltri Massif, Ligurian Alps).

16-4 17.30-17.45 Pozzobon R.*, Mazzarini F., Massironi M., Cremonese G., Rossi A.P., Pondrelli M. & Marinangeli L.: Automated mapping and fractal clustering of putative mud volcanoes within Arabia Terra craters (Mars): insights on fluid source depth.

16-5 17.45-18.00 Mazzarini F.*, Musumeci G. & Garofalo P.S.: Lithological control on fluid circulation, volume expansion and ore mineralization: the case of Topinetti, Island of Elba (Italy).


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

16-6 Pannello 58 Fancello D., Cruciani G., Franceschelli M. & Scodina M.: Occurrence of foliated leucocratic bodies within Migmatite Complex of NE Sardinia: preliminary data.

16-7 Pannello 59 Fancello D., Cruciani G., Franceschelli M. & Scodina M.: Geochemical constraints on petrogenesis of Ca-rich leucosomes from Porto Ottiolu migmatites (NE Sardinia).

16-8 Pannello 60 Toffolo L., Martin S., Moroni M., Montorfano C., Secco L., Agnini C., Nimis P. & Tumiati S.: Evidence of regional-scale hydrothermalism and polymetallic mineral deposition across northern Italy: the Early Permian to Early Triassic siderite-rich deposits in the Southern Alps.

S17. Geodynamic systems from western Mediterranean to Himalaya: a natural laboratory for a multidisciplinary approach

Conveners and Chairpersons F. Berra (UNIMI), S. Tavani (UNINA), A. Zanetti (IGG-CNR, Pavia)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Mercoledì 6 [11.30-13.00] / Mercoledì 6 [14.30-16.00] - Aula N1

17-1 09.00-09.30 [KEYNOTE] Marzoli A.*, Bertand H., Youbi N., Callegaro S., Reisberg L., Chiaradia M. & Merle R.: The Central Atlantic magmatic province (CAMP) in Morocco.

17-2 09.30-09.45 Benvenuti M., Moratti G., Santo A.P., Laurenzi M.A., Braschi E. & Tommasini S.*: Plume head dragged with continental lithosphere: insights from the Mesozoic magmatism of the Central High Atlas, Morocco.

17-3 09.45-10.00 Tavani S.*, Granado P., Salas R., Bertok C. & Muñoz J.A.: The Late Jurassic to mid-Cretaceous kinematics of the Iberia Eurasia plate boundary.

17-4 10.00-10.15 Zanetti A.*, Langone A., Tommasi A., Vauchez A., Padrón-Navarta J.A., Giovanardi T. & Mazzucchelli M.: Is the contact between mantle and crustal units in the Finero Complex a fossil Permian Moho?

17-5 10.15-10.30 Berio L., Zanchi A.* & Zanchetta S.: The architecture of the Lower Permian Orobic Basin (central Southern Alps, N Italy) and its bearings on the post-Variscan extensional tectonics.

17-6 11.30-11.45 Giovanardi T.*, Cipriani A., Lugli F., Morishita T., Dallai L., Zanetti A., Langone A. & Mazzucchelli M.: Sapphirine bearing gabbroic dykes from the finero mantle massif: evidence of melt-rock interaction at mantle conditions.

17-7 11.45-12.00 Meneghini F.*, Marroni M. & Pandolfi L.: A revised subduction inception model to explain the Late Cretaceous, doubly vergent orogen in the pre-collisional western tethys: evidences from the Northern Apennine.

17-8 12.00-12.15 Amadori C.*: The source-to-sink sediment system in the Po Plain-Northern Adriatic Foreland basin: 3D tectono sedimentary evolution and sediment flux during Plio-Pleistocene time.

17-9 12.15-12.30 Casalini M., Conticelli S., Avanzinelli R. & Tommasini S.*: Unravelling the radiogenic isotope signature of the mantle source from evolved magmas: the case study of Ischia Volcano.

17-10 12.30-12.45 Fontana D.*, Amoroso S., Marchetti Dori S., Minarelli L. & Stefani M.: The petrography of sands ejected during the blast-induced liquefaction test (Mirabello, Ferrara, Italy) as a tool to identify the provenance of the source level.

17-11 12.45-13.00 Rocchi S.*, Jacobs J., Paoli G., Ksienzyk A., Sirevaag H., Liotta D. & Brogi A.: Detrital contribution to the northern Apennine foredeep from elusive Paleogene magmatic arcs: evidence from U-Pb zircon dating (Elba Island, Tuscany).

17-12 14.30-14.45 Zanchi A.*, Zanchetta S., Benciolini L., Martin S. & Javadi H.R.: Pre-Mesozoic basement units in the NW part of the Central-Eastern Iran Microcontinent: the Jandaq Complex (Central Iran).

17-13 14.45-15.00 Tavani S.*, Parente M., Vitale S., Morsalnejad D. & Mazzoli S.: Early Jurassic extensional tectonics in the Arabian passive continental margin of the Neo-Tethys. Field evidence from the Lurestan region of the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt, Iran.

17-14 15.00-15.15 Cattò S.*, Cavazza W., Okay A.I., Zattin M. & Reiners P.: No significant Oligocene cooling/exhumation in the Bitlis Pütürge collision zone (southeastern Turkey).

17-15 15.15-15.30 Di Giuseppe P.*, Agostini S., Manetti M. Savasçin M.Y. & Conticelli S.: Contemporaneous subduction-related and intraplate Quaternary magmatism in Cappadocia (Central Anatolia).

17-16 15.30-15.45 Ellero A.*, Ottria G., Catanzariti R., Da Prato S., Frassi C., Göncüoğlu M.C., Marroni M., Pandolfi L. & Sayit K.: The North Anatolian Shear Zone (Turkey): geometric, kinematic and age characterization of a crustal scale strike-slip fault.

17-17 15.45-16.00 Agostini S.*, Savasçin M.Y., Di Giuseppe P., Di Stefano F., Karaoglu Ö., Lustrino M., Manetti P., Ersoy Y., Kürüm S. & Öztufekçi Önal A.: Miocene-Pleistocene magmatism mirroring the compression to strike-slip tectonic shift at the Eurasia-Arabia-Anatolia triple junction.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

17-18 Pannello 12 Di Rosa M., Meneghini F., Marroni M., Hobbs N. & Vidal O.: The Cima Pedani tectonic window (Alpine Corsica): insights in tectono-metamorphic evolution during the exhumation of continental crust.

17-19 Pannello 13 Ellero A. & Loprieno A.: The stacking of Piemonte-Ligurian units in the Urtier valley (Cogne, Western Alps): a new structural setting for the Penninic domain south of the Aosta Valley.

17-20 Pannello 14 Ellero A., Ottria G., Ouanaimi H. & Malusà M.G.: Transpressional deformations within the High Atlas belt, Morocco: new insights on the Cenozoic geodynamics of northwestern Africa.

17-21 Pannello 15 Ellero A., Ottria G., Sayit K., Catanzariti R., Frassi C., Göncüo?lu M.C., Marroni M. & Pandolfi L.: Evidences for a Late Cretaceous continental arc in the Central Pontides: new insights on alternative geodynamic reconstructions for the Neotethys in Northern Turkey.

17-22 Pannello 16 Malusà M.G., Wang J., Garzanti E., Villa I.M. & Wittmann H.: Impact of mineral fertility and bedrock erosion on single mineral detrital studies: insights from detrital apatite of the Po River catchment.

17-23 Pannello 17 Milazzo F., Storti F. & Cavozzi C.: Lateral variations of the mechanical stratigraphy and basal décollement rheology and the growth of thrust wedges: insights from analogue modelling.

17-24 Pannello 18 Papeschi S.: Structure of the Elba island: constraints for the tectonic evolution of the northern Tyrrhenian sea.

17-25 Pannello 19 Stefani C., Moscon G., Correggiari A., Fontana A. & Remia A.: Last sea-level cycle in the northern Adriatic Sea: sediment provenance of the shelf deposits.

17-26 Pannello 20 Velicogna M., De Min A., Ziberna L., Marzoli A., Chiaradia M. & Alberti A.: Triassic Magmatism in Eastern Alps.

17-27 Pannello 21 Velicogna M., Princivalle F., Lughi V., Petrelli M. & Lenaz D.: Zircon and rutile in Cenozoic flysch from Krk and Rab (Croatia): age and trace element determination for provenance study.

17-28 Pannello 22 Zanetti A., Langone A., Giovanardi T. & Mazzucchelli M.: Towards a comprehensive reconstruction of the Lower Permian to Lower Jurassic geodynamic evolution of the Finero Complex (nortern Ivrea-Verbano Zone).

S18. Integrating multiple techniques to constrain the evolution of basement geology

Conveners and Chairpersons C. Montomoli (UNIPI), E. Fazio (UNICT), S. Iaccarino (UNIPI), I.M. Villa (UNIMIB / Univ. Bern, Switzerland)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] / Lunedì 4 [16.30-18.00] / Martedì 5 [09.00-10.30] / Martedì 5 [11.30-13.00] - Aula M1

18-1 14.30-15.00 [KEYNOTE] Carosi R.*: What can we learn from the exhumation of the metamorphic core of the Himalayas?

18-2 15.00-15.15 Montemagni C.*, Iaccarino S., Carosi R., Montomoli C., Villa I.M., Massonne H.-J. & Jain A.K.: Microstructural, microchemical and geochronological investigation of two opposite, crustal-scale shear zones in the Garhwal Himalaya (NW India).

18-3 15.15-15.30 Chen J.*, Carosi R., Cao H., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Real C., Langone A. & Li G.X.: P-T-T-D paths of the Yalaxiangbo detachment zone, SE Tibet.

18-4 15.30-15.45 Groppo C., Rolfo F., McClelland W.C. & Gilotti J.A.: Using field mapping, petrology and geochronology to infer the pre Cenozoic evolution of the Aghil Range (western Tibetan Plateau): a missing piece in the Tibet-Pamir-Karakorum geopuzzle.

18-5 15.45-16.00 Zanoni D.*, Spalla M.I., Baletti L. & Gosso G.: Pre-alpine history of the Sassa gabbro complex, Dent Blanche nappe, western Austroalpine.

18-6 16.30-16.45 Simonetti M.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C. & Langone A.: Geochronology and deformation in the Ferriere-Mollières shear zone (Argentera Massif, Western Alps): similarities and differences compared to other fragments of the Variscan Chain in the Mediterranean area.

18-7 16.45-17.00 Di Rosa M.*, Marroni M. & Vidal O.: Three-steps exhumation for the Corte Slices (Alpine Corsica).

18-8 17.00-17.15 Real C.*, Carosi R., Ferrando S., Froitzheim N., Rubatto D. & Groppo C.: The complex polymetamorphic history of the Southalpine realm: evolution of continental crustal slices from Variscan to Alpine time.

18-9 17.15-17.30 Roda M., Zucali M.*, Li Z.-X. & Spalla M.I.: Pre-Permian contrasting tectono-metamorphic evolutions in the Southern Steep Belt (Mortirolo area - Languard-Campo Unit – Central Alps).

18-10 17.30-17.45 Pieruccioni D.*, Galanti Y., Molli G. & Biagioni C.: New geological and structural characterization of Fornovolasco tectonic window (Alpi Apuane, Tuscany, Italy).

18-11 17.45-18.00 Vezzoni S.*, Biagioni C., D'Orazio M., Pieruccioni D. & Petrelli M.: The "Fornovolasco metarhyolite": an early Permian magmatic event recorded in the Apuan Alps basement.

18-12 09.00-09.30 [KEYNOTE] Lanari P.*, Düsterhöft E. & Hermann J.: Scales of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Metamorphic Rocks - Implications for Phase Equilibria Modeling and Pressure-Temperature Reconstructions.

18-13 09.30-09.45 Bartoli O.*: Forward and inverse phase equilibria modeling of residual migmatites and granulites: an evaluation of the melt-reintegration approach.

18-14 09.45-10.00 Ortolano G.*, Cirrincione R. & Visalli R.: Quantitative microstructural analysis vs. numerical metamorphic petrology as a tool to investigate the PTdX evolution of orogenic process.

18-15 10.00-10.15 Crivellaro M.*, Bartoli O., Cesare B., Acosta-Vigil A., Petrelli M. & Garrido C.J.: Trace-element geothermometry in metapelitic granulites from Jubrique (Betic Cordillera, Southern Spain).

18-16 10.15-10.30 Vho A.*, Rubatto D., Planari P., Giuntoli F. & Regis D.: Garnet chemical and oxygen isotope zoning and accessory mineral investigation to constrain the evolution of subducted continental crust (Sesia Zone, Italy).

18-17 11.30-11.45 Casini L.*, Maino M. & Liesa M.: Numerical modelling of flash heating associated to HTpseudotachylites outside the seismogenic zone.

18-18 11.45-12.00 Da Mommio A.*, Zanchetta S., Poli S. & Zanchi A.: Nappe stacking and metamorphic evolution in the Western Tauern Window.

18-19 12.00-12.15 Corti L.*, Zucali M.& Zanoni D.: Heterogeneous dominant fabric distribution in metamorphic basement: an example of dominant blueschist-facies imprint in the Eclogitic Micaschist Complex (Lago della Vecchia, Sesia Lanzo Zone, Western Alps).

18-20 12.15-12.30 Fazio E.*, Ortolano G., Visalli R., Cirrincione R., Fiannacca P., Kern H., Mengel K., Pezzino A. & Punturo R.: Strain-rate estimation of syn-tectonic plutonic rocks: a multiple approach combining paleopiezometry, flow law and PT pseudosection.

18-21 12.30-12.45 Ortolano G., Visalli R.*, Cirrincione R. & Godard G.: Metamorphic timescale events constrained by diffusion in garnet overgrowth stages: The Late-Variscan static metamorphism of the Serre Massif (Southern Calabria, Italy).

18-22 12.45-13.00 Cruciani G.*, Fancello D., Franceschelli M., Iaccarino S., Montomoli C., Carosi R. & Scodina M.: P– T conditions in mylonitic gneiss from Posada Shear Zone, NE Sardinia.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

18-23 Pannello 61 Carosi R., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Cottle J., Tartaglia G., Dal Paos L. & Visonà D.: The Higher Himalayan Discontinuity in the Marshyangdi valley, Central Nepal.

18-24 Pannello 62 Dal Paos L., Visonà D., Massironi M., Carosi R., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Tartaglia G., Pelizzo M.G. & Tessarolo E.: Editing a geological map of the Manaslu area by remote sensing, petrographic and spectrofotometric analysis.

18-25 Pannello 63 Di Rosa M., De Giorgi A., Marroni M. & Pandolfi L.: 1:10,000 structural map of the Corte Slices in the area between Golo and Tavignano valleys (Central Corsica).

18-26 Pannello 64 Fazio E., Ortolano G., Visalli R., Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A.: Reconstruction of sequential pattern deformation within the multistage evolution of the Montalto Shear Zone (Aspromonte Massif – Calabria).

18-27 Pannello 65 Festa V., Tursi F., Caggianelli A. & Spiess R.: New insigths on the tectonic evolution of the Hercynian upper continental crust exposed in Calabria (Southern Italy).

18-28 Pannello 66 Fiannacca P., Williams I.S., Cirrincione R. & Hegner E.: Tracking deep crustal processes by U-Pb zircon geochronology and isotopic compositions of metaigneous and metasedimentary granulites, Serre Massif, Calabria, southern Italy.

18-29 Pannello 67 Graziani R., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Menegon L. & Carosi R.: Structural setting of a transpressive shear zone: insights from geological- mapping, quartz petrofabric and kinematic vorticity analysis along a transect of the Posada-Asinara Line (Sardinia) in the Baronie Region.

18-30 Pannello 68 Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Nania L., Leiss B. & Carosi R.: Kinematics and non-coaxial flow of the South Tibetan Detachment System (Himalaya).

18-31 Pannello 69 Petroccia A., Simonetti M., Montomoli C., Carosi R. & Corsini M.: Correlation between Maures Massif (France) and Sardinian Variscan basement: preliminary lithological, structural and metamorphic data from two sections of the European Variscan belt.

18-32 Pannello 70 Scodina M., Cruciani G., Fancello D. & Franceschelli M.: Garnet-rich nodules in ultramafic amphibolites from NE Sardinia.

S19. Geochronology and geochemistry of accessory minerals: timing of petrogenetic processes and deformation

Conveners and Chairpersons D. Lo Pò (UNIBO), A. Langone (IGG-CNR, Pavia), L. Casini (UNISS), M. Maino (UNIPV)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Venerdì 14 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula B1

19-1 09.00-09.30 [KEYNOTE] Ewing T.A.*, Beltrando M. & Müntener O.: U–Pb thermochronology of rutile to constrain the exhumation history of the lower crust: an example from Alpine Corsica.

19-2 09.30-09.45 Langone A. & Tiepolo M.*: T-t evolution of the continental lower crust exposed in Val Cannobina (Ivrea-Verbano Zone): new insight from U-bearing accessory minerals.

19-3 09.45-10.00 Bonazzi M.*, Langone A., Padrón-Navarta J.A., Ji W.Q., Zanetti A., Mazzucchelli M., Tiepolo M. & Giovanardi T.: U-Pb dating of zircons from a dyke of the Finero Mafic Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Italian Alps): when a simple case become a paradox.

19-4 10.00-10.15 Cuccuru S.*, Puccini A. & Oggiano G.: Advantages and limitations of zircon U/Pb dating of granites - an example from the Corsica-Sardinia Batholith.

19-5 10.15-10.30 Giovanardi T.*, Lugli F., Girardi V.A.V., Correia C.T., Tassinari C.C.G., Cipriani A. & Mazzucchelli M.: Contamination evidence of the Tonian Goias Stratiform Complex (Brazil) from in situ Lu-Hf zircon analyses.

19-6 11.30-11.45 Farina F.*, Dini A., Ovtcharova M., Davies J.H.F.L., Bouvier A-S., Baumgartner L. & Schaltegger U.: Petrogenesis of the two-mica Larderello-Travale plutonic system by assembly of noncontemporaneous, isolated and isotopically distinct magma batches.

19-7 11.45-12.00 Paoli G.*, Rocchi S., Dini A., Vezzoni S., Schaltegger U. & Ovtcharova M.: The plutonicsubvolcanic-volcanic connection in the long-lived Campiglia Marittima igneous system (Tuscany, Italy): a zircon CA-ID-TIMS dating study.

19-8 12.00-12.30 [KEYNOTE] Persano C.*, Luszczak K. & Finlay S.: A new approach to the interpretation of low temperature thermochronology data.

19-9 12.30-12.45 Stuart F.M.*, Wu L. & Heizler M.: Precise hematite (U-Th)/He age determinations using a multialiquot method.

19-10 12.45-13.00 Toffolo L.*, Nimis P., Martin S. & Tumiati S.: U-Th-Pb dating of hydrothermal ore deposits from electron probe micro-analysis of uraninite: the cases of Cogne, Val Vedello and Novazza (Italian Alps).


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

19-11 Pannello 23 Conte A.M., Cuccuru S., Naitza S., Oggiano G., Puccini A. & Secchi F.: Geochronology of late Variscan magmatism of Sardinia: a review.

19-12 Pannello 24 Domenighini G., Maino M., Langone L., Schenker F. & Seno S.: Constraints on metamorphic evolution from REE minerals, rutile and zircon in pelitic rocks of the Central Alps.

19-13 Pannello 25 Festa V., Langone A., Micheletti F. & Spiess R.: Lower crustal metapelites: an ideal case for microstructural and geochronological characterization. An example from migmatitic metapelites of the Serre Massif (Calabria, southern Italy).

19-14 Pannello 26 Fornelli A., Langone A. & Micheletti F.: U-Pb LA-ICP-MS data on zircons from paragneisses and augen gneisses of Castagna unit in Catena costiera and Sila piccola (Calabria).

19-15 Pannello 27 Giovanardi T., Mazzucchelli M., Zanetti A., Decarlis A., Tiepolo M., Langone A. & Fantoni R.: Nature and ages of supposed tuffaceous layers in the triassic carbonate platform of the StronaCeneri zone and their geodynamic consequences.

19-16 Pannello 28 Langone A., Zanetti A., Daczko N.R., Piazolo S., Tiepolo M. & Mazzucchelli M.: Zircon U-Pb dating of high temperature lower crustal deformation within mafic granulites: the lucky case from the Val Cannobina (Ivrea-Verbano Zone; Southern Alps; Italy).

19-17 Pannello 29 Lo Pò D., Braga R., Massonne H.J., Molli G., Montanini A. & Theye T.: Monazite dissolution-reprecipitation in medium-grade metasedimentary rocks from the Northern Apennines, Italy.

19-18 Pannello 30 Naitza S., Conte A.M., Cuccuru S., Funedda A., Oggiano G. & Secchi F.: A tentative chronological scheme for the Variscan metallogenic peaks in Sardinia.

19-19 Pannello 31 Schenker F.L., Ambrosi C., Scapozza C., Czerski D., Castelletti C., Maino M., Antognini M. & Gouffon Y.: Combining in situ U-Pb geochronology in zircons and geological data to investigate nappe formation in the Central Alps.

S20. Computational geochemistry and mineral sciences: new developments and future directions

Conveners and Chairpersons D. Belmonte (UNIGE), M. Prencipe (UNITO)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] - Aula B1

20-1 14.30-14.45 [KEYNOTE] Dragoni D., Ceresoli D.* & Marzari N.: Thermoelastic properties of bcc-Fe from firstprinciples and classical molecular dynamics.

20-2 14.45-15.00 Ottonello G.A.*: Silicate Melts as Polarized Continua.

20-3 15.00-15.15 Merli M.* & Pavese A.: Bader's topological analysis coupled with catastrophe theory: getting insight a mineral phase transition.

20-4 15.15-15.30 Bruno M.* & Rubbo M.: A Revised Thermodynamic Model for the Crystal Surfaces.

20-5 15.30-15.45 Stangarone C.*, Tribaudino M., Prencipe M., Maturilli A. & Helbert J.: Ab initio modelling of thermal-IR spectra of olivine and orthopyroxenes: application on remote sensing for Mercury.

20-6 15.45-16.00 Murri M.*, Mazzucchelli M.L., Prencipe M., Mihailova B., Scambelluri M., Campomenosi N., Angel R.J. & Alvaro M.: How does quartz respond to deviatoric stresses? Ab initio calculations on SiO2 tectosilicate.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

20-7 Pannello 32 Bruno M., Massaro F.R. & Rubbo M.: A new computational approach to the study of epitaxy: the calcite/dolomite case.

20-8 Pannello 33 Campomenosi N., Munì F., Belmonte D., Cabella R. & Carbone C.: Manganese under pressure: thermodynamic modelling of phase relations in blueschist manganesiferous quartzites of Voltri Massif (Varenna Valley, Ligurian Alps).

20-9 Pannello 34 Ceresoli D. & Marzari N.: Ab-initio calculation of NMR spectra of tobermorite and jennite: decoding the microscopic structure of cement.

20-10 Pannello 35 Zucchini A., Comodi P., Guidoni F., Nazzareni S., Prencipe M. & Balić-Žunić T.: Ab-initio study of sulfosalts: difficulties and perspectives.

S21. Natural and model systems to unravel the volatiles cycle in the deep earth

Conveners and Chairpersons N. Malaspina (UNIMIB), S. Tumiati (UNIMI)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [16.00-17.30] - Aula M1

21-1 16.00-16.15 [KEYNOTE] Vitale Brovarone A.*: Deep abiotic hydrocarbons: subduction zones are undisclosed reservoirs.

21-2 16.15-16.30 Tiepolo M.*, Sessa G., Cannaò E., Ferrari E., Schiavi F., Della Ventura G., Moroni M., Poli S., Giazzi G. & Krotz L.: The potential role of amphibole in fixing carbon in the lower crust.

21-3 16.30-16.45 Piccoli F.*, Ague J.J., Bosch D. & Vitale Brovarone A.: High-Pressure rock carbonation: implications for the reactivity of C-bearing fluids and the magnitude of fluid flow in the subducting slab.

21-4 16.45-17.00 Poli S.* & Schettino E.: Hydrous carbonatitic liquids generated by subducted pelagic carbonates.

21-5 17.00-17.15 Stagno V.*, Caruso M.& Dominijanni S.: The speciation of carbon within eclogite rocks as function of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity. Implications for the origin of carbonatitic melts and diamonds.

21-6 17.15-17.30 Casalini M.*, Avanzinelli R., Elliott T. & Conticelli S.: Mo isotopes as tracers for deep recycling of subducted c-rich, anoxic sediments in the mantle source of the roman magmatic province.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

21-7 Pannello 48 Del Vecchio A., Poe B.T., Misiti V. & Cestelli Guidi M.: RAMAN and FTIR studies of hydrous natural olivine and synthetic forsterite at 1100°C and up to 4 GPa.

21-8 Pannello 49 Miozzi F., Morard G., Clark A., Fiquet G. & Pakhomova A.S.: Deep Earth carbon reservoirs: an experimental study on carbide systems under high pressures.

21-9 Pannello 50 Pellegrino L., Zanchetta S., Tumiati S. & Malaspina N.: Evidence for mantle metasomatism by slab-derived fluids in garnet peridotites of Monte Duria, Central Alps, N Italy.

S22. Environmental geochemistry: innovative methods and techniques for the characterization of soils and water

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Armiento (ENEA, Roma), M. Vetuschi Zuccolini (UNIGE)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] - Aula F1

22-1 09.00-09.15 Galanti Y.*, Barsanti M., Biagioni C., D'Orazio M., Pieruccioni D. & Vezzoni S.: Thallium distribution in rocks from the Sant'Anna tectonic window (Apuan Alps, Italy).

22-2 09.15-09.30 Cidu R. & Biddau R.*: Hydrogeochemistry and threshold values of Cl-, SO42- and F- in groundwater.

22-3 09.30-09.45 Briganti A., Voltaggio M. Soligo M. & Tuccimei P.*: Radium isotopes and their decay products to assess the age of a NAPL-spill.

22-4 09.45-10.00 Vespasiano G.*, Apollaro C., D'Agostino E., Muraca A., Muto F., Tripodi V. & De Rosa R.: Preliminary geochemical and geological characterization of the thermal sites of Galatro and Antonimina (South Calabria, Italy).

22-5 10.00-10.15 Villa I.M.*, Nagler T.F. & Voegelin A.R.: Mo isotopic fractionation in Tso Morari lake waters.

22-6 10.15-10.30 Molinari S.*, Salviulo G., Carbone C. & Nestola F.: Micro-Raman Spectroscopy: a useful tool for COPR soils characterization.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

22-7 Pannello 36 Fornasaro S., Comodi P., Crispini L., Marescotti P. & Zucchini A.: Cr, Ni, and other Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in serpentine soils from different ophiolite complexes (Liguria, Italy).

22-8 Pannello 37 Pompilio L., Tangari A.C., Pepe M. & Marinangeli L.: Monitoring soil organic matter content in croplands through Vis NIR-SWIR spectroscopy.

22-9 Pannello 38 Quistini S., Oddone M. & Villa I.M.: Sustainability of aquifers in Mali: Sr and Pb isotopic signatures and tritium age.

S23. Geochemistry and isotope-geochemistry in food traceability: state of the art and new perspectives

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Marchetti (UNIMORE), S. Conticelli (UNIFI), R. Petrini (UNIPI)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] - Aula F1

23-1 09.00-09.15 Cavazzini G.* & Roccato D.: Inter-measure determination of the isotopic composition of Strontium.

23-2 09.15-09.30 Tescione I., Marchionni S.*, Vignozzi N., Mattei M. & Conticelli S.: 87Sr/86Sr isotopes in grapes of different cultivars used as a geochemical tool for geographic traceability of agriculture products.

23-3 09.30-09.45 Tescione I.*, Marchionni S., Tassi F., Romano C., Mattei M. & Conticelli S.: A comparative 87Sr/86Sr study on Red and White wines to validate its use as geochemical tracer for the geographical origin of wine.

23-4 09.45-10.00 Durante C.*, Cocchi M., Lambertini P., Li Vigni M., Manzini D., Rossi M.C. & Marchetti A.: Development of geographical traceability model of oenological products by means of strontium isotope ratio 87Sr/86Sr.

23-5 10.00-10.15 Braschi E., Marchionni S.,Tommasini S., Natarelli L., Bucelli P., Priori S., Costantini E.A.C. & Conticelli S.*: 87Sr/86Sr in wines, grapevine sap, soils, and bedrocks: an experimental study on geologic and pedologic characterisation using radiogenic isotope of heavy elements.

23-6 10.15-10.30 Ghezzi L.*, Petrini R., Arienzo I. & Demarchi G.: Determination of trace elements and strontium isotope ratio in grape musts of the northern Piedmont Region (Italy) by mass spectrometry based techniques.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

23-7 Pannello 51 Arienzo I., D'Antonio M. & Di Vito M.A.: Relationships between Sr isotopic composition of mineral waters and deciduous human teeth: a contribution to human mobility and food traceability studies in Italy.

23-8 Pannello 52 Durante C., Bagni E., Bertelli D., Camin F., Cocchi M., Grando M.S., Lambertini P., Manzini D., Pisoni A., Rossi M.C., Mattivi F. & Marchetti A.: New analytical methodologies for geographical and varietal traceability of enological products.

23-9 Pannello 53 Petrini R., Ghezzi L., Castorina F., Scotti C., Ottria G. & Bartelletti A.: Geological and geochemical fingerprints of the Bosa Geopark-Farm vineyards (Apuan Alps, Italy). Preliminary results.

S24. Emerging pollutants in the environment: a challenge for geochemistry and isotopegeochemistry

Conveners and Chairpersons S. Albanese (UNINA), D. Varrica (UNIPA)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula F1

24-1 11.30-11.45 Catani V.*, Zuzolo D., Cicchella D., Albanese S. & Esposito L.: Integrated approach to the assessment of Campania Plain water vulnerability.

24-2 11.45-12.00 Russo F., Sisto M., Valente A.* & the collaboration of the students of the Aeclanum High School in Mirabella Eclano Italy: The role of atmospheric pollutants in the assessment of Air Quality Index in the middle of Irpinia (Campania, Italy).

24-3 12.00-12.15 Tamburo E.*, Varrica D., Dongarrà G., Alaimo M.G., Monna F., Losno R., Sanna E., De Giudici G. & Valenza M.: Lead isotopes in biological matrices to identify potential sources of contamination: the case study of Sulcis-Iglesiente district (SW Sardinia, Italy).

24-4 12.15-12.30 Zuluaga M.C.*, Norini G., Ayuso R., Nieto J.M., Lima A., Albanese S. & De Vivo B.: Geochemical mapping and Pb isotopic signatures of geogenic and anthropogenic sources in three localities in SW Spain with different land use and geology.

24-5 12.30-12.45 Zuzolo D.*, Cicchella D., Albanese S., Catani V., Dinelli E., Lima A., Valera P. & De Vivo B.: Arsenic: geochemical distribution and human health risk in Italy.

24-6 12.45-13.00 Rezza C.*, Albanese S., Ayuso R., Lima A. & De Vivo B.: Geochemical and Pb isotopic characterization of the Domizio Flegreo and Agro Aversano area (Campania region, Italy).


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

24-7 Pannello 39 Cicchella D., Hoogewerff J., Zuzolo D., Albanese S., Lima A. & De Vivo B.: Lead isotopes as tracers of toxic elements transfer from the environment to humans. A case of study in the Sarno river basin, south Italy.

24-8 Pannello 40 Cicchella D., Zuzolo D., Albanese S., Di Tota I., Fedele L., Lima A. & De Vivo B.: Potentially toxic elements distribution in the soil of Salerno urban area (Italy).

24-9 Pannello 41 Mongelli G., Oggiano G., Paternoster M., Sinisi R., Cuccuru S. & De Luca F.: Minor and trace elements distribution in hypothermal groundwater of north-western Sardinia: an environmental challenge.

24-10 Pannello 42 Qu C., Albanese S., Lima A., Li J., Doherty A.L., Qi S. & De Vivo B.: Residues of chlorinated pesticides in the soils of the Campanian Plain (Southern Italy) and health implications.

24-11 Pannello 43 Zuzolo D., Thiombane M., Cavaliere M., Cicchella D., Albanese S., Lima A. & De Vivo B.: Topsoil geochemistry exploration through compositional data analysis and C-A fractal model.

S25 Geological carbon cycle

Conveners and Chairpersons C. Cardellini (UNIPG), G. Chiodini (INGV, Napoli), M.L. Frezzotti (UNIMIB)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] - Aula F1

25-1 14.30-14.45 Avanzinelli R.*, Casalini M., Elliott T. & Conticelli S.: Carbon fluxes from subducted carbonates revealed by U isotopes at Vesuvius.

25-2 14.45-15.00 Tumiati S.*: Is the CO2 content of subduction-zone fluids higher than previously thought?

25-3 15.00-15.15 Malusà M.G.*, Ferrando S., Brandmayr E., Romanelli F., Panza G. & Frezzotti M.L.: Cold subduction and long-term carbon cycle: insights from geophysical and petrologic data sets from the Alpine region.

25-4 15.15-15.30 Rapa G.*, Groppo C., Rolfo F., Petrelli M. & Mosca P.: The deep carbon cycle in collisional orogens: a petro chronological approach to understand and quantify metamorphic CO2 producing processes.

25-5 15.30-15.45 Frondini F.*, Cardellini C., Donnini M. & Vetuschi Zuccolini M.: Chemical weathering and CO2 consumption at mid latitudes.

25-6 15.45-16.00 D'Alessandro W.*, Daskalopoulou K., Gagliano A.L., Calabrese S., Fiebig J., Tassi F., Kyriakopoulos K. & Li Vigni L.: Microbial methane oxidation leading to extreme isotopic fractionation in thermal springs of central Greece.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

25-7 Pannello 44 Cardellini C., Chiodini G., Frondini F. & Caliro S.: A review on CO2 fluxes from diffuse degassing in Italy.

25-8 Pannello 45 Daskalopoulou K. Calabrese S. Fiebig J. Kyriakopoulos K. Li Vigni L. Parello F. Tassi F. & D'Alessandro W.: Light hydrocarbons as a proxy to identify the origin of the gas manifestations in Greece.

25-9 Pannello 46 Li Vigni L., Daskalopoulou K.,Calabrese S., D'Alessandro W. & Parello F.: Mineralogy of the soils altered by fumarolic activity at Nisyros volcano, Greece.

25-10 Pannello 47 Tiraboschi C., Malaspina N., Ferrando S., Petrelli M. & Frezzotti M.L.: Carbonate metasomatism in the lithosphere beneath El Hierro (Canary Islands): new insights on carbon mobilization from deep mantle xenoliths.

25-11 Pannello 48 Venturi S., Tassi F., Fazi S., Crognale S., Rossetti S., Cabassi J., Capecchiacci F., Nisi B. & Vaselli O.: Geosphere biosphere interaction in extreme environments: microbial life's capability of shaping VOCs emissions from the soil in the Solfatara Crater (Campi Flegrei, southern Italy).

S26. Fluid geochemistry in geothermal, volcanic and seismically active areas

Conveners and Chairpersons O. Vaselli (UNIFI), G. Chiodini (INGV, Napoli)


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] - Aula G1

26-1 09.00-09.15 Chiodini G.*: Two different approaches to hydrothermal gas equilibria at Solfatara.

26-2 09.15-09.30 Sortino F.*, Alparone S. & Carapezza M.L.: Dynamics of magma ascent thought the study of geochemical and geophysical data acquired at the same time.

26-3 09.30-09.45 Cabassi J.*, Capecchiacci F., Magi F., Tassi F., Montalvo F., Esquivel I., Grassa F., Vaselli O. & Caprai A.: First geochemical characterization of water and dissolved gases of Coatepeque, Ilopango and Chanmico volcanic lakes (El Salvador, Central America).

26-4 09.45-10.00 Paternoster M.*, Caracausi A. & Nuccio M.P.: New constraints about CO2 emission from volcanoes and the time of last activity.

26-5 10.00-10.15 Quattrocchi F.*, Galli G., Sciarra A., Caliro S., Gallo F. & Bovini S.: Baseline studies to select the most sound and sensitive sites to install continuous multidisciplinary & sismo-geochemical monitoring networks, stressing the discovering of "sensitive sites" during seismic sequences, i.e., the Amatrice-Norcia one case history.

26-6 10.15-10.30 Pierotti L.*, Facca G. & Gherardi F.: Geochemical continuous signals processing by multiple statistical techniques: application to the Gallicano thermomineral spring.


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

26-7 Pannello 54 Beddini G., Frondini F., Caliro S., Cardellini C. & Rosiello A.: Triponzo: a thermal system in a cold area of the Apennines (Italy).

26-8 Pannello 55 Cardellini C., Chiodini G., Avino R., Bagnato E., Caliro S., Frondini F., Lelli M. & Rosiello A.: Long-term variation of diffuse CO2 degassing during a volcanic unrests: the case of Campi Flegrei (Italy).

26-9 Pannello 56 Fedele A., Somma R., Wiersberg T., Moretti R., Pedone M., Troise C. & De Natale G.: Monitoring of hydrothermal gases at the Campi Flegrei caldera (South Italy): geochemical evidences from the pilot hole of CF Drilling Project.

26-10 Pannello 57 Magi F., Giannini L., Minissale A., Pandeli E., Tassi F., Mussi M. & Vaselli O.: Isotope geochemistry of rainfall, thermal and non-thermal waters from the Mt. Amiata area (northern-central Italy): Preliminary data (January - August 2017).

26-11 Pannello 58 Ricci A., Grassa F., Tassi F., Vaselli O., Ferranti L., Garofalo P.S., Nardi G. & Cammarosano A.: Geochemical properties of the low-temperature geothermal fluids (thermal springs, paleofluids) from Suio, Central Italy.

S27. Magma chamber and eruptive dynamics resolved by natural and experimental evidences

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Masotta (UNIPI), A. Vona (UNIROMA3), D. Di Genova (Univ. Bristol, UK), P. Giacomoni (UNIFE), D. Morgavi (UNIPG)


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] / Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 [16.30-18.00] - Aula G1

27-1 14.45-15.00 Buono G.*, Pappalardo L. & Petrosino P.: 3D textural and geochemical investigation to explore magmatic evolution and eruptive dynamic of Pomici di Base plinian eruption.

27-2 14.30-14.45 Moretti R.*, De Natale G., Troise C., Somma R., Pedone M., Fedele A. & Schiavone R.: Hydrothermal Vs magmatic sources of geochemical anomalies at Campi Flegrei caldera: a review and a joint interpretation of geochemical and geophysical data.

27-3 15.00-15.15 Lanzafame G.*, Iezzi G., Mancini L., Lezzi F., Mollo S. & Ferlito C.: Turbulence (non-laminar) and solidification during magma ascent: Insights from 2D and 3D imaging in an Etnean dyke.

27-4 15.15-15.30 Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Mollo S., Ferlito C., Braiato M. & Scarlato P.: Vertically zoned plumbing system at Mt. Etna feeding the 2011-2012 paroxysmal eruptions.

27-5 15.30-15.45 Casetta F.*, Coltorti M., Giacomoni P.P., Bonadiman C. & Ntaflos T.: A crosschecked model to constrain P-T-fO2-H2O of a water-rich K-alkaline system: the unique case of the Predazzo Triassic volcano-plutonic complex.

27-6 15.45-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Viccaro M.*: How the modern Etna plumbing system works: messages from the crystal cargo of recently erupted volcanic rocks.

27-7 16.30-16.45 [KEYNOTE] Ziberna L.* & Blundy J.D.: The depth of igneous cumulates in the Lesser Antilles island arc.

27-8 16.45-17.00 Bonechi B.*, Tecchiato V., Perinelli C. & Gaeta M.: High-Mg basalts from Capo Marargiu (Sardinia, Italy): experimental constraints on amphibole stability in a primitive calc-alkaline magma.

27-9 17.00-17.15 Luciani N.*, Stagno V., Faraone D.B., Lustrino M., Masotta M., Narzisi S. & Scarlato P.: Assimilation of calcite by ultrabasic melts.

27-10 17.15-17.30 Giuliani L.*, Iezzi G., Vetere F., Nazzari M., Mollo S., Misiti V., Ventura G., Cavallo A. & Behrens H.: Textural evolution of plagioclase, clynopiroxene and spinel from a basaltic melt as a function of cooling rate.

27-11 17.30-17.45 Sicola S.*, Di Genova D., Romano C., Vona A. & Fanara S.: Water content estimation of hydrous natural glasses: a Raman spectroscopy study.

27-12 17.45-18.00 Pisello A.*, Di Genova D., Hess K.U. & Dingwell D.B.: Raman spectra of a haplogranitic system: correlation with melt viscosity.


Lunedì 4 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

27-13 Pannello 71 Casetta F., Giacomoni P.P., Coltorti M., Ferlito C. & Bonadiman C.: Mt. Etna vs. Hyblean Plateau: modelling the mantle source beneath SE Sicily.

27-14 Pannello 72 Di Piazza A., Vona A., Romano C., Mollo S. De Astis G. & Soto G.J.: Dynamics of the "El Retiro" subplinian eruption of Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica): evidences from stratigraphic, petrological and textural analyses.

27-15 Pannello 73 Giacomoni P.P., Casetta F., Coltorti M., Ferlito C. & Valenti V.: P-T-fO2-H2O modelling of Voragine and New South East Crater magmatic systems during the December 2015 summit activity at Mt. Etna (Italy).

27-16 Pannello 74 Giuliani L. Iezzi G., Vetere F. Nazzari M., Mollo S., Misiti V., Ventura G., Cavallo A. & Behrens H.: Chemical variations of phases grown from a basaltic melt cooled at variable rates.

27-17 Pannello 75 Kolzenburg S., Di Genova D., Giordano D., Mader H. & Dingwell D.B.: The effect of oxygen fugacity on the non isothermal rheology of basalts.

27-18 Pannello 76 La Felice S., Landi P., Vezzoli L. & Principe C.: The origin of the K-feldspar megacrysts hosted in the silica-rich products from Mt. Amiata (Southern Tuscany, Italy).

27-19 Pannello 77 Moretti R., Métrich N., Di Renzo V., Aiuppa A., Allard P. & Arienzo I.: Degassing vs. eruptive styles at Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy): Volatile stocking, gas fluxing, and the shift from low-energy to highly-explosive basaltic eruptions.

27-20 Pannello 78 Nazzari M., Mollo S., Blundy J.D., Giacomoni P.P., Scarlato P., Coltorti M., Langone A. & Andronico D.: Clinopyroxene melt element partitioning during interaction between trachybasaltic magma and siliceous crust: Clues from quartzite enclaves at Mt. Etna volcano.

27-21 Pannello 79 Pontesilli A., Masotta M., Nazzari M., Armienti P. Mollo S., Scarlato P. & Brenna M.: Experimental observation of extremely rapid clinopyroxene growth in a trachybasaltic melt: Clues on phenocryst crystallization kinetics in naturally cooled magmas.

27-22 Pannello 80 Pelullo C., Arienzo I., Cirillo G., Mazzeo F.C., Aulinas M., Turiel J.L.F. & D'Antonio M.: Magmatic processes inferred from geochemical and Sr-Nd-isotopic data on the <5 ka Zaro lava complex, Ischia Island (Southern Italy).

27-23 Pannello 81 Primerano P., Vona A., Giordano G. & De Vita S.: The rheology and the volume of crystalrich lava flows from Ischia Island (Campania, Italy).

27-24 Pannello 82 Rossi S., Petrelli M., Morgavi D., GonzálezGarcía D., Fischer L.A., Vetere F. & Perugini D.: Exponential decay of concentration variance during magma mixing: robustness of a volcanic chronometer and implications for the homogenization of chemical heterogeneities in magmatic systems.

27-25 Pannello 83 Sicola S., Vona A., Romano C., Ryan A.G. & Russell J.K.: Rheology of H2O-filled bubblebearing magmas: experimental determination at low strain rates.

S28. Multidisciplinary approach to investigate magma ascent, degassing and eruption

Conveners and Chairpersons R.A. Corsaro (INGV, Catania), A. Bertagnini (INGV, Pisa), E. Marchetti (UNIFI),G. Tamburello (INGV, Bologna)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] - Aula G1

28-1 09.00-09.15 Di Traglia F.*, Pistolesi M., Esposti Ongaro T., de' Michieli Vitturi M., Bonadonna C. & Rosi M.: Dynamics of pyroclastic density currents generation and ballistic ejection during shallow hydrothermal blasts: insights from the deposits, physical modelling and numerical simulation of the 13th century "Breccia di Commenda" eruption (Vulcano island, Italy).

28-2 09.15-09.30 Andronico D.*, Corsaro R.A., Ciancitto F. & Cristaldi A.: Preliminary data on the dispersal area and textural features of products ejected by the 16 March 2017 phreatomagmatic explosions at Etna.

28-3 09.30-09.45 Di Roberto A.*, Bertagnini A., Del Carlo P., Pompilio M. & Meletlidis S.: The 1909 Chinyero eruption on Tenerife (Canary Islands): insights from historical accounts, and tephrostratigraphic and geochemical data.

28-4 09.45-10.00 Masotta M.* & Keppler H.: A new hydrothermal moissanite cell apparatus for optical in-situ observations at high pressure and high temperature, with applications to bubble nucleation in silicate melts.

28-5 10.00-10.15 Corsaro R.A.* & Miraglia L.: The paroxysmal activity of the New Southeast Crater, Mt. Etna (Italy), from 2011 to 2013.

28-6 10.15-10.30 Pompilio M.*, Bertagnini A., Del Carlo P. & Di Roberto A.: Magma dynamics within a basaltic conduit revealed by textural and compositional features of erupted ash: the December 2015 Mt. Etna paroxysms.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

28-7 Pannello 49 Aloisi M., Barberi G., Bonaccorso A., Bruno V., Mattia M. & Patanè D.: Insights in the plumbing system of Stromboli volcano (Italy) from seismic tomographic images and ground deformation models.

28-8 Pannello 50 Bruno P.P.G., Bernardinetti S., Lavoué F., Gresse M., Vandemeulebrouck J. & Revil A.: Nonstandard cooperative processing and interpretation of multi-variate data sets: The example of Solfatara Volcano, Italy.

28-9 Pannello 51 Marianelli P. Gurioli L. & Caracciolo A.: The nature of the shallow conduit of Stromboli in the major explosion of 21 January 2010 revealed through textural and geochemical characterization of bombs.

28-10 Pannello 52 Massaro S., Sulpizio R., Costa A., Capra L., Norini G., Groppelli G. & Lucchi F.: On the eruptive style transition at calc-alkaline volcanoes: the example of the 1913 eruption at Fuego de Colima volcano (Mexico).

28-11 Pannello 53 Paonita A., Caracausi A., Martelli M. & Rizzo A.: Helium Isotopes in volcanic gases quantify refill and pressure buildup in magma reservoirs at Mt Etna.

28-12 Pannello 54 Todde A., Cioni R., Pistolesi M., Geshi N. & Bonadonna C.: The 1914 Taisho eruption of Sakurajima volcano: stratigraphy and dynamics of the largest eruption in Japan during the 20th century.

S29. The study of volcanic ash as a tool for eruption mechanisms and tephra correlations

Conveners and Chairpersons R. Cioni (UNIFI), M. Pistolesi (UNIFI), P. Del Carlo (INGV, Pisa), A. Di Roberto (INGV, Pisa)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [11.30-13.00] - Aula G1

29-1 11.30-11.45 Cannata C.B.*, De Rosa R., Donato P., Donato S., Lanzafame G., Mancini L. & Houghton B.: New inferences on Pele's hair origin by 3D X-ray imaging.

29-2 11.45-12.00 Critelli T., Apollaro C., Bloise A., Cannata C.B., Talesa N., Petrungaro E. & De Rosa R.*: Experimental leaching of volcanic ashes from Etna and Stromboli.

29-3 12.00-12.15 Gabellini P., Bonadonna C., Cioni R.*, Pistolesi M., Geshi N., Rossi E. & Bagheri G.: Morphologic and dynamic analysis of ash and ash aggregates at Sakurajima volcano (Japan).

29-4 12.15-12.30 Aravena Á.*, de'Michieli Vitturi M., Cioni R. & Neri A.: Injection of phreatic water into volcanic conduits: Insights from numerical modelling.

29-5 12.30-12.45 Di Roberto A.*, Smedile A., Del Carlo P., De Martini P.M., Iorio M., Petrelli M., Pantosti D., Pinzi S. & Todrani A.: Tephrochronology of a ~ 60,000 years lacustrine sequence from the Fucino Basin, central Apennines, Italy.

29-6 12.45-13.00 Albert P.G.*, Giaccio B., Isaia R., Nomade S., Pereira A., Costa A. & Smith V.C.: Proximal counterpart of the widespread Y-3 tephra (29 ka): Constraints on a large magnitude eruption at Campi Flegrei caldera.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

29-7 Pannello 55 Bloise A., Cannata C.B., Talesa N., Petrungaro E., Critelli T., Apollaro C. & De Rosa R.: Hydrothermal Alteration of basaltic ash from Etna (Italy), and Implications for Mars.

29-8 Pannello 56 Cannata C.B., De Rosa R., Donato P. & Muto F.: New insight on the palaeogeographic significance of the volcaniclastic level of Amantea Basin (Coastal Chain, north-western Calabria).

29-9 Pannello 57 Cubellis E., De Stefano R. & Pappalardo L.: Chemical composition of ash samples versus eruptive mechanism of 1906 Vesuvius eruption.

29-10 Pannello 58 Mannella G., Zanchetta G., Giaccio B., Regattieri E., Wagner B., Niespolo E.M., Renne P., Nomade S. & Pereira A.: Fucino Basin: a key site for reconstructing Mediterranean Quaternary tephrostratigraphy.

29-11 Pannello 59 Morgavi D., Valentini L., Ielpo M., Laeger K., Porreca M., Costa A. & Perugini D.: A new approach to study the micro-texture of accretionary lapilli: the case of Secche di Lazzaro (Stromboli, Aeolian Islands).

S30. Mapping geological structures and volcanic phenomena for hazard assessment: traditional and innovative approaches

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Bisson (INGV, Pisa), S. Calvari (INGV, Catania), R. Isaia (INGV, Napoli), A. Neri (INGV, Pisa), C. Spinetti (INGV, Roma)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [14.30-16.00] - Aula G1

30-1 14.30-14.45 [KEYNOTE] Principe C.*: Geological mapping methods for hazard assessment in volcanic area - a review.

30-2 14.45-15.00 Tadini A.*, Bevilacqua A., Bisson M. & Neri A.: Data uncertainty quantification in volcanic hazard assessment: review and examples.

30-3 15.00-15.15 Barreca G.*, Branca S. & Monaco C.: Three-dimensional modeling of Mount Etna volcano: volume assessment, trend of eruption rates and geodynamic significance.

30-4 15.15-15.30 Tarquini S.* & Coppola D.: Heat and mass dissipation during lava flow emplacement: the effect of slope.

30-5 15.30-15.45 Pinton A., Pensa A., Giordano G., Battaglini L., D'Angelo S., Fiorentino A.* & Vita L.: Map of submerged volcanic structures in Italy.

30-6 15.45-16.00 Argnani A.*, Mazzarini F., Isola I., Bisson M. & Bonazzi C.: A large-scale submarine slide offshore Mt. Etna: Did the margin collapsed earlier than the volcano?


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

30-7 Pannello 60 Angioletti A., Tadini A. & Bisson M.: Morphological evolution of Somma-Vesuvius caldera during the last century: integration between historical maps and airborne LiDAR survey.

30-8 Pannello 61 Bevilacqua A., Neri A., Bisson M., Esposti Ongaro T. Flandoli F., Isaia R., Rosi M. & Vitale S.: Conditional effects of vent location, event scale and time forecasts on pyroclastic density currents hazard maps at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy).

30-9 Pannello 62 Brunori C.A., Bignami C., Zucca F. & Stramondo S.: Monitoring of the Volcan de Colima activity (Jalisco – MEXICO) using COSMO-SkyMed time series: first results.

30-10 Pannello 63 Silleni A., Giordano G. & Isaia R.: A new isopach map for the Campanian Ignimbrite, Campi Flegrei, Italy.

S31. Geosciences at school 2017

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Gioncada (UNIPI), E. Paris (UNICAM), F. Pieraccioni (UNIPI), E. Bonaccorsi (UNIPI)


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 [09.00-10.30] / Mercoledì 6 [11.30-13.00] / Mercoledì 6 [14.30-16.00] - Aula M1

31-1 09.00-09.15 Barone G.*, Finocchiaro C., Mazzoleni P. & Bonacini E.: An innovative and interactive approch for an educational mineralogical museum.

31-2 09.15-09.30 Botticelli G.*, Fabrizi L., Lombardi L., Ruggiero L., Silvestri M., Chirri M., Cifelli F. & Mattei M.: The educational and dissemination activities of astronomy and geology held in the Geopaleontological Museum of Rocca di Cave, Roma Tre University.

31-3 09.30-09.45 Corrado S.*, Adanti B., Bollati A., Caneva G., Gioia C., Grossi F., de Angelis I., Magrone P., Mobilio S., Paolucci F. & Tedeschini Lalli L.: From Cosmos to Earth to Life to Culture. A Resilient Strategy for Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Science Outreach activities: the proposal of a "Widespread Museum" for the City of Rome.

31-4 09.45-10.00 Bernagozzi A.E.*, Giuli G., Paris E., Carbognani A. & Christille J.M.: Observing the sky, understanding the Earth: an Earth Sciences Astronomy-related Educational Package for high school teachers and students.

31-5 10.00-10.15 Gravina T.*, Cossu C., Fosella X., Macchia S. & Molaro D.: The Scientix project: an opportunity to share best practices in earth science teaching.

31-6 10.15-10.30 Cossu C.*: Cycling&Science: game together.

31-7 11.30-11.45 Cifelli F., Adanti B., Bollati A., Grossi F., Lucci F. & Mattei M.: PLS in geology: a tool for consolidating the relationship between School and University.

31-8 11.45-12.00 Russo F., Sisto M., Valente A.* & the collaboration of the students of the Aeclanum High School in Mirabella Eclano (Italy): How does the geologist work? The educational approach of a PLS Laboratory.

31-9 12.00-12.15 Montomoli C.*: From field and lab experiences to school desks: a "Piano lauree scientifiche" project at Pisa University.

31-10 12.15-12.30 Tassistro M.*, Marescotti P., Matricardi G., Torella G. & Cabella R.: "Design and experimentation of educational activities in geosciences for secondary school."

31-11 12.30-12.45 Ghirotti M., Rossi V., Mazzucchelli M.*, Natali C. & Berti M.: Field-based Earth learning for highschool teachers: training activities from Alps and Apennines.

31-12 12.45-13.00 Pieraccioni F.*: Earth Science Learning Research: Metaphysics or Science?

31-13 14.30-14.45 Eramo G.*, Monno A., Mesto E., De Tullio M. & Ferilli S.: Aural Structure: creation of musical models in mineralogy education.

31-14 14.45-15.00 Colotti C.* & Pieraccioni F.: Modelizzazione di Minerali con Stampante 3D.

31-15 15.00-15.15 Landi B. & Papini P.*: Il tempo della natura e il tempo dell'uomo: una lunga storia di cambiamenti climatici.

31-16 15.15-15.30 Todesco M.*, Lolli B., Sheldrake T., Perfetti P., Cavaliere A., Danesi S. & Camassi R.: Right about to explode. Outreach activities for Earth Sciences.

31-17 15.30-15.45 Ugolini F.*, Di Lonardo S., Rossi R., Coppola E., Raspini S., Giacinti L. & Macario M.: Primary and secondary school students explore geosciences in extreme environment: attitude and knowledge acquisition.

31-18 15.45-16.00 Porta M.*, Paris E., Pelfini M. & Cabrini A.: Analysis of Earth Sciences teaching methods and contents in high school curricula after the Gelmini reform.


Mercoledì 6 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

31-19 Pannello 64 Agliardi F., Di Capua A., Fusi N., Limonta M., Malusà M.G., Pellegrino L., Resentini A., Valagussa A., Valbuzzi E., Vezzoli G. & Zanchetta S.: Valsassina "sopra e sotto": un'esplorazione geologica a due passi da Milano.

31-20 Pannello 65 Andreotti S., Giannella S. & Storti M.: I colori della Terra. Esempi in ambito Ligure-Toscano.

31-21Pannello 66  Bonaccorsi E., Pieraccioni F., Dini A., Scaglia P., Galluzzi E. & Orsini M.: Museo, scuola dell'infanzia e università in un progetto di educazione scientifica.

31-22 Pannello 67 Bonaccorsi E., Gioncada A. & Pieraccioni F.: Earth Science Knowledges of Freshmen: a Survey in Italy.

31-23 Pannello 68 Ciarcia S., La Luna A. Russo F. & the students of the IISS CAT Ruggero II High School of Ariano Irpino Italy: An educational approach for a PLS Geological Information Laboratory.

31-24 Pannello 69 Cicconi A., Katz Cooper S. & Kurtz N.: Teaching geoscience from a ship. The case of an Outreach Officer onboard the JOIDES Resolution.

31-25 Pannello 70 Cirrincione R.: From School to University: the "Strategic Student" Initiative of the Italian National Action of Scientific degree for Geoscience.

31-26 Pannello 71 De Nunzio A., Langella A., Nicoletti M.C., Russo F., Travaglione S. & the collaboration of the students of Applied Sciences of the Galilei–Vetrone High School of Benevento, Italy: Looking for the Lithosphere.

31-27 Pannello 72 Diliberto I.S., Calabrese S. & Gioia C.: Geoscience Workshops on Sicilian active volcanoes: Implementing the School Education through collaboration among different institutions.

31-28 Pannello 73 Ercolino I.: A CLIL tool for teaching geosciences and safety rules in primary school.

31-29 Pannello 74 Gigante F.: Building awareness of their origins from the knowledge of the territory.

31-30 Pannello 75 Gravina T. & Farina L.: Speleology as an opportunity to realize didactic laboratory on the territory.

31-31 Pannello 76 Macario M., Talarico F. & Paris E.: Hiring students as citizen scientists: a learning unit based on open data from an Antarctic drill-core.

31-32 Pannello 77 Macchia S., Gravina T. & Cossu C.: Inquiry Learning Space: an innovative tool to teach Earth Science in secondary school.

31-33 Pannello 78 Maraffi S. & Paris E.: Learning on Gaming improves integrated development of basic Science skills and fosters curiosity towards the Earth Sciences.

31-34 Pannello 79 Montomoli C., Bonaccorsi E., Gioncada A., Pieraccioni F., Ragaini L., Iaccarino S. & Vezzoni S.: Plate tectonics: discovering ocean and continent on the Apuan Alps.

31-35 Pannello 80 Pennesi D. Ricciardi S., Menichelli F. & Paris E.: Lettura del paesaggio in chiave interdisciplinare. Scienze, Geografia ed Educazione Tecnica in sinergia per un apprendimento multiplo.

31-36 Pannello 81 Pieraccioni F. Pandolfi L., Ribolini A., Casaburo S., Ricci F. & Fancesconi F.: An Approach Path to Earth Science.

31-37 Porta Pannello 82 M., Paris E., Pelfini M. & Invernizzi M.C.: Evaluation of theatre as a way to promote Earth sciences skills debating.

31-38 Pannello 83 Realdon G., Candussio G., Manià M., Palamin S.†, Paris E. & Invernizzi M.C.: System approach to Earth Sciences by means of a vertically articulated curriculum on marine microplastics.

31-39 Pannello 84 Scacchetti M. & Bertacchini M.: Geosciences laboratorial experiences in the Middle-school.

31-40 Pannello 85 Stacchiotti L., Acqua A., Pennesi D., Giannangeli A., Teloni F., Vissani P. & Paris E.: Environmental education through geosciences: chocoland, an edible experiment.

S32. Open Poster Session


Martedì 5 Settembre 2017 - Area Poster

32-1 Pannello 59 Belgiorno M. & Pasquini G.: Hydrogeochemical contribution to the knowledge of the multilayered aquifer of the Pisa alluvial plain.

32-2 Pannello 60 Bernardinetti S., Bruno P.P. Maraio S., Guastaldi E., Cicala V., Minucci S., Giannuzzi M., Trotta M., Petrolo F., Febo S., Colonna T., Brogna F., Tufarolo E. & Milighetti O.: Shallow aquifer characterization through an integrated geophysical approach: the case of Laterina, Italy.

32-3 Pannello 61 De Guidi G., Vecchio A., Brighenti F., Caputo R., Carnemolla F. Di Pietro A., Lupo M., Maggini M., Marchese S., Messina D., Monaco C. & Naso S.: Co-seismic displacement on October 26 and 30, 2016 (Mw 5.9 and 6.5) earthquakes in central Italy from the analysis of discrete GNSS network.

32-4 Pannello 62 Ferretti G., Keiblinger M.K., Di Giuseppe D., Faccini B., Colombani N., ZechmeisterBoltenstern S., Coltorti M. & Mastrocicco M.: Short-term soil microbial biomass response to different zeolitite amendments.

32-5 Pannello 63 Gentilucci M. & Paris E.: An integrated GIS to protect the cultural heritage against natural hazards (heritageGIS).

32-6 Pannello 64 Italiano F., Yuce G., Di Bella M., Rojay B., Sabatino G., Tripodo A., Martelli M., Rizzo A.L., Misseri M.G. & Romano D.: Noble gases and rock geochemistry of intraplate volcanics from the SE Turkey.

32-7 Pannello 65 Maimaiti M., Carroll M.R., Dingwell D.B. & Giuli G.: Experimental study of monazite solubility in granitic melts.

32-8 Pannello 66 Nardò S., Ascione A., Mazzoli S., Terranova C. & Vilardo G.: PS-InSAR time series analysis of pre- to co-seismic deformation: the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake (Central Italy) case study.

32-9 Pannello 67 Nisi B., Bogdevich O., Vaselli O., Nicoara I., Tassi F., Culighin E., Mogorici C., Jeleapov V. & Mussi M.: The Republic of Moldova underground waters: good amount vs. bad quality.

32-10 Pannello 68 Pagnotta S., Grifoni E., Legnaioli S., Lorenzetti G., Palleschi V., Raneri S. & Lezzerini M.: µLIBS in mineralogical and petrographic applications for cultural heritage.

32-11 Pannello 69 Piana F., Fioraso G. Irace A., Mosca P., d'Atri A., Barale L., Falletti P., Monegato G., Morelli M., Tallone S. & Vigna G.B.: Geology of Piemonte region (NW Italy, Alps–Apennines interference zone).

32-12 Pannello 70 Porreca M., Minelli G., Ercoli M., Brobia A., Mirabella F., Mancinelli P., Cruciani F., Giorgetti C., Cavinato G., Cannata A., Pauselli C., Carboni F. & Barchi M.: Seismic reflection profiles and deep geological sections across the area interested by the 2016-2017 earthquake sequence.

32-13 Pannello 71 Privitera G.: Motta S. Anastasia eruptive center: a true Neck?

32-14 Pannello 72 Sabatino G., Battaglia F., Caridi F., Italiano F., Marcianò G., Quartieri S. & Di Bella M.: Mineralogical and geochemical study on beach placers of the Calabrian Coast as potential source of L-REE.

32-15 Pannello 73 Salari G.: Mantle xenoliths from Sardinia.

32-16 Pannello 74 Somma R., Cucinotta F., Guglielmino E., Marotta G., Nicolosi A., Risitano G., Torre E. & Zavattaro D.: The importance of laser scanning in the analysis of "exhumed" crime scenes: a new method for recording and documenting clandestine graves.

32-17 Pannello 75 Somma R. Silvestro M., Cascio M. & Torre E.: A new GIS-based approach for the search of simulated clandestine graves.

32-18 Pannello 76 Valerio E., Castaldo R., Carminati E., De Novellis V., Doglioni C., Lanari R., Pepe S., Solaro G. & Tizzani P.: Estimation of the the rock volumes involved in a graviquake: the Mw 6.5 Norcia earthquake case-study.

32-19 Pannello 77 Valerio E., Tizzani P., Carminati E. & Doglioni C.: Aftershocks in seismic sequences: a comparison between extensional and contractional tectonic settings.