The Italian Geosciences of the future. The future of the Italian Geosciences

Milano, 10-12 settembre 2014

Programma delle sessioni

S1. Holes in the Bottom of the Sea: discoveries and challenges in marine geology

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Camerlenghi (OGS Trieste), M. Ligi (CNR-ISMAR, Bologna), I. Raffi (UdA Chieti-Pescara)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00]

1-1 10.15-10.30 Savelli C.: Space-time aspects of the oceanic opening of Tyrrhenian Sea: 1 - The Bathyal Plain of Vavilov.

1-2 10.30-10.45 Iezzi G., Ventura G., Caso C., Vallefuoco M.*, Cavallo A., Behrens H., Mollo S., Paltrinieri D., Signanini P. & Vetere F.: Deep submarine explosive eruptions at the Marsili Seamount (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).

1-3 10.45-11.00 D'Angelo S. & Fiorentino A.*: Marine geology challenges: integration and harmonization of data.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 102

1-4 15.30-15.45 Basso D.*1, Vertino A.1, Anzalone E.2, Barbieri R.3, Montagna P.4, Rosso A.5, Taviani M.4 & the COCARDE-ERN Steering Committee Cold-water carbonate mounds and beyond: the Italian activity within COCARDE-ERN.

1-5 15.45-16.15 (KEYNOTE) Malinverno A.* Gas hydrates, methanogenesis, and carbon cycling at continental margins.

1-6 16.15-16.30 Agnini C.* & Expedition 342 Scientists Paleogene Newfoundland Sediment Drifts (Iodp Expedition 342): preliminary results.

1-7 16.30-16.45 Falzoni F.*, Petrizzo M.R. & MacLeod K.G. A new Late Cretaceous record of oxygen and carbon trends from the southern mid latitudes (ODP Leg 122) and insights on planktonic foraminiferal evolution.

1-8 16.45-17.00 Remitti F.* , Kirkpatrick J., Ujiie K., Mishima T., Chester F., Rowe C., Regalla C., Moore C., Toy V., Kameda J., Bose S. & Wolfson-Schwehr M. Internal structure of the shallow plate boundary slip zone for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake sampled during the Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (JFAST).

1-9 17.00-17.30 Camerlenghi A.*, Aloisi G., Lofi J., Hübscher C., deLange G., Flecker R., Garcia-Castellanos D., Gorini C., Gvirtzman Z., Krijgsman W., Lugli S., Makowsky Y., Manzi V., McGenity T., Panieri G., Rabineau M., Roveri M., Sierro F.-J. & Waldmann N. Uncovering a Salt Giant. Deep-Sea Record of Mediterranean Messinian Events (DREAM) multi-phase drilling project.

1-10 17.30-17.45 McKay R., De Santis L.*, Bart P., Shevenell A., Williams T., Levy R., Bartek L., Sjunneskog C., Orsi A., Warny S., DeConto R., Pollard D., Suganuma Y. & Hong J. IODP751-full2 prop. Ocean-ice sheet interactions and West Antarctic Ice Sheet vulnerability: clues from the Neogene and Quaternary record of the outer Ross Sea continental margin.

1-11 17.45-18.00 Argnani A.*, Camerlenghi A., Sacchi M., Erba E.4 & Sagnotti L. Status of the Italian participation in ECORD and perspective of "IODP-Italia" for the next decade.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster
1-12 Pannello 1 Aiello G., Marsella E. & D'Isanto C.: Acquisition, processing and geologic interpretation of Multibeam bathymetric datasets and correlations with multichannel seismic profiles: applications to the Naples and Salerno Gulfs (Southern Tyrrhenian sea).

1-13 Pannello 2 Barchetta A., Petrizzo M.R., Bottini C. & Erba E.: The Pacific (DSDP Site 463) and Tethys Ocean record of OAE1a: a taxonomic and quantitative analyses of planktonic foraminifera.

1-14 Pannello 3 De Guidi G., Barberi G., Barreca G., Bruno V., Cultrera F., Grassi S., Imposa S., Mattia M., Monaco C., Scarfì L. & Scudero S.: New Geological, seismological and geodetic evidence of active thrusting and folding south of Mt. Etna (eastern Sicily): revaluation of "seismic efficiency" of the Sicilian Basal Thrust.

1-15 Pannello 4 Dini A., Boschi C., Gamberi F., Laurenzi M.A., Marani M., Rovere M., Ruggieri G. & Trua T.: Sulfide deposits from southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea: new geochemical, isotopic and fluid inclusion data.

1-16 Pannello 5 Fontana E.: Tectonic analysis and paleostress determination of the upper lava section at ODP/IODP Site 1256 (east Pacific Ocean).

1-17 Pannello 6 Geissler W., Lucchi R. & Rebesco M.: The opening of the Arctic-Atlantic Gateway: tectonic, oceanographic and climatic dynamics ("AAG-Drill" - Arctic-Atlantic Gateway Drilling Campaign").

1-18 Pannello 7 Meyzen C.M., Marzoli A., Bizimis M. & Bellieni G.: A geochemical record of the magmatic activity at Bouvet Island.

1-19 Pannello 8 Pennino V. & Sulli A.: A possible evolutionary model of "aligned pockmarks".

1-20 Pannello 9 Savelli C.: Space-time aspects of the oceanic opening of Tyrrhenian Sea: 2 - The Bathyal Plain of Marsili.

S2. Geological timescales

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Balini (Univ. Milano), M. Sprovieri (IAMC-CNR, Torretta Granitola), I. Villa (Univ. Milano Bicocca)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 201

2-1 10.15-10.30 Channell J.E.T.* Quaternary magnetic stratigraphy: more than polarity reversals.

2-2 10.30-10.45 Villa I.M.* Geochronology from the producer to the consumer.

2-3 10.45-11.00 Balini M., Monechi S. & Raffi I.* The Italian contribution to the definition of the ICS timescale: ongoing research.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-17.00] - Aula 201

2-4 14.30-14.45 Balini M.*, Di Stefano P., Levera M., Mazza M., Muttoni G., Nicora A., Preto N., Rigo M. & Tripodo A. Integrated bio-chronostratigraphic calibration of the Carnian/Norian boundary in the Sicano basin (western Sicily) and its significance for long distance correlations.

2-5 14.45-15.00 Maron M.*, Muttoni G., Rigo M., Bertinelli A., Godfrey L., Katz M.E. & Zaffani M. Magnetostratigraphic investigation of the Pignola-Abriola section (Southern Apennines, Italy): new constraints for the Rhaetian chronology.

2-6 15.00-15.15 Rigo M.*, Agnini C., Bertinelli A., Casacci M., Concheri G., Gattolin G., Giordano N., Godfrey L., Katz M.E., Maron M., Muttoni G., Tateo F., Sprovieri M., Stellin F. & Zaffani M. New GSSP candidate for the base of the Rhaetian: the Pignola-Abriola section.

2-7 15.15-15.30 Turtù A.*, Abels H. A., Lourens L.J. & Satolli S. Integrated stratigraphy and orbital tuning of the Mid-Cretaceous Piedicammoro section, Northern Apennines, Italy.

2-8 15.30-15.45 Sabatino N.*, Sprovieri M., Pelosi N., Batenburg S. & Coccioni R. Astrochronology of the Late Cretaceous.

2-9 15.45-16.00 Gambacorta G.* , Malinverno A. & Erba E. Orbital tuning of the late Albian to early Turonian C isotopic record (Umbria-Marche Basin, central Italy).

2-10 16.00-16.15 Petrizzo M.R.* Recent advances in the accuracy and resolution of planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy for improving Late Cretaceous chronostratigraphy.

2-11 16.15-16.30 Coccioni R. & Premoli Silva I.* Revised Upper Albian–Maastrichtian planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy of the classical Tethyan Gubbio section (Italy).

2-12 16.30-16.45 Galeotti S.*, Moretti M., Cappelli C., Phillips J., Lanci L., Littler K., Monechi S., Petrizzo M.R., Premoli Silva I. & Zachos J.C. Integrated stratigraphy of the lower Paleocene from the Bottaccione section (Gubbio, Central Italy).

2-13 16.45-17.00 Di Stefano A.*, Foresi L.M., Sagnotti L., Baldassini N., Bonomo S., Cascella A., Dinarès-Turell J., Di Stefano E., Ferraro L., Incarbona A., Lirer F., Russo B. & Winkler A. The Burdigalian GSSP: the missing tile to complete the Neogene interval of the Geological Time Scale.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

2-7 Pannello 1 Brenna A., Caronni V., Grilli D., Landini E., Marchesi R., Schettino A., Vitiello A., Mazza M., Nicora A. & Balini M.* The significance of the Lower/Upper Carnian faunal turnover for the definition of the Late Triassic time scale.

2-8 Pannello 2 Maron M.*, Muttoni G., Rigo M., Roghi G. & Solazzi L. Magnetostratigraphy from the Pignola 2 section (Southern Apennines, Italy) and the Dibona section (Dolomites, italy): chronology of the main Carnian events.

2-9 Pannello 3 Zaffani M.*, Agnini C., Bertinelli A., Concheri G., Galatà F., Godfrey L., Katz M.E., Rigo M. & Stellin F. Preliminary δ13Corg and TOC data from the Lagonegro Basin (Southern Italy) across the Norian-Rhaetian boundary.

2-10 Pannello 4 Satolli S.* & Turtù A. Early Cretaceous magnetostratigraphy of the Salto del Cieco section (Northern Apennines, Italy).

2-11 Pannello 5 Erba E.*, Russo F., Bottini C. & Giulia F. Revised calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary: implications for global correlations and timescales.

2-12 Pannello 6 Foresi L.M., Baldassini N.*, Lirer F., Verducci M., Mazzei R., Salvatorini G., Ferraro L., Da Prato S. & Di Stefano A. The St. Peter's Pool section (Malta Island): progress towards the Langhian GSSP.

S3 Geological causes and consequences of Life evolution on Earth: the
paleontological record of igneous/tectonic events

Conveners and Chairpersons L. Angiolini (Univ. Milano), S. Cirilli (Univ. Perugia)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 201

3-2 08.30-08.45 Spina A.*, Cirilli S., Rettori R., Aria-Nasab M.R., Hamdi B. & Kani A. The response of the plant kingdom to the Late Ordovician climatic changing and related mass extinction; an example from the Zagros Basin (Southern Iran).

3-3 08.45-09.00 Garbelli C.* & Angiolini L. Can we use brachiopod shell fabric as tracer for the end Permian environmental changes caused by the Siberian Traps?

3-9 09.00-09.15 Bernardi M., Petti F.M.*, Kustatscher E. & Avanzini M. The Permian-Triassic extinction and biotic recovery in the terrestrial ecosytems of the Southern Alps: ichnological and paleobotanical evidence.

3-4 09.15-09.30 Dal Corso J.*, Gianolla P., Newton R.J., Franceschi M., Caggiati M., Roghi G., Raucsik B., Budai T., Haas J. & Preto N. Carbon isotope perturbation and intensification of Pangea mega-monsoon in the Carnian (early Late Triassic).

3-5 09.30-09.45 Franceschi M.*, Dal Corso J., Posenato R., Roghi G., Masetti D. & Jenkyns H.C. New Early Pliensbachian high-resolution C-isotope record from the Trento Platform (Early Jurassic) and insights on the diffusion of the Lithiotis Fauna.

3-6 09.45-10.00 Faucher G.* & Erba E. Living in a crazy ocean: calcareous nannoplankton response to Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 and comparison with living coccolithophores algae.

3-7 10.00-10.15 Cornacchia I.*, Brandano M., Lustrino M. & Sprovieri M. Global and regional factors responsible for the drowning of the Central Apennine Chattian carbonate platforms.

3-12 10.15-10.30 Ghinassi M.*, Carnevale G., Delfino M., Oms O., Papini M., Pavia M., Rook, L. & Scarciglia F. Tempo and mode of Pleistocene paleoenvironmental dynamics in the Eritrean Rift: insights from the Homo-bearing Aalat succession (Dandiero Basin, East Africa).

3-8 10.30-11.00 Rook L.* Latest Miocene palaeogeography of northern Tyrrhenian area: evidences from terrestrial vertebrate faunas.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

3-10 Pannello 11 Casellato C.E.* & Erba E. Calcareous nannofossil absolute abundances across the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE): implications for paleoceanographic changes.

3-11 Pannello 12 Dal Corso J.*, Marzoli A., Tateo F., Jenkyns H.C., Cirilli S. & Youbi N. The role of CAMP volcanism in the end Triassic carbon isotope perturbation and mass extinction.

3-13 Pannello 14 Panfili G., Buratti N., Cirilli S.* & Frixa A. Palynological associations across the T-J boundary and their changes with the climate variations and the CAMP onset: a case study from subsurface of SE Sicily (Italy).

S4. Geoscience frontiers: the role of Polar Regions in Global change

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Villa (Univ.Parma), M. Frezzotti (ENEA, Roma), M. Rebesco (OGS, Trieste), F. Talarico (Univ. Siena)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 113

4-1 15.30-15.45 Ogata K.*, Anell I., Braathen A., Osmundsen P.T., Smyrak-Sikora A., Husteli B., Olaussen S. & Maher H. Syndepositional faulting in the Late Triassic succession of Kvalpynten, Edgeøya, East Svalbard.

4-2 15.45-16.00 De Santis L.*, Caburlotto A., Donda F., Lucchi R. G., Presti M., Accettella D., Geletti R., Wardell N., Colizza E., Candoni O., Tolotti R., Macrì P. & Giorgetti G. Antarctic Bottom Water flow pathway inferred from geomorphology and seismic stratigraphy of the George V Land margin.

4-3 16.00-16.15 Frezzotti M.* , Urbini S. & Zirizzotti A. Dome C: a potential site where to find a 1.5 million year "oldest ice" record of climate and greenhouse gases from Antarctica.

4-4 16.15-16.30 Bergami C.*, Capotondi L., Langone L., Sangiorgi F., Giglio F. & Ravaioli M. A multiproxy approach to reconstruct late Quaternary climate and environments in the Ross Sea (Antartica).

4-5 16.30-16.45 Lucchi R.G.*, Colmenero-Hidalgo E., Sierro F.J., Sagnotti L., Barcena M.A., Melis R., Morigi C., Villa G., Urgeles R., Camerlenghi A. & Rebesco M. Extreme depositional events on the NW-Barents Sea continental margin.

4-6 16.45-17.00 Moroni B.*, Cappelletti D., Ferrero L. & Bolzacchini E. Sources and properties of aerosol particles upon Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard Islands): results of integrated vertical profile measurements and electron microscopy analyses.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

4-7 Pannello 1 Cicconi A.*, Beltrami M.L., Cattadori M., Ciceri P., Macario M. & Miserere L. Research and School for the Polar Sciences: a teacher training experience told by participants.

4-8 Pannello 2 Fioretti A.M., Bergomi M., Caironi V.*, Korsch R.J., Tunesi A. & Visonà D. U-Pb SHRIMP zircon dating of magmatic rocks dredged from the South Tasman Rise (Australia).

4-9 Pannello 3 Lucchi R.G.* Significance of extreme glacimarine sedimentation on the NW Barents Sea continental margin.

4-10 Pannello 4 Mezgec K.*, Colizza E., Melis R. & Lucchi R.G. Post-LGM palaeoclimatic changes derived from diatom census counts in the Western Ross Sea area (East Antarctica).

4-11 Pannello 5 Olivetti V.*, Rossetti F., Balestrieri M.L., Cornamusini G. & Talarico F. Tectonic and topographic evolution of an oblique rifting shoulder: the South Ross Sea region, Antarctica.

4-12 Pannello 6 Pertusati P.C., Albani R., Carosi R., Montomoli C.*, Ribecai C., Santacroce R. & Zanchetta G. Evolution of the Transantarctic basin from Trias to Jurassic: relations between magmatism, bio-events and paleoclimate.

4-13 Pannello 7 Tolotti R.*, Bonci C., Crosta X., Caburlotto A., Colizza E., Corradi N., De Santis L., Harwood D., Lucchi R.G., Lodolo E. & Salvi G. Polar marine diatoms: key markers for Cenozoic environmental shifts. Sedimentary and paleo-environmental reports from Antarctic continental margin (Ross Sea, Wilkes Land and Kerguelen Plateau).

4-14 Pannello 8 Turetta C.*, Zangrando R., Barbaro E., Gambaro A., Gabrieli J. & Barbante C. Water-soluble trace and rare earth elements in Artic aerosol as tracer of different sources.

4-15 Pannello 9 Zangrando R.*, Barbaro E., Vecchiato M., Kehrwald N., Gambaro A., Barbante C. Presence and size distribution of water-soluble organic compounds in the Antarctic aerosol.

S5 Climate change and the Earth System: understanding the past, analyzing the present and predicting future scenarios

Conveners and Chairpersons S. Galeotti (Univ. Urbino), A. Provenzale (CNR-ISAC Torino), C. Smiraglia (Univ. Milano)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [16.30-18.00] - Aula Magna

5-1 16.30-17.00 [KEYNOTE] Giorgi F.* Status of the Phase I CORDEX activities and perspectives for the development of Phase II.

5-2 17.00-17.15 Bottini C.*, Erba E. & Tiraboschi D. The role of pCO2 on climate and biogenic calcite production during the Aptian.

5-3 17.15-17.30 Groppo C.*, Rolfo F., Mosca P., Ferrando S., Costa E., De Stefanis E., Laiolo M. & Kaphle K.P. Past-to-present metamorphic CO2-degassing in the Himalayan orogen and its influence on the long-term global climate changes.

5-4 17.30-17.45 Catalano S., Pavano F., Romagnoli G., Sturiale G. & Tortorici G.* Interaction between Late-Quaternary climate changes and volcano activity on the stratigraphy of the eastern flank of Mount Etna (Eastern Sicily).

5-5 17.45-18.00 Crippa G.*, Angiolini L., Felletti F., Frigerio C., Leng M.J., Raineri G. & Stephenson M.H. Increasing seasonality during the Early Pleistocene in the Mediterranean Sea.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.45-11.00] - Aula Magna

5-7 08.45-09.00 Cremaschi M.*, Zerboni A., Zanchetta G., Regattieri E., Isola I., Crassard R. & Charpentier V. Climatic changes and human adaptation in southern Arabia. The case study of the Gebel Qara rock shelters (Sultanate of Oman).

5-8 09.00-09.15 Bonomo S.*, Cascella A., Alberico I., Ferraro L., Lirer F., Vallefuoco M., Anzalone E. & Marsella E. Reworked coccoliths: proxy to reconstruct Volturno hydrographic basin runoff variation.

5-9 09.15-09.30 Lirer F.*, Margaritelli G., Vallefuoco M., Agnini C., Anzalone E., Bellucci L., Bonomo S., Capotondi L., Cascella A., Di Rita F., Ferraro, L., Insinga D.D., Magri D., Marsella E., Pappone G., Petrosino P., Rettori R., Sorgato S. Paleoclimatic changes occurred during the last two millennia in the central and south Tyrrhenian Sea: a contribution of NEXTDATA project.

5-10 09.30-09.45 Poto L.*, Gabrieli J., Segnana M. & Barbante C. Two thousand years of atmospheric metal depositions recorded by the ombrotrophic peat bog of Danta di Cadore (North-Eastern Italian Alps).

5-11 09.45-10.00 Leonelli G.*, Coppola A., Baroni C., Salvatore M.C., Pelfini M. An innovative approach to high-resolution summer temperature reconstructions for the last centuries using large tree-ring datasets from the Central Alps.

5-12 10.00-10.15 Lanci L.* & Hirt A.M. A record of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation in the magnetic properties of Alpine lakes.

5-13 10.15-10.30 Fratianni C.*, Simoncelli S. & Pinardi N. NextData sixty years ocean reanalysis for the Mediterranean Sea.

5-14 10.30-10.45 Diolaiuti G.*, Bocchiola D., Vuillermoz E., D'Agata C., Maragno D., Senese A., Azzoni R.S., Confortola G., Manzata E., Garavaglia R. & Marzorati A. Reconstructing the past, detecting the actual features and modelling the future evolution of glaciers. The main outcomes of the SHARE STELVIO Project (Stelvio National Park ) as a contribution to understand the Alpine cryosphere evolution.

5-15 10.45-11.00 Moretti M.*, Mattavelli M., De Amicis M. & Maggi V. GIS analysis to apply theoretical Minimal Model on glacier flow line and assess glacier response in climate change scenarios.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-17.00] - Aula Magna

5-16 14.30-14.45 Senese A.*, Vuillermoz E. & Maugeri M. A comparative analysis of different modelling approaches to evaluate high resolution glacier melt from meteo and energy data.

5-17 14.45-15.00 Azzoni R.S.*, Senese A., Zerboni A., Maugeri M., Smiraglia C. & Diolaiuti G. A novel integrated method to describe dust and fine supraglacial debris and their effects on ice albedo: the case study of Forni Glacier, Italian Alps.

5-18 15.00-15.15 Casarotto C.* Glaciers One-Time. The Society Protagonist of the Research.

5-19 15.15-15.30 Ferraris S.*, Previati M., Pognant D. & Canone D. Snowmelt mass and energy balance on a steep slope.

5-20 15.30-15.45 Zampieri M.*, Scoccimarro E. & S. Gualdi Spring snowfall and river discharge trend and low-frequency variability over Alps.

5-21 15.45-16.00 Calmanti S., Dell'Aquila A.*, Maimone F. & Pelino V. Evaluation of climate patterns in a regional climate model over Italy using long-term records from SYNOP weather stations and cluster analysis.

5-22 16.00-16.15 Palazzi E.*, Terzago S., Turco M., Pieri A., D'Onofrio D., von Hardenberg J. & Provenzale A. Generation and use of high resolution climatic data for hydrological and impact studies.

5-23 16.15-16.30 Camici S.*, Brocca L. & Moramarco T. Estimation of hydrological Uncertainty in the analysis of climate change for two mountain basins in Italy.

5-24 16.30-16.45 Turco M.*, Llasat M.C., von Hardenberg J. & Provenzale A. Impact of climate change on fires in a Mediterranean region.

5-25 16.45-17.00 Barbarino S.*, Cane D., Von Hardenberg J., Pelosini R. & Provenzale A. Application of CMIP5 global climate models to the fire danger indices evaluation across the Greater Alpine Region:skill assessment and future projections.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

5-26 Pannello 15 Agnini C.* & Costa A. Response of calcareous nannofossils to the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (IODP Site U1410, NW Atlantic).

5-27 Pannello 16 Alberico I., Ferraro L., Lirer F.*, Anzalone E., Vallefuoco M., Bonomo S., Cascella A., Petrosino P., Insinga D.D., Barra R. & Marsella E. Marine sediment cores: archive of the Mediterranean Basin. A tool for Holocene climatic and environmental studies.

5-28 Pannello 17 Allasia P., Ardizzone F., Cignetti M.*, Giordan D., Guzzetti F., Manconi A. & Manunta M. Ground deformation analysis exploiting surface and sub-surface displacement measurements.

5-29 Pannello 18 Azzoni R.S., D'Agata C., Maragno D., Diolaiuti G. & Smiraglia C.* A challenge for a better understanding of the high mountain environment: the new Italian Glacier Inventory.

5-30 Pannello 19 D'Onofrio R.*, Luciani V., Giusberti L., Fornaciari E. & Sprovieri M. Impact of early Eocene hyperthermals ETM2, H1 and I1 on planktic foraminiferal assemblages: the case study of the Tethyan Terche section (northeastern Italy).

5-31 Pannello 20 Delle Rose M. & Renzulli A.* Overcoming the paradigm of the destruction of Nasca culture due to a Mega-El Niño
event: a clue from the stratigraphic survey at Cahuachi (Peru).

5-32 Pannello 21 Lechler M., Jenkyns H.C., Owens J. D., Pogge von Strandmann P.A.E., Lyons T.W., Prosser G. & Parente M.* A multiproxy geochemical record of the early Aptian Selli event (OAE1a) from the platform carbonates of southern Italy.

5-33 Pannello 22 Lucchesi S.*, Chiarle M., Bertotto S., Fioraso G. & Nigrelli G. Recently deglaciated areas, permafrost and natural instability in the Orco and Lanzo valleys (NW Italy).

5-34 Pannello 23 Mariotti L.*, Bacer S. & Giorgi F. New regional climate simulations using RegCM4 over the CORDEX South Asia domain.

5-35 Pannello 24 Melis M.T.* , Locci F., Dessì F., Frigerio I., Strigaro D., De Amicis M. & Vuillermoz E. NextData Project: development of a web system for climate and paleoclimate data sharing.

5-36 Pannello 25 Parente M.*, Di Lucia M., Lechler M. & Frijia G. Orbitolinid-rich intervals and their relations with the OAE1a in the carbonate platforms of central and southern Italy.

5-37 Pannello 26 Poto L.*, Gabrieli J., Segnana M. & Barbante C. Holocene climate dynamics in the Eastern Italian Alps: a multi-proxy study from an ombrotrophic bog.

5-38 Pannello 27 Pucci V.*, Gaggero L. & D'Acqui R. Environmental analysis of a sensitive area (sea national park) by a geoindicator
network. An additional approach in environmental monitoring in Liguria.

5-39 Pannello 28 Segnana M.*, Gabrieli J., Poto L., Festi D., Oeggl K. & Barbante C. The last 2000 years in the Dolomites (Eastern Italian Alps): climate and environmental dynamics inferred from pollen and geochemical analyses.

5-40 Pannello 29 Strigaro D., Mattavelli M.*, Frigerio I. & De Amicis M. PaleoProxy Data Base (PPDB): A comprehensive geodatabase to archive and manage paleoproxies data.

5-41 Pannello 30 Terzago S.*, von Hardenberg J., Palazzi E. & Provenzale A. Present conditions and future projections of the Alpine snow cover.

5-42 Pannello 31 Vezzola L.C., Leonelli G.* & Pelfini M. Dendrochronological and dendroisotopic patterns from trees affected by glacier meltwater: the case study of Lago Verde ice-contact lake (Miage Glacier, Italy).

S6 Understanding carbonate sedimentary systems and diagenesis: new concepts and innovative approaches

Conveners and Chairpersons F. Jadoul (Univ. Milano), O. Borromeo (Eni S.p.A.), M. Parente (Univ. Napoli Federico II)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 201

6-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Preto N.* A history of Triassic carbonate mud, from microbially influenced precipitation to pelagic biomineralization.

6-2 16.00-16.15 Gattolin G.*, Gianolla P., Breda A., Franceschi M. & Preto N. Climate vs. sea level change on the generation of carbonate depositional sequences: the case of the Carnian (Late Triassic) of the Dolomites.

6-3 16.15-16.30 Berra F.*, Binda M. & Jadoul F. Effects of changing accommodation space on a flat-topped, high relief carbonate platform: controls on facies distribution and sedimentary processes during a sea-level fall (Ladinian-Carnian, Southern Alps, Italy).

6-4 16.30-16.45 Felici E.*, Frixa A., Maragliulo C. & Cirilli S. The Mila Member of Noto Formation: an integrated method to characterize a Triassic microbial reservoir rock (SE Sicily, Italy).

6-5 16.45-17.00 Della Porta G.* & Webb G.E. REE patterns from Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) siliceous sponge mounds (Djebel Bou Dahar, High Atlas, Morocco).

6-6 17.00-17.15 Guido A.*, Mastandrea A., Rosso A., Sanfilippo R., Tosti F., Riding R. & Russo F. Bioconstructions in cryptic cave environments: a consortium between bacteria and polychaeta.

6-7 17.15-17.30 Brandano M.*, Cuffaro M., Gaglianone G., Mateu-Vicens G. & Petricca P. Quantifying the contribute of seagrass carbonate factory from Paleocene to Present.

6-8 17.30-17.45 Coletti G.* & Basso D. Paleontological applications of resedimented skeletal materials.

6-9 17.45-18.00 Tomassetti L.*, Brandano M. & Petracchini L. The Lithothamnion Limestone of Bolognano Formation (Majella, Central Apennines): not only red algae.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

6-10 Pannello 10 Tessarollo A.*, Berra F. & Felletti F. Sedimentary and early diagenetic carbonates from an Early Permian siliciclasticdominated continental basin (Orobic Basin, Southern Alps, Italy): oncoidal beds and groundwater calcretes.

6-11 Pannello 11 Tintori A.*, Berra F., Jiang D.Y., Lombardo C. & Meriggi G. Nodules formation in Early Triassic fish-bearing beds from south-eastern China.

6-12 Pannello 12 Vola G.* & Jadoul F. Stratigraphic and petrographic analysis of the Arabescato Orobico dimension stone from the Brembana Valley (Calcare Rosso, Bergamasc Alps).

6-13 Pannello 13 Gilardoni S.E.*, Erba E., Casellato C.E., Balini M. & Muttoni G. Lithogenic importance of calcareous nannofossils in the Late Triassic the case of the Pizzo Mondello section (Monti Sicani, Sicily).

6-14 Pannello 14 Bertok C., Borghi A., d'Atri A.*, Martire L., Massaro G. & Piana F. The Persichini "marbles" of the Ligurian Briançonnais: a historical stone material with a renewed scientific interest.

6-15 Pannello 15 Brandano M.*, Corda L., Tomassetti L.1 & Testa D. High-frequency carbonate cycles and diagenetic features of Lower Jurassic peritidal carbonates in the Calcare Massiccio Formation (Cornicolani Mountains, central Apennines).

6-16 Pannello 16 Jadoul F.*, Della Porta G. & Lanfranchi A. Large scale detachments along low-angle slope depositional systems: the Tithonian disconformity of Eastern Sardinia ramp carbonates (Jurassic Southern European passive margin).

6-17 Pannello 17 Grillenzoni C.*, Conti S., Fioroni C., Fontana D. & Salocchi A. The evolution of the Miocene platform-basin system in the northern Apennines (Italy): what can we learn from seep-carbonates.

6-18 Pannello 18 Mazzucchi A.*, Bosellini F.R., Tomassetti L.1 & Brandano M. Coral bioconstruction variability in a small basin: the Burdigalian Bonifacio basin (South Corsica).

6-19 Pannello 19 Meloni D.*, Moretti M., Tropeano M., Gallicchio S., Sabato L. & Spalluto L. Isolated shallow-marine base-of-slope carbonate aprons in the Salento peninsula (Plio-Pleistocene, Apulia, Southern Italy).

6-20 Pannello 20 Croci A.*, Della Porta G. & Capezzuoli E. Facies analyses and depositional architecture of mixed siliciclastic-carbonate
succession in a fault-controlled extensional basin (Miocene, Southern Tuscany, Central Italy).

S7 Evaporite basins: facies, diagenesis and sequences

Conveners and Chairpersons A.Caruso (Univ. Palermo), A. Di Stefano (Univ. Catania)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [09.30-11.00] - Aula 113

7-1 09.30-10.00 [KEYNOTE] Aloisi G.*, Lugli S., McGenity T., Orcutt B., Takai K., Treude T. & Camerlenghi A. Deep biosphere secrets of the Mediterranean Salt Giant.

7-2 10.00-10.15 Capuano N.* Depositional processes of Messinian evaporite-basins in the Adriatic foredeep (Northern Marche).

7-3 10.15-10.30 Amadori C.*, Cipollari P., Cosentino D., Florindo F., Caruso A. & Lo Mastro S. High-resolution stratigraphy of the pre-evaporitic/evaporitic transition in the late Messinian Adriatic foreland domain.

7-4 10.30-10.45 Butler R.W.H., Maniscalco R.*, Sturiale G. & Grasso M.† Messinian evaporites in Sicily and nearby Ionian Sea: Linking basin tectonics, evaporite facies variations and their impact on subsequent deformation.

7-5 10.45-11.00 Caruso A.*, Pierre C., Blanc-Valleron M.M. & Rouchy J.M. Carbonate deposition and diagenesis in evaporitic environments: the evaporative and sulphur-bearing limestones during the settlement of the Messinian Salinity Crisis in Sicily and Calabria (Southern Italy).


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

7-6 Pannello 32 Carbone S., Scribano V.* & Manuella F.C. Formation and accumulation of Messinian evaporites in the Caltanissetta Basin (Sicily) by "supercritical out-salting": reasons for a Tethys serpentinite connection.

7-7 Pannello 33 Da Prato S.*, Foresi L. M., Laurenzi M. A., D'Orazio M., Zanchetta G.1-, Aldinucci M., Martini I. & Sandrelli F. Two Volcanic tephra layers within the upper Messinian succession of Tuscany (inner northern Appennine – Italy): 40Ar-39Ar dating and implications on evaporitic and postevaporitic stratigraphy.

S8 Stratigraphic architecture and sedimentary basin evolution: controlling factors and implications for geo-resources exploration and exploitation

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Davoli (Eni , Milano), A. Di Giulio (Univ. Pavia), M. Tropeano (Univ. Bari)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 102

8-1 08.30-09.00 [KEYNOTE] Ghielmi M.*, Minervini M., Nini C., Rogledi S., Rossi M., Sules O. & Vignolo A. Po Plain–Northern Adriatic Sea Basin (Italy): basin-scale geological model of the Late Miocene–Middle Pleistocene succession.

8-2 09.00-09.15 Calabrò R., Costantini A.*, Feltre L., Federici F., Mazzarelli M. & Zambelloni G. The new frontier of the exploration activity in the Western Nile Delta: the example of oil discovery.

8-3 09.15-09.30 Casero P., Colucci F.*, Moia F.2 & Rossato A. Structural setting of Marne a Fucoidi formation in Adriatic Offshore (Zona B).

8-4 09.30-09.45 D'Ambrogi C.* & the Italian GeoMol Team Cagnoni A., Ferri F., Maesano F.E., Molinari F.C., Monesi E., Piccin A., Scardia G., Torri G. Paleogene to Quaternary evolution of central Po basin: coupling sedimentation and tectonic control.

8-5 09.45-10.00 Longhitano S.* Reservoir quality assessment in tide-dominated strait-fill successions: a case study from the modern and ancient Messina Strait.

8-6 10.00-10.15 Moscariello A.* Fluvio-deltaic coal-bearing reservoirs: new insights from outcrop and borehole data from Eastern Kentucky (US).

8-7 10.15-10.30 Ogata K.*, Senger K., Braathen A., Olaussen S. & Tveranger J. Baseline characterization and modeling of a fractured reservoir for potential CO2 storage: the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab case study.

8-8 10.30-10.45 Di Giulio A.*, Forni V., Mancin N., Poggi M. & Toscani G. Climate control on the Pliocene-Pleistocene sedimentary flux in the Venice region.

8-9 10.45-11.00 Minola M.*, Perotti C. & Breciani I. Geological evolution of the Adriatic Foreland between the Apennines and Dinarides.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-16.45] - Aula 102

8-10 14.30-14.45 Fabbi S.*, Santantonio M. & Aldega L. The northern Longobucco basin-margin architecture and evolution. Preliminary results.

8-11 14.45-15.00 Interbartolo F.* & Sulli A. Tectonics vs. sedimentation during the Sicilian orogenesis. The case history of upper Miocene terrigenuous basins in the central-eastern Sicily.

8-12 15.00-15.15 Radeff G., Cosentino D.*, Cipollari P., Schildgen T. F., Strecker M. R., Darbaþ G., Gürbüz K. Stratigraphic architecture of the Upper Miocene deposits of the Adana Basin (southern Turkey).

8-13 15.15-15.30 Gretter N.*, Ronchi A., López-Gómez J., Arche A., De la Horra R., Barrenechea J. & Lago M. Sedimentary evolution of fluvial systems from the Upper Carboniferous - Early Triassic of the Catalan Pyrenees: facies analysis as a tool for interregional correlations.

8-14 15.30-15.45 Teofilo G.*, Festa V., Tropeano M., Sabato L. & Spalluto L. Geometries and modes of emplacement of the Tremiti diapir (Apulia offshore, southeastern Italy).

8-15 15.45-16.00 Tinterri R.*, Tagliaferri A. & Muzzi Magalhaes P. Synsedimentary structural control on basinal turbidites due to the segmentation of the foredeep (Marnoso-arenacea Formation, Miocene, Northern Apennines, Italy).

8-16 16.00-16.15 Fonnesu M.*, Felletti F., Haughton P.D.W., Patacci M. & McCaffrey W.D. Facies heterogeneity in hybrid event beds and its applied significance: insight from the Cretaceous Palaeocene Gottero Sandstone (NW Apennines, Italy).

8-17 16.15-16.30 Costamagna L.G.* Deciphering depositional mechanisms and evolution of depositional bodies through architectural and textural analysis: the case of the Ussana Group (Late Oligocene - Early Miocene, Sardinia).

8-18 16.30-16.45 Moretti M.*, Meloni D., Tropeano M., Gallicchio S., Sabato L. & Spalluto L. Slope instabilities on a steep carbonate apron system: the Plio-Pleistocene Calcarenite di Gravina Formation along the southern Salento peninsula (Southern Italy).


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

8-19 Pannello 7 Aiello G.*, Insinga D.D., Iorio M.1, Marsella E. & Senatore M.R. A volcanic stratigraphic marker in the continental shelf offshore the Volturno river (Northern Campania, Southern Italy): inferences from high resolution seismic stratigraphy and tephrostratigraphy.

8-20 Pannello 8 Calabrese L.*, Severi P., Ferrari V. & Bonzi L. The deep coring of Cotignola (RA): new stratigraphic data of the Middle Upper Pleistocene succession of the south-eastern Po Valley.

8-21 Pannello 9 Gambacorta G.*, Bersezio R. & Erba E. Sedimentation in the Tethyan pelagic realm during the Cenomanian: monotonous settling or active redistribution?

8-22 Pannello 10 Interbartolo F.* & Sulli A. Upper Miocene siliciclastic depositional systems in the central-eastern Sicily basins.

8-23 Pannello 11 Lisco S., Fornelli A., Gallicchio S.* & Moretti M. Depositional features of the Tufiti di Tusa Formation near the Nocara-Colobraro Ridge (Southern Apennines, Basilicata).

8-24 Pannello 12 Micheletti F.*, Fornelli A., Langone A., Perrone V. & La Pietra I. Provenance of Numidian sandstones of Southern Apennines: preliminary U-Pb spot dating on detrital zircons.

8-25 Pannello 13 Moscariello A.* & Benvenuti A. Genesis and infill process of subglacial tunnel valleys: learnings from Quaternary case studies.

8-26 Pannello 14 Ronchi A.*, Di Giulio A., Sanfilippo A., Carrapa B., Balgord E., Ramos V.A. Tectonic evolution of the Cretaceous back-arc to foreland Neuquén Basin (Argentina) through a detrital multi-proxy provenance study.

8-27 Pannello 15 Toscani G., Marchesini A., Di Giulio A.*, Fantoni R., Mancin N.1 & Zanferrari A. The Venetian-Friulian Basin: anatomy of a shared foreland basin.

8-28 Pannello 16 Zecchin M.* & Catuneanu O. The application of high-resolution sequence stratigraphy of clastic shelves to reservoir geology.

S9. Coastal environments: stratigraphy, resources and human impact

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Amorosi (Univ. Bologna), S. Andreucci (Univ. Cagliari), R. Pagliarulo (CNR-IRPI Bari)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 109

9-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Antonioli F.*, Lo Presti V., Anzidei M., Deiana G., Ferranti L., Furlani S., Mastronuzzi G., Orrù P., Pagliarulo R., Rovere A., Scicchitano G., Sansò P., Spampinato C.R., Sannino G., Vacchi M., Caruso A. & De Sabata E. Tidal notches in Mediterranean sea.

9-2 16.00-16.15 Sciuto F., Rosso A. & Sanfilippo R.* Quaternary marine-to-freshwater ostracods and other invertebrates from the SE Sicily.

9-3 16.15-16.30 Sechi D.*, Andreucci S. & Pascucci V. Quaternary coastal deposits of NW Sardinia (Italy): the anomalous position of MIS 7.

9-4 16.30-16.45 Bracone V.*, Amorosi A., Campo B., D'Amico C., Rossi V. & Rosskopf C.M. A late Quaternary paleovalley system from the western Adriatic coast: insight from the Biferno coastal plain (Molise, Italy).

9-5 16.45-17.00 Breda A.*, Amorosi A., Rossi V. & Fusco F. Allogenic vs autogenic control of post-LGM infill architecture in the Ombrone paleovalley (Southern Tuscany, Italy).

9-6 17.00-17.15 Ruberti D.*, Vigliotti M., Di Natale M. & Ivaldi R. Recent evolution of a delta plain and a coastal zone: the Volturno delta system (southern Italy).

9-7 17.15-17.30 Rizzetto F.* Geomorphological evolution of the Venice littoral during the Holocene: impact of natural and human induced processes.

9-8 17.30-17.45 Andriani G.F., Lollino P. & Pagliarulo R.* Rock cliff instability mechanisms and erosional processes along the Adriatic Salento coast (Southern Italy).

9-9 17.45-18.00 Lisco S., Moretti M.*, Moretti V., Cardone F. & Corriero G. The Sabellaria spinulosa colonies in the Gargano coastal area: a temporary storage of beach sand in temperate reef constructions.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

9-10 Pannello 34 Calabrese L.*, Perini L., Bonzi L., Correggiari A., Ferrari V., Luciani P., Remia A. & Severi P. Approaching coastal risk in Emilia-Romagna by using the geological model of the Holocene succession.

9-11 Pannello 35 Gaglianone G.*, Frezza V., Mateu-Vicens G. & Brandano M. Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows facies from western Mediterranean Sea.

9-12 Pannello 36 Roca M.*, Budillon F. & Pappone G. The state of activity of the canyons in the Napoli Bay (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea - Italy), inferred by the analisys of morphometric parametres.

S10. Geomaterials and their likes: from Nature to technology and manufacturing

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Cruciani (Univ. Ferrara), L. Gaggero (Univ. Genova), P. Cappelletti (Univ. Napoli)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 208

10-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Dondi M.* Waste recycling: opportunities and challenges for earth sciences.

10-2 16.00-16.15 Cappelletti P.*, de Gennaro R., D'Amore M., Graziano S.F., Langella A., Zanelli C. & Dondi M. LightWeight Aggregates from industrial and c&D waste recycling: new perspectives for environment safeguard and energy saving.

10-3 16.15-16.30 Cerri G.* & Brundu A. Nucleation of CAS by thermal treatment of Cs-clinoptilolite.

10-4 16.30-16.45 Belviso C.*, Agostinelli E., Belviso S., Cavalcante F., Pascucci S., Peddis D., Varvaro G. & Fiore S. Synthetic magnetic zeolites from waste materials: fly ash and red mud.

10-5 16.45-17.00 Ferretti M., Gaggero L.*, Torrielli G. & Vicini S. Experimental method for the deep cleaning of soluble salts from mortars and lithic materials.

10-6 17.00-17.15 Hwang H., Seoung D., Gatta G.D.* , Blom D.A., Vogt T. & Lee Y. Topotactic and reconstructive changes at high pressure and temperatures from Csnatrolite to Cs-hexacelsian: potential nuclear waste disposal materials.

10-7 17.15-17.30 Martucci A.*, Pasti L., Braschi I. & Bagatin R. Fuel-based pollutants removal from water: structural evidences of adsorption into high silica zeolites.

10-8 17.30-17.45 Bernini F.*, Malferrari D., Pignataro M., Castellini E. & Brigatti M.F. Reactivity of fillosilicates kaolinite and montmorillonite towards μ-oxo complex of Fe(III) with phenantroline.

10-9 17.45-18.00 De Giudici G.*, Medas D., Podda F., Sanna R., Scorciapino M., Floris C. & Casu M. Zn-biominerals: a perspective for environmental technologies to treat mine waters.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 208

10-10 08.30-08.45 Ferretti M.*, Gaggero L., Caratto V., Belfortini C. & Musi L. Breakdown of natural chrysotile and asbestos-containing waste by Self-propagating High temperature Synthesis (SHS).

10-11 08.45-09.00 Armienti P.* & Montagnini D. Non-destructive methods for stone materials characterization.

10-12 09.00-09.15 Coletti C.*, Maritan L., Mazzoli C. & Cultrone G. Characterization of the pore system of commercial bricks: a new perspective combining 2D and 3D imaging and traditional methods.

10-13 09.15-09.30 Ferrari G., Secco M.*, Valentini L., Surico F., Brocchi A., Torelli L., Squinzi M., Dalconi M.C. & Artioli G. Characterization of sustainable conglomeratic materials made with aggregates recycled from returned concrete.

10-14 09.30-09.45 Galimberti M.*, Marinoni N., Dapiaggi M. & Marchi M. Influence of minor elements on the clinkerization process.

10-15 09.45-10.00 Biasin A., Zorzi F., Salviulo G.* & Strumendo M. Characterization of CaO-based Sorbents for CO2 capture: Sorbent Morphology and Reaction Kinetics.

10-16 10.00-10.15 Mantovani L.*, Tribaudino M., Dondi M. & Zanelli C. Synthesis and colouring performance of the CaCoSi2O6 pyroxene ceramic pigment.

10-17 10.15-10.30 Moro D.*, Ulian G. & Valdrè G. Selective adsorption of biomolecules on mineral surfaces for nanotech applications.

10-18 10.30-10.45 Novembre D.*, Pace C. & Gimeno D. Synthesis and characterization of wollastonite-2M by using a diatomite precursor.

10-19 10.45-11.00 Pagliari L.*, Dapiaggi M., Pavese A. & Francescon F. The effect of mineralizers on tridymite stabilization.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-16.30] - Aula 208

10-20 14.30-14.45 Palermo A., Viani A., Zanardi S., Gualtieri A.F.* & Cruciani G. Crystal structure of the mineral-derived titanosilicate compound BaTiSi2O7.

10-21 14.45-15.00 Pastero L.*, Aquilano D. & Cámara F. Synthesis of microcrystalline hydroxylapatite and influence of the growth kinetics on the crystal growth morphology.

10-22 15.00-15.15 Pollastri S.*, Viani A., Peréz Estébanez M. & Gualtieri A.F. Characterization of geo-inspired binding materials from heat treated cement asbestos.

10-23 15.15-15.30 Gasparini E.*, Tarantino S.C., Ghigna P., Riccardi M.P. & Zema M. Alunite-bearing kaolin from Piloni di Torniella mine: a suitable raw material for the synthesis of metakaolin-based geopolymers?

10-24 15.30-15.45 Sinisi R., Mameli P.*, Oggiano G. & Mongelli G. Lithiophorite and other Mn phases in a Messinian alluvial deposit of Sardinia: first considerations on REE and trace elements uptake capability.

10-25 15.45-16.00 Vetere F., Iezzi G.*, Behrens H., Holtz F., Ventura G., Misiti V., Cavallo A., Mollo S. & Poe B.T. Glass forming ability of sub-alkaline silicate melts.

10-26 16.00-16.30 Comunicazione Platinum Sponsor - SOGIN.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

10-27 Pannello 37 Aloise P.*, Belfiore C.M., Crisci G.M., Fichera G.V., La Russa M.F., Pezzino A. & Ruffolo S.A. The "Modica" stone: study of salt damage and assessment of efficacy of different consolidants.

10-28 Pannello 38 Ardit M.*, Dondi M. & Cruciani G. Structural relaxation along solid solutions: from the crystal field theory to the polyhedral bond valence approach.

10-29 Pannello 39 Belfiore C.M., Fiannacca P., Lo Nigro L., Lo Nigro S., Marino M.C., Pezzino A., Spartà S. & Viccaro M.* Radiometric characterization of building materials from Eastern Sicily.

10-30 Pannello 40 Bernini F.*, Malferrari D., Castellini E., Laurora A. & Brigatti M.F. Silicate glasses recycling: optimization of the procedure for tobermorite synthesis.

10-31 Pannello 41 Dino G.A., Borghi A.*, d'Atri A. & Martire L. Use and explotation of Piemonte dimension stone (NW Italy).

10-32 Pannello 42 Funari V.*, Bokhari S.N., Meisel T., Vigliotti L., Dinelli E. & Braga R. MSWI residues as unconventional source of critical raw materials: understanding possible easy ways to evaluate their occurrence and to obtain added-value products.

10-33 Pannello 43 Gaggero L.*, Scrivano S., Gisbert Aguilar J. & Yus Gonzales A. Innovative, quantitative, in situ characterization of weathered building materials.

10-34 Pannello 44 Gigli L., Arletti R., Vitillo J.G., Martra G., Calzaferri G., Devaux A., Belser P., Quartieri S. & Vezzalini G.* Host-guest and guest-guest interactions in a new perylene dye - Zeolite L composite.

10-35 Pannello 45 Leardini L., Quartieri S.*, Arletti R. & Vezzalini G. HP-induced confinement and polymerization of ethylene glycol in high-Si mordenite.

10-36 Pannello 46 Marinoni N.*, Diella V., Pavese A. & Francescon F. Effects of soda-lime-silica waste glass on mullite formation kinetics and microstructures development in vitreous ceramics.

10-37 Pannello 47 Moroni M.*, Ruggieri G., Lattanzi P. & De Giudici G. Polyphase ore deposition at the Montevecchio vein system, SW Sardinia.

10-38 Pannello 48 Punturo R.*, Bloise A., Critelli T., Catalano M., Fazio E. & Apollaro C. Occurrence of natural asbestos in the historical quarries where "greenstones" are exploited: the example of the Gimigliano-Mount Reventino Unit ophiolite terranes (Calabria, Southern Italy).

10-39 Pannello 49 Rodeghero E.*, Martucci A., Cruciani G. & Pasti L. Temperature-induced transformations in ZSM-5 after 1,2 dichloroethane adsorption by "in situ" time resolved synchrotron powder diffraction.

10-40 Pannello 50 Sappa G.* & Zuccato S. Thermal infrared investigation applied to the physical and mechanical characterization of some natural materials.

10-41 Pannello 51 Ulian G.*, Moro D. & Valdrè G. Theoretical and experimental characterization of pure and defective hydroxylapatite for biomedical applications.

10-42 Pannello 52 Vola G.*, Sarandrea L., Cavallo A., Della Porta G. & Jadoul F. Quality control of a recrystallized Proterozoic limestone used for the industrial production of quicklime in a Twin Shaft Regenerative (TSR) kiln: a South African case study.

10-43 Pannello 53 Zucchini A.*, Comodi P., Di Michele A., Gentili S. & Rizzo G. Improving cement sustainability by using nano-materials in clinker production.

S11. Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage: the contribution of Geosciences

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Barone (Univ. Catania), M. Benvenuti (Univ. Firenze), L. Maritan (Univ. Padova)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-17.45] - Aula 208

11-1 15.30-16.00 Comunicazione Platinum Sponsor - Thermo Fisher Scientific

11-2 16.00-16.30 [KEYNOTE] Borghi A.*, Angelici D., Borla M., Castelli D., d'Atri A., Gariani G., Lo Giudice A., Martire L., Re A. & Vaggelli G. The stones of the Egyptian Museum of Turin: geological, mineralogical and petrographic characterization.

11-3 16.30-16.45 Alfieri I., Barone G., Bergamonti L., Lorenzi A., Lottici P. P., Mazzoleni P., PredieriG. & Raneri S.* Nanostructured coating and innovative organic-inorganic consolidant: efficiency tests on a calcarenite from Sabucina (Sicily).

11-4 16.45-17.00 Costagliola P., Corti G., Benvenuti M.*, Bonini M., Landucci F., Pecchioni E. & Vaiani A. A crash test for Michelangelo's David: results from small-scale centrifuge modeling.

11-5 17.00-17.15 Toffolo L.*, Martin S., Nimis P. & Rottoli M. Ancient extractive metallurgy of copper in the Aosta Valley (Western Alps, Italy): new evidence from pre-Roman slags from the Misérègne site.

11-6 17.15-17.30 Scrivano S.* & Gaggero L. Implemented, in situ, water absorption test by contact sponge.

11-8 17.30-17.45 Forno M.G.*, Avondetto S., Groppo C. T. & Rolfo F. The Quaternary succession of the Bulè Valley (Po Valley, Piedmont) as possible supply for prehistoric jade axes.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 208

11-9 08.30-08.45 Cantù M., Gasparini E., Giacometti F., Rebay G., Riccardi M.P.* & Tarantino S.C. Earthen mortars in historical buildings of Cremona: a multianalytical approach.

11-10 08.45-09.00 Chiarelli N.*, Miriello D., Scala A., Bianchi G., Bruttini J., Fichera G., Giamello M. & Memmi Turbanti I. Characterization of natural and artificial stone materials from S. Niccolò archaeological complex in Montieri (Tuscany, Italy).

11-11 09.00-09.15 Columbu S., Sitzia F.* & Verdiani G. Characterization of the ancient mortars and 3D laser scanner survey to define the construction phases of the Heliocaminus Baths in the Hadrian's Villa (Tivoli, Italy).

11-12 09.15-09.30 Ramacciotti M.*, Cantini F., Donati F. & Lezzerini M. Mortars from the Roman villa of the Vetti (Tuscany): preliminary data.

11-13 09.30-09.45 Izzo F.*, Arizzi A., Cappelletti P., Cultrone G., D'Albora M.P., Germinario C., Grifa C., Guarino V., Mercurio M., Morra V., Sossio Graziano F. & Langella A. Mortars, plasters and mosaic floors from Ancient Stabiae: the art of building in Roman times (89 B.C.-79 A.D.).

11-14 09.45-10.00 Germinario C.*, Cappelletti P., De Simone G. F., Langella A., Martucci C., Mercurio M., Morra V., Nodari L. & Grifa C. Common Ware from the environs of Vesuvius (Pollena Trocchia, Naples): new insights into the production technology of late Roman pottery.

11-15 10.00-10.15 Rodríguez-Ruiz de Almodóvar C., Bermúdez Coronel-Prats R., Barone G., Cultrone G.*, Mazzoleni P. & Tanasi D. Petrochemical characterization of Bronze Age pottery from the settlement of Mt. San Paolillo (Catania, Italy).

11-16 10.15-10.30 Olmeda G.*, Angelini I., Molin G. & Leonardi G. Archaeometric analysis of vitreous material ornaments from the Villa di Villa Sanctuary (TV, Italy).

11-17 10.30-10.45 Mazzotta C.*, Lazzeri L., Benvenuti M., Borrini D., Corretti A., Dini A., D'Orazio M., Giannola A., Orlando A., Cambi F., Chiarantini L., Costagliola P., Pari L. & Saredo N. Traceability of iron from Elba Island: new data from experimental Archaeometallurgy.

11-18 10.45-11.00 Bersani D.*, Barone G., Lottici P.P., Mazzoleni P., Raneri S. & Longobardo U. Application of micro-Raman Spectroscopy for the characterization of rubies.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

11-19 Pannello 21 Antonelli F.* & Lazzarini L. An updated isotopic and petrographic reference database for white crystalline marbles used in antiquity.

11-20 Pannello 22 Cantù M.1, Conz E., Rebay G. & Riccardi M.P. A new methodological approach for study pietra ollare artifacts.

11-21 Pannello 23 Chiarantini L.*, Calossi V., Domnori M., Fratangelo V., Silvestri G.1, Bruttini J., Bianchi G. & Benvenuti M. Medieval Cu-Pb-(Zn)Ag smelting at Montieri and Cugnano, Colline Metallifere district (southern Tuscany).

11-22 Pannello 24 Coppola F.* & Lezzerini M. The stones used for building the apse of the Pisa's Cathedral (Italy).

11-23 Pannello 25 Cultraro M., Caruso F.*, Chillura Martino D.F. & Caponetti E. Non-destructive investigation on the pigments from the earliest painted ware in the Neolithic Age of Sicily.

11-24 Pannello 26 De Caro T.* Microchemical study of the corrosion products on archaeological bronze artefacts by means of micro-Raman spectroscopy.

11-25 Pannello 27 De Caro T.*, Riccucci C. & Faraldi F. Micro-chemical and -structural study of pyro-metallurgical materials found in different archaeological sites of Sardinia (Italy).

11-26 Pannello 28 De Luca R.*, Cau Ontiveros M.A., Pecci A., Crisci G.M., Le Pera E., Bloise A. & Miriello D. Mortars and plasters from the Forum of Pollentia (Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain): an archaeometric study.

11-27 Pannello 29 Di Bella M.*, Mazzoleni P., Tigano G., Russo S., Sabatino G. & Tripodo A. The provenance of volcanic millstones from archaeological sites of Messina.

11-28 Pannello 30 Di Bella M., Sabatino G., Quartieri S.*, Giacobbe C. & Spigo U. Archeometric characterization through geochemical data of Proto-Byzantine glassware from Roman Amphitheatre of Catania (Italy).

11-29 Pannello 31 Di Benedetto F.*, Suzuki A., Gao X., Vettori S., Costagliola P., Benvenuti M., Rimondi V., Camaiti M., Pecchioni E., Carretti E. & Moretti S. Hyperspectral monitoring of marble in buildings: a case study of the Santa Maria del Fiore (Firenze, Italy) facades.

11-30 Pannello 32 Di Vito M.A.*, Boenzi G., de Vita S. & Talamo P. Volcanic activity and human settlements in the past 10 ka in the city of Naples (Italy).

11-31 Pannello 33 Fratini F., Pecchioni E.*, Cantisani E., Antonelli F., Giamello M. & Lezzerini M. Portoro, the black and gold Italian "marble".

11-32 Pannello 34 Giannossa L.C., Giannelli G., Mastrorocco F., Muntoni I.M., Pallara M., Mangone A. & Laviano R.* Production and provenance of Apulian Red Figured Ceramic from Taranto.

11-33 Pannello 35 Ingoglia C.*, Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Raneri S. & Aquilia E. Archaeometric study of the more ancient painted wall found in Sicily (Apaforte - Licata).

11-34 Pannello 36 Mameli P.*, Masala L. & Rovina D. Majolica from Sassari: first evidence of a production center in Sardinia.

11-35 Pannello 37 Manca R., Pecchioni E., Benvenuti M.*, Cambi F., Chiarantini L., Corretti A., Costagliola P. & Pagliantini L. Archaeometric study of ceramic materials from archaeological excavations at the Roman iron-working site of San Giovanni (Portoferraio, Elba Island).

11-36 Pannello 38 Marinangeli L.*, Pompilio L., Baliva A., Bonanno G., Domeneghetti M.C., Fioretti A.M., Nestola F., Piluso E., Pondrelli M., Tateo F. & the XMAP team Development of an ultra-miniaturised XRD/XRF instrument for the in situ mineralogical and chemical analysis of planetary soils and rocks and implication for Archeometry.

11-37 Pannello 39 Orrù P.E.*, Solinas E., Columbu S., Deiana G., M.T. Melis, Piras G. & Serrao P. The monumental submerged punic harbor of Malfatano and associated Piscinnì quarries, Archaeometric and Geoarchaeological approach.

11-38 Pannello 40 Privitera A., Mastandrea A., Rao A., Guido A.* & Russo F. Micropaleontological contribution to the archaeometric study of ceramics from Caltagirone (Sicily).

11-39 Pannello 41 Rispoli C.*, Stanislao C., Esposito R., Cappelletti P., Morra V., Fedele L. & Gialanella C. Analysis of building stone materials used in Flavian Amphitheatre in Pozzuoli (Italy): types and provenance.

11-40 Pannello 42 Salemi A., Sanfilippo G., Aquilia E.*, Barone G., Mazzoleni P. Strategies for the building stone and damage mapping applied to the historical center of Catania.

11-41 Pannello 43 Scarpelli R.*, De Francesco A.M., Gaeta M. & Cottica D. LA-ICP-MS analyses on clinopyroxenes for the provenance determination of the Pompeii cooking ware.

11-42 Pannello 44 Silvestri A.*, Nestola F. & Peruzzo L. New insights on production technologies of Late-Antique glass mosaic tesserae with calcium phosphate as opacifier.

11-43 Pannello 45 Tempesta G.*, Porfido C. & Monno A. Characterization of pigments and microclimate monitoring for the preservation of a rare medieval parchment.

11-44 Pannello 46 Zerboni A.*, Vignola P., Risplendente A., Ducale E., Gatto M.C. & Mori L. Looking for the Garamantian emeralds. An archaeometric approach to reconstruct the trading of amazonite stone beads in the ancient Sahara.

S12. Looking inside the planet Earth: Experimental and Computational Methods in Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Conveners and Chairpersons D. Belmonte (Univ. Genova), F. Nestola (Univ. Padova), M. Prencipe (Univ. Torino)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 102

12-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Ottonello G.*, Attene M. & Vetuschi Zuccolini M. The Moving CMAS: Thermodynamics of Silicate Melts at High Pressure and Temperature.

12-2 16.00-16.15 Merlini M.* New iron-carbonates and iron-oxides at core/mantle boundary conditions.

12-3 16.15-16.30 Parisi F., Sciascia L.*, Merli M.  & Princivalle F. A Bader's topological approach for the investigation of the high pressure stability field of the Mg-perovskite phase.

12-4 16.30-16.45 Lotti P.*, Gatta G.D., Merlini M., Cámara F., Rotiroti N., Comboni D. & Alvaro M. Cancrinite-group minerals at non ambient conditions: a model of the thermo-elastic and structure behavior.

12-5 16.45-17.00 Erba A.*, Mahmoud A. & Dovesi R. Elastic Properties of Minerals from Ab initio Simulations: The case of Silicate Garnets.

12-6 17.00-17.15 Bindi L.* Ultrafast growth of quasicrystals in shock-produced melts and its implications for the early solar nebula.

12-7 17.15-17.30 Zucchini A.*, Prencipe M., Comodi P. & Nazzareni S. Dolomite behaviour at high-pressure and phase transition to Dolomite-II. a couple of theory and experiment.

12-8 17.30-17.45 De Cristofaro S.P., Perinelli C.*, Gaeta M., Palladino D.M. & Armienti P. Water effect on clinopyroxene compositions: insights from high pressure experiments on hawaiitic magmas.

12-9 17.45-18.00 Bruno M.* The energy and crystal morphology of diamond inclusions to explain their genesis.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-10.00] - Aula 102

12-10 08.30-09.00 Ardit M.*, Dondi M. & Cruciani G. Effect of Transition Metal Ions (TMI) on the compressibility of orthorhombic perovskites.

12-11 09.00-09.15 Curetti N.*, Cámara Artigas F., Benna P. & Ferraris C. High pressure behavior of natural fluorapatite and carbonate fluorapatite.

12-12 09.15-09.30 Stangarone C.*, Prencipe M., Mantovani L., Bersani D., Tribaudino M.1 & Lottici P.P. Understanding pyroxene vibrational properties: ab initio calculated and experimental Raman spectra of spodumene (LiAlSi2O6).

12-13 09.30-09.45 Stabile P., Giuli G.*, Cicconi M.R., Paris E., Behrens H., Knipping J.-L. & Webb S. Effect of alkali on the structure and viscosity of iron-bearing silicate glasse.

12-14 09.45-10.00 Milani S.*, Alvaro M. & Nestola F. Diamond-garnet geobarometry using isomekes: the role of garnet compressibility and thermal expansion.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

12-15 Pannello 47 Aliatis I.*, Lambruschi E., Mantovani L., Bersani D., Andò S., Gatta G. D., Gentile P., Salvioli-Mariani E., Prencipe M., Tribaudino M. & Lottici P.P. comparison between Ab Initio calculated and measured vibrational frequencies of the triclinic Albite.

12-16 Pannello 48 Cantucci B.*, Montegrossi G., Lucci F. & Quattrocchi F. Reconstruction of rocks petrophysical properties as input data for analitical and numerical modeling.

12-17 Pannello 49 Giuli G., Paris E.* & Romano C. Modeling of Ca, Si and Al structural environments in glasses of the CAS system.

12-18 Pannello 50 Merli M., Sciascia* L., Pavese A. & Diella V. Ab-initio investigation of the thermodynamic stability of the magnesio wüstite solid solution under Earth's lower mantle conditions.

12-19 Pannello 51 Scandolo L.*, Mazzucchelli M.L., Domeneghetti M.C., Alvaro M., Nestola F. & Pandolfo F. Thermal expansion behavior of orthopyroxenes: the role of the Fe-Mn substitution.

12-20 Pannello 52 Stangarone C.*, Lambruschi E., Aliatis I., Prencipe M., Bersani D., Mantovani L., Tribaudino M., Lottici P.P. & Redhammer G. Ab Initio calculated and experimental Raman spectra of Ca-Mg germanate (CaMgGe2O6): studying phase transitions of the Earth mantle.

S13. New Minerals: The role played by the Italian Community - A tribute to Carlo Maria Gramaccioli

Conveners and Chairpersons M.E. Ciriotti (AMI), F. Demartin (Univ. Milano), M. Pasero (Univ. Pisa)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [15.30-17.00] - Aula 113

13-1 15.30-15.45 [KEYNOTE] Campostrini I.* & Demartin F. A new natural ammonium decaborate from La Fossa crater, Vulcano Island, Italy.

13-2 15.45-16.00 Bosi F.* The Italian contribution to the tourmaline systematics.

13-3 16.00-16.15 Costa E.*, Benna P., Bittarello E., Cámara Artigas F., Dino G., Rossetti P., Rubbo M. & Vernetti A. "Mesitine" and its relationship with other carbonates from Traversella Mine.

13-4 16.15-16.30 Biagioni C.*, Moëlo Y. & Orlandi P. Apuan Alps: a reference ore district for the study of sulfosalt crystal-chemistry.

13-5 16.30-16.45 Russo M.*, Campostrini I. & Demartin F. Fumarolic minerals after the 1944 Vesuvius eruption.

13-6 16.45-17.00 Pinto D.*, Garavelli A., Mitolo D. & Bindi L. "La Fossa" crater at Vulcano, Aeolian Islands (Italy): A treasure trove of minerals important for material science.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

13-7 Pannello 17 Balić-Žunić T., Mitolo D., Garavelli A.*, Jakobsson S.P. & Leonardsen E. New fumarolic minerals from Mt. Hekla volcano, Iceland: FeF3(H2O)3.

13-8 Pannello 18 Biagioni C.*, Campostrini I., Demartin F., Orlandi P. & Pasero M. Mambertiite (IMA 2013-098), a new bismuth molybdenum oxide from Su Seinargiu, Sardinia.

13-9 Pannello 19 Bittarello E., Ciriotti M.E.* & Cámara F. Two As-bearing new mineral species from Valletta mine: grandaite and braccoite.

13-10 Pannello 20 Campostrini I.*, Demartin F. & Russo M. new ammonium arsenite chloride from the Solfatara di Pozzuoli, Napoli, Italy.

13-11 Pannello 21 Carbone C., Kolitsch U., Belmonte D., Cabella R., Lucchetti G. & Ciriotti M. A monoclinic K-Li-Cu-Mg silicate from the Cerchiara mine: a dimorph of lavinskyite?

13-12 Pannello 22 Gentili S.*, Biagioni C., Comodi P., Pasero M., McCammon C. & Bonadiman C. Chemical, Mössbauer and structural data on a potentially new mineral from Harrow Peaks (Antarctica) in the oxo-amphibole group (amphibole supergroup).

13-13 Pannello 23 Lepore G.O.*, Bindi L., Zanetti A., Ciriotti M.E., Medenbach O. & Bonazzi P. First occurrence of octahedral V5+ in micas: the case of the new mineral balestraite, KLi2VSi4O10O2.

13-14 Pannello 24 Ventruti G.*, Mugnaioli E., Capitani G.C., Scordari F., Pinto D., Lausi A. & Pario G. The structure of cyanotrichite: a combined analysis of Automated Electron Diffraction Tomography and Synchrotron Powder X-ray Diffraction.

S14. Human activities and natural environment: News from Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Conveners and Chairpersons P. Costagliola (Univ. Firenze), F. Frau (Univ. Cagliari)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [10.15-11.00] - Aula 113

14-1 10.15-10.30 Armiento G., Carnevale M., Inglessis M., Montereali M.R., Nardi E., Palleschi S., Rossi B., Rossi T., Sacco F., Silvestroni L. & Gianfagna A.* New data on composition, leaching behaviour and citotoxicity of urban PM2.5 from Rome city, in the year 2013.

14-2 10.30-10.45 Capella S.*, Ardizzone M., Vizio C., Ingravalle F., Ru G., Bozzetta E., Dondo A., Seghesio A., Mirabelli D., Vigliaturo R. & Belluso E. The wild rat as sentinel animal to detect potential risk for human environmental exposure to asbestos: seeking latent sources in Casale Monferrato (NW Italy).

14-3 10.45-11.00 Vigliaturo R.*, Harries D., Pollok K., Langenhorst T.F., Capella S. & Belluso E. Asbestos fate in ACM and lungs: a comparative characterization.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-15.15] - Aula 113

14-4 14.30-14.45 Dore E.*, Lefèvre G. & Frau F. Antimony removal from aqueous solution by Layered Double Hydroxides.

14-5 14.45-15.00 Medas D., Casu. M.A., Iadecola A., Giannoncelli A., Meneghini C., Lattanzi P. & De Giudici G.* Si, Al and Zn biomineralization processes in plant roots of Euphorbia pithyusa.

14-6 15.00-15.15 Pollastri S.*, Gualtieri A.F., D'Acapito F., Trapananti A. & Colantoni I. X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of the structural environment of iron in mineral fibers.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

14-7 Pannello 25 Ardau C.*, Pusceddu I. & Frau F. Antimony removal from aqueous solutions by the use of Zn-Al sulphate layered double hydroxide (LDH).

14-8 Pannello 26 Atzori R.*, Ardau C., Podda F. & Frau F. Removal of metals from mine-waste drainages (Iglesias, Italy) by Al-induced precipitation of LDH.

14-9 Pannello 27 Baratella D., Salviulo G.*, Magro M. & Vianello F. Chromium adsorption and desorption on naked Surface Active Maghemite Nanoparticles (SAMNs): possible environmental implications.

14-10 Pannello 28 Brigatti M.F.*, Laurora A. & Malferrari D. A time- and cost-saving method for the quantitative determination of inorganic soil conditioners: a case of study on zeolitite in clay soils.

14-11 Pannello 29 Concas S.*, Bacchetta G., Barbafieri M., Di Bonito M., Lattanzi P., Pinto V., Rosellini I. & Vacca A. Geosphere biosphere interactions in soil-plant systems, Iglesiente mining district, Sardinia.

14-12 Pannello 30 Consani S.*, Carbone C., Salviulo G., Dinelli E. & Lucchetti G. Colloidal precipitates related to AMD settings: a combined HT-XRD and bulk leaching test approach.

14-13 Pannello 31 Giordani M.*, Mattioli M. & Valentini L. Chrysotile within calcite veins from Northern Apennines.

14-14 Pannello 32 Malferrari D.*, Laurora A., Passaglia E., Faccini B., Di Giuseppe D., Coltorti M., Abbondanzi F. & Campisi T. Employment of zeolitites in open field experiments: characterization and monitoring of the cation exchange mechanisms in relation to the crop cycle progress.

14-15 Pannello 33 Mattioli M.*, Giordani M., Dogan M. & Dogan A.U. Morphological and compositional data of erionite from Lessini Mounts, NE Italy.

14-16 Pannello 34 Rimondi V.*, Benvenuti M., Benvenuti M.M., Buccianti A., Costagliola P., Di Benedetto F. & Lattanzi P. The quality of sediments in the Mt. Amiata Hg district (southern Tuscany).

14-17 Pannello 35 Solimano M.*, Marescotti P., Crispini L., Beccaris G., Scotti E., Fornasaro S., Orecchia M. & Lucchetti G. Background levels of potentially toxic elements in ultramafic soils from the Voltri Unit: a mineralogical and geochemical approach.

14-18 Pannello 36 Zalaffi M.S., Brigatti M.F, Elmi C. & Malferrari D.* Isomorphic substitution in mica: implications on the weathering process.

S15. Gemstones: from Nature to marketing

Conveners and Chairpersons E. Scandale (Univ. Bari), L. Prosperi (IGI – Milano)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 113

15-1 15.30-15.45 Adamo I.*, Bocchio R. & Diella V. Val Malenco, Central Alps, Italy: a source of gem materials.

15-2 15.45-16.00 Gagliardi V.* On the state of the art of synthesis processes of colored gems: An Overview.

15-3 16.00-16.15 Macrì M.* Collector gemstones: their evolution, their rarity.

15-4 16.15-16.30 Tempesta G.*, Agrosì G. & Scandale E. Application of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy on gem quality minerals: some cases of study.

15-5 16.30-16.45 Pezzotta F.* Gem production and gem-market in Madagascar in recent years.

15-6 16.45-17.00 D'Ippolito V.*, Andreozzi G.B. & Hålenius U. Colouring mechanisms in natural spinels.

15-7 17.00-17.15 Greggio L., Musa M.*, D'Amico F., Gori L., Passera E., Tagliapietra R., R. Navone, Croce A. & Rinaudo C. Natural and enhanced colours in natural and synthetic corundum. Is it always possible to detect them?

15-8 17.15-17.30 Bracco S., Brajkovic A.*, Fumagalli P., Fusi P. & Rolandi V.* Identification of the cromophores in Corallium rubrum gem quality corals by HPLC/UV and 1H NMR spectroscopy.

15-9 17.30-17.45 Barlocher F.* Mogok: Mysteries and Secrets of the Legendary Valley of Rubies.

15-10 17.45-18.00 Zullino A.* Reconfiguration of pre-existing defects in natural diamond lattice: spectroscopic evidence.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

15-11 Pannello 54 Adamo I., Diella V., Bocchio R.*, Salvini S. & Schmetzer K. Green andradite (demantoid variety) from Muslim Bagh, Zhob District, Balochistan, Pakistan: gemological and mineralogical characterization.

15-12 Pannello 55 Adamo I., Gatta G.D.*, Caucia F., Ntolia V. & Prosperi L. Berillium diffusion in treated corundum: analysis and identification.

15-13 Pannello 56 Adamo I.*, Diella V., Bocchio R., Marinoni N., Mainardi M., Fontana E. & Rinaudo C. "Noble" serpentine: a case study from Val Malenco, Central Alps, Italy.

15-14 Pannello 57 Gagliardi V.*, Adamo I., Caucia F. & Rotiroti N. Natural vs. synthetic quartz: review and new data.

15-15 Pannello 58 Lambruschi E.*, Gatta G.D. Adamo I., Bersani D., Salvioli-Mariani E., Lottici P.P. & Pezzotta F. Characterization of the new gemstone Pezzottaite Cs(Be2Li)Al2Si6O18.

15-16 Pannello 59 Precisvalle N.*, Martucci A., Rodeghero E., Bianchini G. & Braschi I. Structural and spectroscopic analysis of Baltic amber.

15-17 Pannello 60 Schiazza M.*, Nestola F., Nimis P., Angel R.J., Reali R. & Hutchison M. Ferropericlase included in diamond: lower or upper mantle origin?

15-18 Pannello 61 Tagliapietra R.*, Greggio L., Musa M., D'Amico F., Gori L., Passera E., R. Navone, Croce A. & Rinaudo C. Micro-Raman mapping: a powerful method to ivestigate gemological mysteries.

S16. Rock-forming minerals and their bearing to petrogenetic processes

Conveners and Chairpersons G. G. Andreozzi (Univ. Roma), P. Fumagalli (Univ. Milano), F. Scordari (Univ. Bari)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 201

16-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Brigatti M.F.*, Elmi C., Laurora A. & Malferrari D. Effect of crystal chemistry on cleavage process in micas: petrogenetic implications.

16-2 16.00-16.15 Ziberna L.*, Nimis P., Zanetti A., Marzoli A. & Sobolev N.V. Natural evidence of kimberlite-garnet reactions in the upper mantle.

16-3 16.15-16.30 Agrosì G.*, Nestola F., Tempesta G., Bruno M., Scandale E. & Harris J.W. X-ray topographic study of a diamond from Udachnaya: implications for the genetic nature of inclusions.

16-4 16.30-16.45 Ammannati E.*, Jacob D.E., Avanzinelli R., Foley S. & Conticelli S. Trace elements in olivine from Italy convergent margin and inferences on the mineralogy of the mantle wedge.

16-5 16.45-17.00 Andreozzi G.B.*, Bosi F., Halenius U. & Gori C. Core-to-rim chemical zoning and compositional evolution of tourmaline in the granitic pegmatite of the Cruzeiro mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

16-6 17.00-17.15 Gori C.*, Tribaudino M., Mantovani L., Delmonte D., Mezzadri F., Gilioli E. & Calestani G. Ca-Zn substitution in clinopyroxenes: anomalous solution behavior and implications for mantle petrology.

16-7 17.15-17.30 Lenaz D.* & Lughi V. A Raman spectroscopic study of Cr-bearing natural spinels with 0.03 < Cr < 1.68 apfu

16-8 17.30-17.45 Nazzareni S.*, Barbarossa V., Skogby H.  & Zanon V. Clinopyroxenes from Pico Volcano (Azores Island, Portugal): crystal chemistry and water content.

16-9 17.45-18.00 Podlesskii K.K.* Compositional variations of sapphirine in metamorphic rocks.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-10.00] - Aula 201

16-10 17.45-18.00 [KEYNOTE] Nimis P.* How deep (and hot) is a diamond? The current state of diamond thermobarometry.

16-11 17.45-18.00 Poli S.* Phase diagrams for CaCO3 and CaCO3+H2O and their bearing on the genesis of carbonatitic melts.

16-12 17.45-18.00 Princivalle F.*, De Min A., Marzoli A., Youbi N. & Lenaz D. Crystal-chemistry of Cr-diopsides included in spinel peridotite mantle xenoliths from Cameroon, Libya and Morocco (Africa): petrogenetic implications.

16-13 17.45-18.00 Belmonte D.*, Ottonello G. & Vetuschi Zuccolini M. Thermodynamics, stability and liquidus phase relations of sapphirine at high pressure and temperature: a computational study.

16-14 17.45-18.00 Stelluti I.*, Mura F. & Gianfagna A. A FESEM-FIB-EDS investigation on fibrous and acicular volcanic orthopyroxenes from Etnean products, Italy.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

16-15 Pannello 62 Agrosì G.*, Tempesta G., Brajkovic A. & Scandale E. X-ray diffraction topography of brown diamonds from Argyle and Udachnaya.

16-16 Pannello 63 Anzolini C.*, Nestola F., Periotto B., Andreozzi G.B., Lenaz D. & Princivalle F. Equation of state of hercynite spinel, FeAl2O4, and high-pressure systematics of Mg- Fe-Cr-Al spinels.

16-17 Pannello 64 Beddini G.* & Perugini D. Diffusive fractionation of chemical elements during planetary differentiation processes.

16-18 Pannello 65 Iezzi G.*, Mollo S., Shahini E., Cavallo A. & Scarlato P. The cooling kinetics of plagioclase revealed by electron microprobe mapping.

16-19 Pannello 66 Lacalamita M., Balassone G., Schingaro E.* , Mesto E., Scordari F., Mormone A., Piochi M. & Joachimski M. Fluorophlogopite and F-rich phases in limestone clasts from the Campanian Ignimbrite quarried at Fiano (southern Italy): mineralogical, geochemical and volcanological insights.

16-20 Pannello 67 Nestola F.*, Alvaro M., Nimis P., Angel R.J., Milani S., Bruno M., Prencipe M. & Harris J.W. Diamond-olivine host inclusion system: crystallography and depth of formation.

16-21 Pannello 68 Paoli G.*, Rocchi S., Jacobs J. & Ksienzyk A. Zircon beyond geochronology: inherited and antecrystic zircons as igneous petrogenesis tools.

16-22 Pannello 69 Schingaro E.*, Kullerud K., Lacalamita M., Mesto E. Scordari F., Zozulya D., Erambert M. & Ravna E.J.K. Structure, composition and origin of yangzhumingite and phlogopite from the Kvaløya lamproite (North Norway).

S17. The oceanic lithosphere: formation, evolution and fate

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Chiari (CNR-IGG Firenze), M. Marroni (Univ. Pisa), R. Tribuzio (Univ. Pavia)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 211

17-1 09.00-09.30 [KEYNOTE] Saccani E.* Discriminating between different types of ophiolitic basalts and their tectonic significance using a new method based on Th-Nb and Ce-Dy-Yb.

17-2 09.30-09.45 Marroni M.*, Sayit K., Göncüoglu M.C., Pandolfi L., Ellero A., Ottria G. & Frassi C. Tectonic setting and geochemical characteristics of the basic rocks from the Intra-Pontide Suture Zone in Northern Turkey.

17-3 09.45-10.00 Chiari M.*, Baumgartner P.O., Bernoulli D., Bortolotti V., Muttoni G., Principi G. & Treves B. Rare occurrences of Early Jurassic radiolarian cherts in the Dinaric-Hellenic Belt, an open problem.

17-4 10.00-10.15 Argnani A.* Modes of ophiolite emplacement in the Tethyan Belt: Implications for palaeogeography and geodynamic reconstructions.

17-5 10.15-10.30 Ildefonse B.*, Gillis K.M., Snow J.E., Klaus A. & the IODP Exp 345 Scientific Party IODP Expedition 345: Primitive Layered Gabbros From Fast-Spreading Lower Oceanic Crust.

17-6 11.30-11.45 Tribuzio R., Renna M.R.*, Dallai L. & Zanetti A. The magmatic-hydrothermal transition in the lower oceanic crust: clues from the Ligurian ophiolites, Italy.

17-7 11.45-12.00 Brunelli D.*, Verzani A., Spallanzani R., Seyler M.  & Cannat M. Astenospheric processes beneath the ultraslow Smoothseafloor region in the eastern South West Indian Ridge.

17-8 12.00-12.15 Fumagalli P.*, Borghini G., Rampone E. & Poli S. Experimentally-derived Ca-Na partitioning between plagioclase and clinopyroxene: a new geobarometer for mantle rocks.

17-9 12.15-12.30 Borghini G.*, Fumagalli P. & Rampone E. Subsolidus and partial melting experiments on a natural pyroxenite at 1-1.5 GPa.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-10.00] - Aula 211

17-10 08.30-08.45 Manuella F.C.*, Scribano V. & Carbone S. The Tethyan seawater retained in serpentinites of the Hyblean basement (southeastern Sicily): its role in the igneous activity, tectonic behaviour and oil settings.

17-11 08.45-09.00 Mazzeo F.C.*, D'Antonio M., Petrosino P. & Zanetti A. Petrographic and geochemical characteristics of the Mt. Pollino ophiolitic rocks (Basilicata, Southern Italy).

17-12 09.00-09.15 Secchiari A.*, Bosch D., Cluzel D., Macera P. & Montanini A. Ultra-depleted peridotites of New Caledonia: a reappraisal.

17-13 09.15-09.30 Montanini A.*, Tribuzio R., Zanetti A. & Zibra I. Refertilization of subcontinental mantle recorded by the lherzolite websteritehorneblendite association from St. Lucia (Corsica).

17-14 09.30-09.45 Tribuzio R.*, Garzetti F., Corfu F. & Tiepolo M. Relationships between embryonic and slow spreading oceanic crust in the Jurassic Ligurian-Piedmontese basin: constraints from U-Pb zircon geochronology.

17-15 09.45-10.00 Rebay G.*, Tiepolo M., Zanoni D., Langone A. & Spalla M.I. Dating HP metamorphism in Zermatt-Saas ophiolites from Valtournanche.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

17-16 Pannello 70 Borghini G.*, Rampone E., Zanetti A., Class C., Cipriani A., Hofmann A.W., Goldstein S.L. & Godard M. Chemical and isotopic heterogeneity in meter-scale pyroxenite-peridotite mantle sequences from Northern Apennine ophiolites (Italy).

17-17 Pannello 71 Bortolotti V., Chiari M.*, Göncüoglu M.C., Marcucci M., Principi G., Saccani E., Tekin U.K. & Tassinari R. Age and geochemistry of chert-basalt associations in the ophiolitic complexes of the Izmir-Ankara Mélange (East of Ankara, Turkey).

17-18 Pannello 72 Brunelli D.*, Verzani A., Spallanzani R., Seyler M. & Cannat M. Multistage asthenospheric melt/rock reaction in the ultraslow eastern SWIR mantle.

17-19 Pannello 73 D'Alessandro A.*, Mangano G. & D'Anna G. Crustal velocity model for the Ionian Sea inferred from new OBS/H data: evidences of Ionian upper mantle serpentinization?

17-20 Pannello 74 Rapa G., Groppo C. & Rolfo F.* Geologic and petrographic study of the Lower Shear Zone in the Monviso Ophiolitic Massif (western Alps): insights into the subduction dynamics.

17-21 Pannello 75 Renna M.R.*, Sanfilippo A., Tiepolo M., Tribuzio R. The embryonic oceanic crust from the Balagne ophiolite (Corsica).

17-22 Pannello 76 Saccani E.* & Allahyari K. Ghostlike boninitic magmatism in the Cretaceous southern Neo-Tethys. New evidence from the Zagros ophiolites (Iran).

17-23 Pannello 77 Sanfilippo A., Tribuzio R.* & Tiepolo M. Mantle-crust interactions in the oceanic lithosphere: constraints from minor and trace elements in olivine.

S18. The geological cycle of C and Earth degassing: what do we (really) know?

Conveners and Chairpersons L. Dallai (CNR-IGG, Pisa), F. Frondini (Univ. Perugia), S. Tumiati (Univ. Milano)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 109

18-1 08.30-09.00 [KEYNOTE] Manning C.E.* Subduction zones and the deep carbon cycle.

18-2 09.00-09.15 Malaspina N.*, Tumiati S., Fumagalli P. & Poli S. C-O-H fluids and redox processes at subduction zones.

18-3 09.15-09.30 Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Bonadiman C., Ferlito C. & Pelorosso B. From mantle to magma: a comparison between volatile content in mantle xenoliths, basic lavas and melt inclusions from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica.

18-4 09.30-09.45 Lustrino M.*, Prelevic D., Agostini M. & Gaeta M. Carbonate, not carbonatite, at Villamayor volcano (Calatrava Volcanic District, Central Spain).

18-5 09.45-10.00 Boschi C.*, Dallai L., Dini A., Rielli A. & Ruggieri G. CO2 release and carbonation of Tuscan serpentinites.

18-6 10.00-10.15 Chiodini G.*, Caliro S., Cardellini C. & Frondini F. Measuring carbon dioxide and heat fluxes at orogene scale: the case of central Apennines.

18-7 10.15-10.30 Sciarra A.*, Cantucci B., Galli G., Cinti D., Pizzino L. & Quattrocchi F. Soil gas geochemistry and C isotopic signature in Medolla (Modena) area.

18-8 10.30-10.45 Bortoluzzi G.*, Spagnoli F., Aliani S., Romeo T., Canese S., Esposito V., Grassi M., Masetti G., Dialti L., Cocchi L., Muccini F., Lacono V., Yakimov M., La Spada G., Ligi M., Giordano P., Franchi F., Ferrante V., Borgognoni L., Tudino T., Guideri M., Ivaldi R., Filippone M., Pratellesi M., Marziani F., Niccolini A., Barbieri E., Capaccioni B. & Andaloro F. New geological, geophysical and biological insights on the hydrothermal system of the Panarea - Basiluzzo Volcanic complex (Aeolian Islands, Tyrrhenian Sea).

18-9 10.45-11.00 Cardellini C.*, Chiodini G., Frigeri A., Frondini F., Bagnato E. & Aiuppa A. MAGA, a new database of gas emissions from natural systems: a collaborative web environment for collecting data.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

18-10 Pannello 37 Cardellini C.*, Chiodini G., Frondini F. & Caliro S. CO2 fluxes from Earth degassing in Italy.

18-11 Pannello 38 Groppo C.*, Rolfo F., Mosca P. & Castelli D. Metamorphic CO2 production in scapolite-bearing calc-silicate rocks from the central-eastern Himalaya.

18-12 Pannello 39 Poli S.* Hydrous carbonatitic liquids from epidote-dolomite eclogites: new perspectives on carbon transfer at subduction zones.

18-13 Pannello 40 Tiraboschi C.*, Tumiati S., Recchia S., Fumagalli P. & Poli S. Experimental determination of carbon-saturated COH fluids speciation at 1 GPa.

18-14 Pannello 41 Tumiati S., Martin S.*, Rossetti P. & Carbonin S. COH serpentinites and metasomatic rocks from Cogne (Aosta Valley, Western Italian Alps): Insights into seafloor fluid-rock interactions.

18-15 Pannello 42 Viganò A.*, Tumiati S., Martin S., Rigo M., Prosser G. & Zanchetta S. Co-seismic carbonate melting along natural faults.

S19. Fluids in the Earth's crust and Mantle

Conveners and Chairpersons O. Bartoli (Univ. Padova), N. Malaspina (Univ. Milano Bicocca)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-17.15] - Aula 109

19-1 14.30-15.00 [KEYNOTE] Faccenda M.* Water in the oceanic lithosphere: a trilogy.

19-2 15.00-15.15 Cannaò E.*, Agostini S., Scambelluri M. & Tonarini S. The "spongy" behaviour of serpentinized mantle rocks at the plate interface setting: geochemical and tectonic implications.

19-3 15.15-15.30 Vitale Brovarone A.* & Beyssac O. Fluid-induced leaching of organic matter at HP-LT conditions: a new tile in the deep C cycle.

19-4 15.30-15.45 Ferrando S.* & Frezzotti M.L. Fluid inclusions as tracers for the chemical-physical behaviour of deep-subduction fluids.

19-5 15.45-16.00 Tiraboschi C.*, Tumiati S., Ulmer P., Pettke T. & Poli S. Solubility of mantle minerals in high-pressure COH fluids.

19-6 16.00-16.15 Mazzucchelli M.*, Ponce A.D., Bertotto G.W., Zanetti A., Brunelli D., Giovanardi T., Aragón E. & Bernardi M.I. Evidence for strong depletion, followed by multiple refertilisation, in the mantle column of the extra-Andean backarc (Paso de Indios, Argentina).

19-7 16.15-16.30 Gentili S.*, Comodi P., Bonadiman C., Biagioni C., Zucchini A. & Coltorti M. Volatile content in mantle amphiboles from Harrow Peaks, Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica).

19-8 16.30-16.45 Esposito R.*, Moore L., Steel-MacInnis M., Cannatelli C., Bodnar R. J., Lima A. & De Vivo B. Volatile concentrations of silicate melt inclusions: Deep insights into processes in active volcanic systems.

19-9 16.45-17.00 Ferrero S.*, O´Brien P., Walczak K, Wunder B, Ziemann M. & Hecht L. Melting of continental crust at mantle depth: nanogranites from leucogranulites of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome (Bohemian Massif).

19-10 17.00-17.15 Novella D.* & Frost D.J. The interaction between silicate minerals and C-O-H bearing melts in the Earth's mantle.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

19-11 Pannello 43 Bartoli O.*, Cesare B., Remusat L., Acosta-Vigil A. & Poli S. The H2O content of granite embryos.

19-12 Pannello 44 Malaspina N.*, Alvaro M. & Nestola F. Slab-derived fluid phase precipitation at high pressures.

19-13 Pannello 45 Rossetti P.*, Barale L., Bertok C., d'Atri A., Martire L. & Piana F. The Valdieri marbles: the result of a localised recrystallization and metasomatism related to a focused flow of REE-rich fluids.

19-14 Pannello 46 Tumiati S.*, Poli S., Godard G., Martin S. & Malaspina N. Ultra-oxidized redox conditions in subduction mélanges? Decoupling between oxygen fugacity and oxygen availability in a metasomatic environment.

S20. Magmatism and Geodynamics of the Mediterranean area

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Lustrino (Univ. Roma La Sapienza), F. Rossetti (Univ. Roma Tre)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [10.15-11.00] - Aula 211

20-1 10.15-10.45 [KEYNOTE] Faccenna C.*, Becker T.W., Billi A., Boschi L., Capitanio F.A., Funiciello F., Jolivet L., Piromallo C., Rossetti F. & Serpelloni E. Mantle dynamic in the Mediterranean.

20-2 10.45-11.00 Rossetti F.*, Dini A., Lucci F., Bouybaouene M., Gerdes A., Phillips D. & Theye T. Deciphering the tectonometamorphic evolution of the Alboran Domain (Betic-Rif orogen, western Mediterranean): a clue from granite magmatism.

Venerdì 12 Settembre [14.30-17.00] - Aula 211

20-3 14.30-14.45 [KEYNOTE] Bianchini G.*, Braga R., Langone A. & Natali C. Metasedimentary and igneous xenoliths from the volcano of Tallante (Betic Cordillera, Spain): a reappraisal based on isotopic analyses.

20-4 14.45-15.00 Calarco M., Chiocci F. L., Conte A.M.*, Fonseca F., Martorelli E., Perinelli C. & Sposato A. Geochemistry of submarine mafic lavas from Pantelleria Island, Sicily Channel.

20-5 15.00-15.15 Avanzinelli R.*, Braschi E., Marchionni S., Bindi L. & Conticelli S. The within-plate Na-alkaline magmatism of the Pelagian Block (Southern Italy): Sr-Nd-Pb and U-series isotope constraints from Pantelleria, Linosa and Pachino-Capo Passero basalts.

20-6 15.15-15.30 D'Antonio M.*, Mazzeo F.C., Arienzo I., Aulinas M., Di Renzo V. & Gimeno D. Subduction-related enrichment of the Neapolitan volcanoes (Southern Italy) mantle source: new constraints on the characteristics of the slab-derived components.

20-7 15.30-15.45 Agostini S., Di Giuseppe P.*, Lustrino M., Savaşçın M.Y., Önal A.Ö., Kürüm S., Karaoğlu Ö. & Manetti P. Subduction modified and intraplate Neogene magmatism in SE Anatolia.

20-8 15.45-16.00 Laiena F.*, Fedele L., Seghedi I. & Morra V. Petrological characterization of the upper Miocene Rodna-Bârgău sub volcanic district (Eastern Carpathians, Romania).

20-9 16.00-16.15 Lustrino M. & Chiarabba C.* Magmatism in central Mediterranean: can we change the subduction paradigm?

20-10 16.15 -16.30 Tiepolo M.*, Tribuzio R., Ji W.-Q., Wu F.-Y. & Lustrino M. Alpine Tethys closure as revealed by amphibole-rich mafic and ultramafic rocks from the Adamello and the Bergell intrusions (central Alps).

20-11 16.30 -16.45 Zanetti A.*, Giovanardi T., Mazzucchelli M., Tiepolo M., Dallai L., Wu F.Y., Morishita T., Langone A. & Vannucci R. Sources, migration mechanisms and geodynamic environment of K-LILE-Mg-rich melts: Evidence from the Finero Complex (Southern Alps).

20-12 16.45 -17.00 Zanoni D.*, Roda M. & Spalla M.I. Structural level of Tertiary magma emplacement as a tool to unravel the late orogenic tectonics of the Western Alps.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

20-13 Pannello 47 Conti A.*, Bigi S., Cocchi L., Ligi M., Muccini F., Bortoluzzi G., Cuffaro M., Doglioni C., Scrocca D., Loreto M. F., Giordano P., Ferrante V., Conte A.M. & Perinelli C. Newly discovered submarine volcanoes north of Ventotene extend the Pontine volcanism offshore Gaeta (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).

20-14 Pannello 48 De Vita S.*, D'Antonio M., Civetta L. & Orsi G. The evolution of the magmatic feeding system of the Ustica Island (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).

20-15 Pannello 49 Laurenzi M.A., Marani M.* & Trua T. 40Ar-39Ar dating of Marsili seamount (Tyrrhenian Sea).

20-16 Pannello 50 Laurenzi M.A., Mattioli M.*, Bonomo R., Ricci V. & Vita L. 40Ar-39Ar geochronology and evolution of the Cimini volcanic district (Central Italy).

20-17 Pannello 51 Lustrino M., Agostini S.* & Prelevic D. Leucitites and leucitites within and around the Mediterranean.

20-18 Pannello 52 Montorfano C., Toffolo L.*, Martin S., Secco L., Carugati G., Vezzoli L. & Frizzo P. The siderite mineralizations in the Southern Alps: a signal of the Permo-Triassic rifting?

20-19 Pannello 53 Tamburrino S.*, Insinga D.D., Vallefuoco M., Ventura G., Sprovieri M., Tiepolo M. & Passaro S. Occurrence of several explosive eruptions from Marsili seamount: new geochemical data of the Marsili volcanic activity during the last 6.7 ka B.P.

20-20 Pannello 54 Zanchetta S.*, Bergomi M.A. & Tunesi A. The Tertiary dike magmatism in the central Southern Alps: Geochronological data and Geodynamic significance.

S21. The role of metamorphic petrology in understanding Earth evolution, mass transfer and orogenic processes. A tribute to Bruno Lombardo

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Scambelluri (Univ. Genova), C. Groppo (Univ. Torino), G. Ortolano (Univ. Catania)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 211

21-1 15.30-15.45 Castelli D.* Bruno Lombardo (1944 – 2014).

21-2 15.45-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Rolfo F.*, Groppo C., Mosca P. & Castelli D. Probing deep CO2 production in a collisional orogen with petrology.

21-3 16.00-16.15 Carosi R.*, Montomoli C., Iaccarino S. & Visonà D. Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Greater Himalayan Sequence in Central Himalaya: the role of the High Himalayan Discontinuity.

21-4 16.15-16.30 Iaccarino S.*, Montomoli C., Carosi R., Massonne H.-J., Langone A. & Visonà D. Structural, metamorphic and geochronological constraints of the Himalayan metamorphic core (HMC) in Western Nepal (Central Himalaya).

21-5 16.30-16.45 Mosca P.*, Groppo C. & Rolfo F. Petrological and structural studies in the eastern Nepal Himalaya: data for a geological map and constraints for tectonic models.

21-6 16.45-17.00 [KEYNOTE] Bartoli O.*, Cesare B., Acosta-Vigil A., Ferrero S. & Poli S. The role of melt inclusions in understanding crustal melting.

21-7 17.00-17.15 Ferrero S.*, O´Brien P., Hecht L., Ziemann M. & Wunder B. Carbonatites, silicate melt and fluid produced during anatexis in the middle crust: a case study from Oberpfalz (Bohemian Massif).

21-8 17.15-17.30 Cesare B.*, Schmidt M.W., Remusat L., Barich A., Bartoli O., Acosta-Vigil A., Poli S. & Garrido C.J. Partial to complete deprotonation of staurolite during crustal anatexis: nanoSIMS analysis and experimental constraints.

21-9 17.30-17.45 Langone A.*, Tiepolo M., Zanetti A., Mazzucchelli M., Bergamaschi C. Is the Ivrea-Verbano Zone subdivided in two sectors? New insights from the Kinzigite Formation exposed in the Val Cannobina (northern Italy).

21-10 17.45-18.00 Ortolano G., Visalli R.*, Cirrincione R. & Rebay G. Sequential atoll-shaped garnets formation from the Aspromonte Peloritani unit (northeastern Sicily-Italy): Petrogenetic and Geothermobarometric implications.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 211

21-11 08.30-08.45 [KEYNOTE] Tumiati S.* Mantle wedge and COH fluids: themodynamic modelling, experiments and natural cases.

21-12 08.45-09.00 Alvaro M.*, Angel R.J., Mazzucchelli M.L., Nestola F. & Nimis P. Isomekes: A chemically-independent method for geobarometry of UHPM rocks.

21-13 09.00-09.15 Vitale Brovarone A.*, Beyssac O. & Alard O. Lawsonite metasomatism: a new route for volatiles and trace elements in subduction zones.

21-14 09.15-09.30 López Sánchez-Vizcaíno, V.*, Gómez-Pugnaire M.T., Padrón-Navarta J.A., Garrido-Marín C.J., Marchesi C. & Jabaloy A. Metamorphic evolution of the Cerro del Almirez ultramafic rocks (Betic Cordillera, South Spain) as a proxy to dehydration processes taking place during subduction.

21-15 09.30-09.45 Gilio M.*, Clos F. & Van Roermund H.L.M. Olivine fabric as tool to constrain paleopiezometry and crystallization temperature in orogenic peridotites: an example from the Friningen Garnet Peridotite (Central Scandinavian Caledonides).

21-16 09.45-10.00 Cruciani G.*, Franceschelli M., Groppo C., Scodina M. & Spano M.E. Microstructures in granulitized kyanite-eclogite from NE sardinia, Italy: insights into the reconstruction of metamorphic evolution.

21-17 10.00-10.15 Giuntoli F.*, Lanari P., Burn M. & Engi M. From mega- to microscopic and back: The P-T-t-D history of HP rocks from the Sesia Zone.

21-18 10.15-10.30 Ballèvre M.*, Manzotti P., Le Bayon B., Pitra P. & Poujol M. Petrological constraints on the geological history of the Gran Paradiso Massif.

21-19 10.30-10.45 Lo Pò D.*, Braga R., Theye T., Massonne H.-J., Montanini A. & Molli G. Linking the formation of coronitic microstructures around monazite to the growth of garnet in the Pontremoli well metapelites (Northern Apennines, Italy).

21-20 10.45-11.00 Casini L.*, Maino M., Oggiano G., Cannas Aghedu L. & Langone A. High-resolution structurally-controlled ELA-ICP-MS zircon and monazite dating.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

21-21 Pannello 53 Balestro G.*, Borghi A., Festa A., Gattiglio M. & Vaggelli G. Tectonostratigraphy and metamorphic evolution of the northern Monviso Metaophiolite Complex (inner Western Alps).

21-22 Pannello 54 Botta S., Groppo C., Ferrando S.*, Frezzotti M.L. & Rolfo F. Petrographic study of xenoliths from deep crustal levels of northern Karakorum (Shaksgam Valley, Xinjiang, China).

21-23 Pannello 55 Fornelli A.*, Langone A., Micheletti F. & Piccarreta G. REE distribution among zircon, amphibole and garnet in Variscan granulites from southern Calabria (Italy).

21-24 Pannello 56 Fumagalli P.*, Poli S., Fischer J., Merlini M. & Gemmi M. The stability of Cr-chlorite and other hydrates in subduction mélanges: and experimental study in the system Cr2O3-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O.

21-25 Pannello 57 Gaggero L., Gretter N.* , Lago M., Langone A. & Ronchi A. The Carboniferous - Permian evolution of the Sardinia Variscan branch: tracing the geodynamic change trough U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry.

21-26 Pannello 58 Mazzucchelli M.L.*, Angel R.J., Alvaro M., Nestola F. & Nimis P. Geobarometry for host-inclusion systems: the role of elastic relaxation.

21-27 Pannello 59 Montomoli C.*, Carosi R., Visonà D., Iaccarino S. & Langone A. Exhumation of the crystalline core of the Himalaya: relations between the South Tibetan Detachment and leucogranite emplacement in Western Nepal.

21-28 Pannello 60 Ortolano G., Rizzo G.*, Sansone M.T.C.  & Cirrincione R. Evidence of rodingitization process within Ophiolite Units (Liguride Units, Southern Apennines - Italy).

21-29 Pannello 61 Petriglieri J.R.*, Salvioli-Mariani E., Mantovani L., Tribaudino M.1, Bersani D., Lottici P.P. & Laporte-Magoni C. Preliminary study on polymorphs of serpentine of the Koniambo Massif (New Caledonia).

21-30 Pannello 62 Rebay G.*, Riccardi M.P. & Spalla M.I. Fluid rock interactions as recorded by Cl-rich amphiboles from continental and oceanic crust of Italian orogenic belts.

21-31 Pannello 63 Scambelluri M.*, Pettke T., Cannaò E., Agostini S., Tonarini S. & Godard M. Petrology and geochemistry of Alpine peridotites indicate mass transfer during subduction of serpentinized mantle (Cima di Gagnone, Switzerland).

21-32 Pannello 64 Zanchetta S., Tumiati S.*, Malaspina N. & Poli S. UHT metamorphism of HP rocks? A case study from the Adula nappe complex (Central Alps, N Italy).

S22. Volcano laboratories: where geology, geophysics and geochemistry gather together

Conveners and Chairpersons G. De Natale (INGV-Osservatorio Vesuviano, Napoli), M. Viccaro (Univ. Catania)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [17.15-18.00] - Aula 113

22-1 17.15-17.30 Loreto M. F.*, Pepe F., De Ritis R., Collura A. M., Ferrante V., Italiano F., Sacchi M., Speranza F. & Tomini I. On the relationships between tectonics and volcanism in the offshore Capo Vaticano, SE Tyrrhenian Sea, during the Plio-Pleistocene.

22-2 17.30-17.45 Sinigoi S.*, Quick J.E. & Demarchi G. Magmatic underplating and inremental growth of a granite pluton in the Sesia Magmatic System.

22-3 17.45-18.00 Braschi E.*, Francalanci L., Tommasini S. & Vougioukalakis G.E. Unravelling the hidden origin and migration of plagioclase phenocrysts by in-situ Sr isotopes: the case of final dome activity at Nisyros volcano, Greece.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-09.15] - Aula 113

22-4 08.30-08.45 Granati S.F.*, Perinelli C., Gaeta M., Freda C. & D'Antonio M. Experimental constraints on phase relations in a multilevel magmatic system: the Phlegraean Volcanic District (South Italy) case study.

22-5 08.45-09.00 Vignaroli G.*, Aldega L., Balsamo F., Billi A., De Benedetti A.A., De Filippis L., Giordano G. & Rossetti F. Hydrothermal alteration, fluid entrapment, and paroxysm (Colli Albani Volcano, Italy).

22-6 09.00-09.15 Falcone E.E.*, Sortino F., Bellomo S. & Censi P. Natural gadolinium discharged from volcanic sources.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

22-7 Pannello 65 Arzilli F., Piochi M.*, Mormone A., Agostini C. & Carroll M.R. Magma system conditions and ascent time during the Monte Nuovo eruption (Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy): an experimental and CSD study.

22-8 Pannello 66 Barbieri E.*, Brunelli D., Cipriani A. & Mazzucchelli M. Melting of Plume Residue beneath the Afar: Implications for Axial Basalts Geochemistry.

22-9 Pannello 67 De Natale G., Troise C., Piochi M.* , Mormone A., Aiello G., Barra D., de Vita S., Di Vito M.A., Isaia R., Mark D.F., Smith C.V., Wiersberg T., Somma R., Tramelli A., Carlino S., Caputo T., Erzinger J., Jurado Rodriguez M.J. & Marturano A. The CFDDP 506 m drilling mud and cores at Campi Flegrei (Italy): volcanological and environmental clues on the eastern sector of the caldera.

22-10 Pannello 68 De Vita S.*, Sansivero F., Piochi M. & Minin G. The Punta Chiarito Tephra (Ischia, Italy): eruption dynamics and emplacement mechanism inferred from stratigraphic, sedimentologic and petrological data.

22-11 Pannello 69 Giuffrida M.*, Viccaro M., Calcagno R., Garozzo I. & Nicotra E. Compositional changes of erupted lavas and styles of volcanic activity at Mt. Etna during the 2011-2013 period.

22-12 Pannello 70 K. Iacovino, Giuli G.* & Carroll M. Sulfur in alkaline melts: An experimental study.

22-13 Pannello 71 Nicotra E.*, Viccaro M. & De Rosa R. Magma storage and ascent dynamics of early volcanic manifestations at Salina (Aeolian Islands).

22-14 Pannello 72 Sacchi M.*, Pepe F., Corradino M., Insinga D.D. & Molisso F. Seismic expression of the shallow structure of The Neapolitan Yellow Tuff (NYT) caldera offshore the Campi Flegrei.

22-15 Pannello 73 Viccaro M.*, Barca D., Bohrson W.A., Giuffrida M., Nicotra E. & Pitcher B.W. Timescales of magma storage and ascent at Mt. Etna volcano from plagioclase trace element zoning.

S23. Tracing isotopes for tracking processes: advances in radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry

Conveners and Chairpersons S. Tonarini (CNR-IGG), R. Avanzinelli (Univ. Firenze)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-10.00] - Aula 113

23-1 08.30-08.45 Bragagni A.*, Luguet A., Pearson D.G., Fonseca R.O.C. & Kjarsgaard B.A. Dating the lithospheric mantle: A comparison of Re-Os ages in single sulfides and whole-rock in cratonic mantle xenoliths from Somerset Island (Canada).

23-2 08.45-09.00 Casalini M.*, Avanzinelli R., Elliott T., Tommasini S. & Conticelli S. Mo and stable U isotopes as tracers for subduction components in the Quaternary West-Mediterrean potassic and ultrapotassic magmatism.

23-3 09.00-09.15 Giacometti F.*, Evans K.A., Rebay G., Cliff J., Tomkins A.G., Rossetti P., Vaggelli G. & Adams D. The evolution of stable S-isotopes in poly-metamorphosed sulfide deposits from the Italian Western Alps.

23-4 09.15-09.30 Boschi C.*, Baneschi I., Bedini F., Chiarantini L.,, Dini A. & Perchiazzi N. Multiple isotope approach to unravel the sequence of water-rock interaction and hydromagnesite precipitation at Montecastelli (Tuscany).

23-5 09.30-09.45 Marchionni S.*, Bollati A., Braschi E., Cifelli F., Molin P., Parotto M., Mattei M., Tommasini S. & Conticelli S. Conservation of 87Sr/86Sr isotopic ratios in the oenological food chain of "Red" wines to validate their use as geographic tracer.

23-6 09.45-10.00 Adani T., Braschi E.*, Mazza P., Petrone C.M. & Tommasini S. The Ursus spelaeus lifestyle and feeding behaviour: a tale from Sr isotope studies.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

23-7 Pannello 55 Cannaò E.*, Agostini S., Tonarini S. & Scambelluri M. Cross-study of different isotopic systems in high-pressure ultramafic rocks reveals mass transfer at subduction zones (Cima di Gagnone, Central Alps).

23-8 Pannello 56 Caruso S., Moroni M.*, Fiorentini M.L., Isaac C., Barnes S.J., Wings B.A. & Cliff J. Effects of sulphur degassing in komatiite-hosted Ni-PGE ores at Wannaway, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

23-9 Pannello 57 Chiarantini L.*, Agostini A., Baneschi I., Natali C. & Tonarini S. Chromium isotopic signature of naturally Cr (VI) contaminated spring waters from Western Tuscany.

23-10 Pannello 58 Galli E.* & Iacumin P. The hare as a climatic proxy for south-eastern Turkey.

23-11 Pannello 59 Lustrino M.* & Anderson D.L. The mantle isotopic printer.

23-12 Pannello 60 Marchina C.*, Bianchini G., Claudio Natali C., Pennisi M., Colombani N., Tassinari R. & Knoeller K. Origin and evolution of Po river water (Northern Italy): insights from geochemical and isotopic18O- δD) data.

23-13 Pannello 61 Peres P.*, Saliot P. & Lombardi E. IMS 1280-HR: a versatile ion microprobe for Geosciences.

S24. Geological risks and geomorphic processes in the Mediterranean area

Conveners and Chairpersons L. Martelli (Regione Emilia-Romagna), L. Sandri (INGV, Bologna), J. Selva (INGV, Bologna)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 111

24-1 08.30-09.00 Comunicazione Platinum Sponsor - GEOSEC.

24-2 09.00-09.15 Masetti M., Nghiem S.V., Sorichetta A., Stevenazzi S.*, Bonfanti M., Conforto A., Fabbri P., Filippini M., Gargini A., Hall D., Linard C., Pola M., Richter A., Catani F., Paloscia S., Pampaloni P. & Santi E. The Po Plain Experiment (POPLEX) Field Campaign - Effects of urban sprawl on environmental matrices in northern Italy.

24-3 09.15-09.30 Alquini F.*, Sarti G., Bini M., Ribolini R., Ciccarelli D., Bertoni D. & Pozzebon A. Multidisciplinary study of the vulnerability of coastal dune system through the use of abiotic and biotic factors.

24-4 09.30-09.45 Naldi M.* & Duò E. A new prototype system for MASW2D roadside survey.

24-5 09.45-10.00 Capizzi P.*, Martorana R., Stassi G., D'Alessandro A. & Luzio D. Cluster analysis of HVSR peak datasets to detect geological structures.

24-6 10.00-10.15 Skrame K.*, Di Filippo M. & Di Nezza M. Application of the gravity method for the three-dimensional modeling of the intermountain basins: the cases of Rieti and Leonessa (Central Apennines, Italy).

24-7 10.15-10.30 Liali G.*, Algeri G., Afferri A., Barletta R., Benucci C., Bigio T., Bonciani F., Brogna F.N.A., Carmignani L., Colonna T., Guastaldi E., Massa G., Muti A., Pieruccioni D., Trotta M. & Tufarolo E. The sinkholes of Rio Marina (Elba Island, Italy): a case of study.

24-8 10.30-10.45 Maraio S.*, Bruno P.P.G., Picotti V., Brardinoni F., Cucato M. & Mair V. Interaction between alluvial and debris flow processes at Vinschgau/Venosta Valley (Italian Alps), revealed by high resolution seismic reflection/refraction profiling.

24-9 10.45-11.00 Lazzeri R.*, Faccini F. & Robbiano A. A new interpretation of the large-scale Alpepiana landslide (upper Aveto Valley, Northern Apennines) based on a field survey, gis applications, and integrated monitoring activities.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-15.15] - Aula 111

24-10 14.30-14.45 Deiana G.*, Lecca L., Paliaga E., Todde S. & Orrù P.E. Landslides induced by fluid release - Sardinian southern margin.

24-11 14.45-15.15 Agliardi F.*, Crosta G. & Zanchi A. Giant, slow rock slope deformations in the European Alps: controls, geomorphic impacts and geohazard implications.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

24-12 Pannello 62 Abram G.*, Toro M. & Brardinoni F. Lithologic effects on mountain stream morphodynamics.

24-13 Pannello 63 Biolchi S., Furlani S., Baldassini N.*, Antonioli F., Cucchi F., Devoto S., Di Stefano A., Gambin T., Gauci R., Monaco C. & Scicchitano G. Large boulder deposits along the Maltese coasts.

24-14 Pannello 64 Cuiuli E.* The evaluation of the intrinsic vulnerability of a superficial acquifer, through the implementation of the sintacs method: the study case of S. Eufemia Lamezia Plain (Calabria - Southern Italy).

24-15 Pannello 65 Faccini F., Lazzeri R.*, Perasso L., Raso E. & Robbiano A. Case study of the Entella river floodplain (Liguria, Italy): engineering geological mapping for the development of urban areas.

24-16 Pannello 66 Livio F.*, Zerboni A., Castelletti L., Tremari M., Mazzola D. & Amit R. Why did the slope at Cavargna Valley Sackung (N Italy) start moving? Preliminary results on causative/triggering mechanisms.

24-17 Pannello 67 Martorana R.*, Capizzi P., Avellone G., Siragusa R., D'Alessandro A. & Luzio D. Geological modeling of Altavilla Milicia (Sicily) using HVSR data.

24-18 Pannello 68 Mureddu A.* Geological models and geotechnical parameters as the essential basis for road design. Emergency operations, planning and maintenance the provincial road no. 108 ("Sulcis Iglesiente", S-W Sardinia, Italy).

24-19 Pannello 69 Paliaga E.M.*, Deiana G., Meleddu A., Todde S. & Orrù P.E. Marine slumping risk induced by hyperpycnal flows - Sardinian southern continental margin.

24-20 Pannello 70 Riva F.*, Frattini P., Greggio L., Brardinoni F., Crosta G.B. Ten year geomorphological evolution of Zebrù Valley (Italian Central Alps) after the Thurwieser rock avalanche.

24-21 Pannello 71 Sulli A.*, Zizzo E., Albano L. Computation of run-up heights for landslide-generated tsunami. An attempt of hazard assessment in the North Sicily continental margin.

24-22 Pannello 72 Tadini A.*, Bisson M., Cioni R., Neri A., Santacroce R., Bevilacqua A. & Flandoli F. Developing a spatial vent opening probability map of Somma-Vesuvius caldera.

24-23 Pannello 73 Toro M.*, Fraccarollo L. & Brardinoni F. Particle tracking via RFID technology to monitor bedload sediment dynamics in mountain streams.

S25 Characterization, modeling and remediation of groundwater resources and contaminated sites

Conveners and Chairpersons R. De Franco (CNR-IDPA, Milano), P. Frattini (Univ. Milano Bicocca), A. Gargini (Univ. Bologna), M. Petitta (Univ. Roma La Sapienza), M. Tallini (Univ. Aquila)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [10.15-11.00] - Aula 111

25-1 10.15-10.30 Cattaneo L.*, Giudici M. & De Franco R. Joint hydrogeological and hydrogeophysical inversion for the characterization of subsurface heterogeneity.

25-2 10.30-10.45 Bersezio R., Comunian A.*, De Micheli L., Felletti F., Giacobbo F., Giudici M., Lazzati C. & Zappa G. A stochastic multi scale approach to study contaminant transport in heterogeneous alluvial sediments.

25-3 10.45-11.00 Giudici M.*, Bersezio R., Felletti F., Baratelli F., Cattaneo L., Cavalli E., Comunian A., Dell'Arciprete D., De Micheli L., Giacobbo F., Lazzati C., Mele M., Parravicini G., Pessina L., Vassena C. & Zappa G. A multidisciplinary approach to model aquifer analogues: from fine scale heterogeneity to large scale flow and transport.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 111

25-4 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Cassiani G.* Geophysical techniques for hydrological and hydrogeological characterization.

25-5 16.00-16.15 Arras C.*, Buttau C., Carletti A., Funedda A. & Ghiglieri G. Geological 3D model for the design of artificial recharge facilities into the Oued Biskra inféro-flux aquifer (NE Algeria).

25-6 16.15-16.30 Saroli M., Lancia M.*, Giovinco G., Albano M. & Petitta M. A revision of the hydrogeological setting of the Cassino plain from Gari to Peccia springs.

25-7 16.30-16.45 Sappa G.*, Ergul S. & Ferranti F. Geochemical characteristics of groundwater in the coastal aquifers of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

25-8 16.45-17.15 [KEYNOTE] Masetti M.* Recent trends in groundwater vulnerability assessment to Non-Point sources of contamination.

25-9 17.15-17.30 Fantone I.*, Grieco G. & De Capitani L. Environmental study of Reps sulfide mine dumps, Mirdita District, Northern Albania.

25-10 17.30-17.45 Gigliuto A.* & Rossetto R. Evaluating the feasibility of hydraulic and physical barriers at contaminated sites by means of multicriteria analysis.

25-11 17.45-18.00 Barbieri M., Sappa G.* & Vitale S. Soil control of trace metals concentration in a photovoltaic power plant project site in Pontina Plain (Center of Italy).


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

25-12 Pannello 78 Armiento G., Baiocchi A.*, Crovato C., Lotti F., Nardi E., Mazzuoli M., Piscopo V. & Proposito M. Water-rock interaction in the Cimino-Vico volcanoes (central Italy): what we can infer to solve the problem of water supply in naturally arsenic contaminated area.

25-13 Pannello 79 Arras C.*, Cau F., Buttau C., Carletti A., Funedda A. & Ghiglieri G. Geological modelling for hydro-geological purposes in Oum Zessar area (SE Tunisia).

25-14 Pannello 80 Brutti P., Agostini L.*, Agnelli E., Righetti M., Croce S. & Dosserich R. An acqueduct for Guaranì.

25-15 Pannello 81 Carciotto S.B., Marino M.C.*, Pennisi A., Raffa P. & Spartà S. Radioprotection in the groundwater managing.

25-16 Pannello 82 Cattaneo L.*, Giudici M. & Petrucci B. Modeling groundwater resource of an alluvial aquifer of Somalia: the Ged Deeble basin.

25-17 Pannello 83 Cuiuli E., Fòlino Gallo M.* & Migliorino C. Study of the impacts of a former pyrite mine in the territory of Gimigliano (Calabria, Southern Italy).

25-18 Pannello 84 Da Prato S.*, Doveri M., Ellero A., Lelli M., Masetti G., Menichini M., Nisi B. & Raco B. Versilia coastal plain aquifer system: a multidisciplinary approach to define qualitative and quantitative aspects of groundwater resources.

25-19 Pannello 85 De Filippis G.*, Giudici M., Negri S., Margiotta S., Cattaneo L. & Vassena C. Numerical modeling of groundwater flow in the coastal aquifer system of the Taranto gulf (southern Italy).

25-20 Pannello 86 De Luca D. A., Forno M. G.*, Gattiglio M., Gianotti F., Lasagna M., Cerino Abdin E. & Dino G.A Use of water resources in mountain. The case study of the Montellina Spring.

25-21 Pannello 87 Ducci D.*, Maio V. & Sellerino M. The identification of homogeneous hydrochemical areas in the evaluation of natural background levels.

25-22 Pannello 88 Garone A.*, Rossi M., Nigro A. & Barbieri M. Water quality assessment of the Buna River Protected Landscape, Northern Albania.

25-23 Pannello 89 Nigro A.*, Barbieri M. & Sappa G. Geochemical characterization of groundwater around Municipal Solid Waste landfill.

25-24 Pannello 90 Paglialunga M.*, Valigi D., Di Matteo L., Grigioni P., Locci D., Sconocchia A., Sconocchia P. & Stoico M. Remediation procedures of petrol stations: conventional techniques and phytoremediation for reclamation of hydrocarbon based contaminants in the Terni area (Central Italy).

25-25 Pannello 91 Peña Reyes F.A.*, Basiricò S., Frattini P., Villa A., Lari S. & Crosta G.B. Arsenic contamination in the Upper Valtellina (Central Italian Alps).

25-26 Pannello 92 Selmi A.*, Basiricò S., Peña Reyes F.A., Lari S., Frattini P., Mogheir Y. & Crosta G.B. Gaza Coastal Aquifer Modelling for groundwater management.

S26. Energy and Earth resources: geology between renewable, sustainable and conventional energy sources

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Zaccone (Regione Lombardia), S. Chiesa (CNR-IDPA, Milano), F. Quattrocchi (INGV), A. Galgaro (Univ. Padova)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 104

26-1 15.30-15.45 Moia F., Colucci F.*, Guandalini R., Agate G. & Rondena E. 3D Numerical Modeling of a geothermal reservoir: the case of Torre Alfina in central Italy.

26-2 15.45-16.00 La Felice S., Montanari D.*, Battaglia S., Bertini G., Gianelli G. & Principe C. Is the Mt. Amiata aquifer made vulnerable by geothermal exploitation?

26-3 16.00-16.15 Funari V.*, Rovere M., Gamberi F., Marani M., Dinelli E. & Braga R. Marine georesources of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea: critical elements potential assessed by geochemical data.

26-4 16.15-16.30 Garone A.*, Pizzino L., Sciarra A. & Quattrocchi F. Geochemical approach for the assessment of Lamezia Terme (Southern Italy) geothermal system.

26-5 16.30-16.45 Barbero D.*, De Luca D. A., Forno M. G., Lasagna M. & Magnea L. Thermal characterization of shallow aquifer in the left sector of the Lanzo Fan (Piemonte region) for geothermal applications.

26-6 16.45-17.00 Procesi M., Cantucci B.*, Buttinelli M. & Quattrocchi F. Synergies among CO2-CH4 geological storage and geothermal energy: underground potential evaluation for strategic energy mix plans.

26-7 17.00-17.15 Kharaka Y.*, Thordsen J., Conaway C., Bullen T., Cole D. & Phelps T. Near surface and deep subsurface geochemical monitoring for successful geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide.

26-8 17.15-17.30 Farina Z.* & Galgaro A. Closed-loop heat-exchanging systems in geothermal anomaly areas: a feasibility analysis in the Euganean Thermal Basin, Italy.

26-9 17.30-17.45 Alberti L.*, Angelotti A., Antelmi M. & La Licata I. Borehole Heat Exchanger simulations in aquifer: the borehole grout influence in Thermal Response Test modeling.

26-10 17.45-18.00 Dalla Santa G.*, Galgaro A., Tateo F., Destro E., Cola S. & Bassan V. BHE geological hazard on clayey sediments induced by thermal stress.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

26-11 Pannello 74 Agostini L.*, Galgaro A., Collareda M., Castellaccio E. & Dal Degan D. Geothermalism in the Province of Verona.

26-12 Pannello 75 Buggiarin S., Di Sipio E.*, Galgaro A. & Sassi R. Thermo-physical properties of Euganean Hills lithologies (Padua, North-Eastern Italy) related to underground thermal storage feasibility.

26-13 Pannello 76 Chicco J.* & Invernizzi C. Thermo-physical properties of groundwater in sedimentary deposits of Umbria- Marche succession and their role for low enthalpy geothermal plants.

26-14 Pannello 77 Cuccuru S.*, Longo V. & Testone V. Site location and planning of Borehole Heat Exchangers using Electrical Resistivity Tomography.

26-15 Pannello 78 Di Sipio E.*, Destro E., Ruggeri M., Viesi D., Sassi R. & Galgaro A. Seasonal heat storage systems in mountain regions: potential and feasibility of a pilot project in the Trento municipality.

S27. Microstructures: characterization, interpretation and modeling as a key to deformation and reaction mechanisms, and technological processes

Conveners and Chairpersons L. Mancini (Elettra,Trieste), R. Spiess (Univ. Padova), C. Viti (Univ. Siena), M. Zucali (Univ. Milano)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-17.00] - Aula 109

27-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Arzilli F.* X-ray computed microtomography in geosciences.

27-2 16.00-16.15 Pistone M.*, Caricchi L., Fife J.L., Mader K., Rust A. , Ulmer P. Bubble coalescence in magmas: Insights from in-situ high-temperature synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy.

27-3 16.15-16.30 Polacci M., Arzilli F., Baker D.R., Landi P., Giordano D. & Mancini L.* Image processing of crystallized textures using phase-contrast synchrotron X-ray computed microtomography data.

27-4 16.30-16.45 Zucali M., Fontana E.*, Panseri M., Tartarotti P., Capelli S. & Ouladdiaf B. Submarine lava flow direction revealed by neutron diffraction analysis in mineral lattice orientation.

27-5 16.45-17.00 Spiess R.*, Faccenda M. & Festa V. The potential information contained in CPOs: modelling granulite facies quartz pole figures.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

27-6 Pannello 79 Arzilli F.*, Cilona A., Mancini L. & Tondi E. Natural and laboratory compaction band in porous carbonates: a 3D characterization using synchrotron X-ray microtomography.

27-7 Pannello 80 Bernasconi A., Marinoni N.*, Lanzarotti R., Pedersini F., Mancini L. & Francescon F. Microstructural characterization of raw and fired sanitary-ware vitreous body by Synchrotron Computed Microtomography.

27-8 Pannello 81 Confalonieri G.*, Dapiaggi M., Sommariva M., Gateshki M., Fitch A.N. & Kimber S.J.A Comparison of Total Scattering data from gahnite nanocrystals.

27-9 Pannello 82 Fontana E., Marinoni N., Zucali M.*, Tartarotti P., Mancini L., Brignone V., Capelli S. & Ouladdiaf B. Characterization, interpretation and modeling of the present day oceanic crust microstructure by using innovative techniques based on neutron diffraction and X-ray microtomograph.

27-10 Pannello 83 Parisatto M., Turina A., Cesare B.*, Cruciani G., Mancini L. & Peruzzo. L. 3D distribution of primary melt inclusions in garnets by X-ray microtomography.

S28. Active tectonics and seismic potential of the Mediterranean region

Conveners and Chairpersons C. Monaco (Univ. Catania), A.M. Michetti (Univ. Insubria), R. Sabadini (Univ. Milano)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula Magna

28-1 15.30-16.00 [KEYNOTE] Roberts G.P.*, Cowie P.A., Phillips R., Gregory L., Faure Walker J., McCaffrey K., Papanikoloau I., Dunai T., Binnie S., Freeman S., Scholz C., Steer P., Sammonds P., Michetti A., Vittori E., Wedmore L. & Watson Z. Fault slip-rates on active faults: vital data for seismic hazard mapping.

28-2 16.00-16.15 Doglioni C.*, Barba S., Billi A., Collettini C., Cuffaro M., Petricca P., Riguzzi F., Scrocca D. & Trippetta F. Seismotectonics of Italy.

28-3 16.15-16.30 Sabadini R.*, Barzaghi R., Cambiotti G., Marotta A.M., Crippa B., Peresan A. & Panza G. Merging Geophysics and Space Geodesy for Earthquakes.

28-4 16.30-16.45 Cambiotti G.*, Rigamonti S., Splendore R., Marotta A.M. & Sabadini R. Power-law Maxwell rheologies and the interaction between tectonic and seismic deformations.

28-5 16.45-17.00 Casale R., Chiaravalli F., Lombardo M., Rosati M. & Ventura G.* A contribution to earth sciences from localization of the National Repository of LIL Radioactive Waste.

28-6 17.00-17.15 Bonadeo L., Brunamonte F., Michetti A.M.*, Livio F. & Fioraso G. Seismic Landscape of the Monferrato Arc.

28-7 17.15-17.30 Viganò A.*, Scafidi D., Ranalli G., Martin S., Della Vedova B. & Spallarossa D. Seismicity, active deformation and crustal rheology in the central-eastern Southern Alps (Italy).

28-8 17.30-17.45 Livio F.*, Michetti A.M., Ticozzi E. & Porfido S. The ESI macroseismic field for the 1624 AD Argenta earthquake (Po Plain - N Italy): an integrated macroseismic approach to overcome MCS misfittings.

28-9 17.45-18.00 Caputo R.* & San Carlo trench Working Group Palaeoseismological evidence of the 1570 Ferrara earthquake.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula Magna

28-11 08.30-08.45 Falcucci E., Poli M.E.*, Galadini F., Paiero G., Scardia G. & Zanferrari A. Paleosismological evidence of the 1511 Idrija earthquake along the Colle Villano blind thrust (Friuli, NE Italy).

28-11 08.45-09.00 Mirabella F.*, Bucci F., Cardinali M., Santangelo M. & Guzzetti F. Morpho-structural features of extensional basins revealed from aerial photographs interpretation and structural data in the Northern Apennines (Italy).

28-12 09.00-09.15 Sepe V.*, Brandi G., Cubellis E., De Martino P., Devoti R., Dolce M., Esposito A., Galvani A., Massucci A., Obrizzo F., Pietrantonio G., Riguzzi F. & Tammaro U. Sannio - Matese Mounts (Southern Italy) deformation field from GPS data (2002-2014).

28-13 09.15-09.30 Auciello E.*, Boncio P., Dichiarante A.M. & Saroli M. Quaternary normal faulting along the western side of the Matese Mountains (Central Apennines, Italy). Constraints from field geology and implications for active tectonics.

28-14 09.30-09.45 Cirillo D.*, Brozzetti F., Lavecchia G., de Nardis R. & Cardinali M. New data on extensional active faults in the Pollino area (Southern Italy).

28-15 09.45-10.00 Pepe F.* Ferranti L., Bertotti G., Monaco C. & Sacchi M. Plio-Quaternary tectonic evolution offshore the Capo Vaticano Promontory (W Calabria, Italy).

28-16 10.00-10.15 Polonia A.*, Torelli L., Artoni A., Bortoluzzi G., Faccenna C., Ferranti L., Gasperini L., Monaco C., Neri G. & Orecchio B. Plate boundary reorganization in the central Mediterranean Sea: the Ionian and Alfeo-Etna fault systems.

28-17 10.15-10.30 Blumetti A.M.*, Guerrieri L., Porfido S. & Michetti A.M. Studying and collecting past earthquake environmental effects to properly face future impacts: the 1783 Calabria earthquakes case study.

28-18 10.30-10.45 Barreca G.*, Bruno V., Cultrera F., Mattia M., Monaco C. & Scarfi L. The Lipari–Vulcano complex in the geodynamic context of the south-eastern Tyrrhenian sea.

28-19 10.45-11.00 Pavano F.*, Catalano S., Pazzaglia F. Relief vs Hypsometric Integral: new evidence of the Late-Quaternary morphotectonic evolution of northeastern Sicily.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-16.15] - Aula Magna

28-20 15.30-15.45 D'Amato D., Pace B.*, Di Nicola L., Stuart F.M., Visini F., Branca S., Azzaro R., Carafa M., Tanguy J.C., Condomines M. & Barfod D.N. Constraining the slip rates of the Pernicana fault system of Mt. Etna, Italy.

28-21 15.45-16.00 Ferranti L.*, Guzzetta L., Pepe F., Burrato P., Barreca G., Mattia M., Monaco C. & V. Bruno Seismotectonics of the active thrust front in southwestern Sicily: hints on the Belice and Selinunte seismogenic sources.

28-22 16.00-16.15 Giunta G., Sulli A.* & Esposito E. The 2014 seismic sequence in the seismotectonic frame of the Nicaragua depression.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

28-23 Pannello 84 Barreca G.*, Scarfì L., Cannavò F. & Koulakov I. Geological and seismological clues for a regionally-extended crustal discontinuity in central-eastern Sicily (Italy).

28-24 Pannello 85 Brutto F.*, Muto F., Loreto M.F., Tripodi V. & Facchin L. New features about the Catanzaro Through evolution (Calabria, South Italy) by joining onshore with offshore data.

28-25 Pannello 86 Caputo R.*, Pavlides S. & GreDaSS Working Group The Greek Database of Seismogenic Sources (GreDaSS).

28-26 Pannello 87 D'Alessandro A.*, Mangano G., D'Anna G. & Luzio D. Highly complex fracturing pattern in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea: multiplets triggered by deep fluid circulation.

28-27 Pannello 88 De Lucia M.*, Alessio G., Gaudiosi G., Nappi R., Porfido S. A review of the Intensity values for the 1743 Salento earthquake.

28-28 Pannello 89 Ferranti L., Milano G., Burrato P., Cannavò F., Meccariello M.* & Palano M. The 2013-2014 Matese Massif seismic sequence (Southern Apennine, Italy): a model for the seismogenic structure derived from multidisciplinary investigation.

28-29 Pannello 90 Meccariello M.* Ferranti L. & Pepe F. The NW sector of the Sicily Channel: geometry and evolution of inverted structural lineaments.

28-30 Pannello 91 Monaco C.*, Ferranti L., Mattia M., Pepe F., Scarfì L. & PRIN Research Unit PRIN Project 2010-11 "Active and recent geodynamics of Calabrian Arc and accretionary complex in the Ionian Sea": new constraints from geological, geodetic and seismological data.

28-31 Pannello 92 Monaco C.*, Barreca G., Di Stefano A. & Ristuccia G. Quaternary marine terraces and fault activity in the Messina Straits area (southern Italy).

28-32 Pannello 93 Orecchio B.*, Presti D., Totaro C., D'Amico S. & Neri G. High-quality hypocenter locations and waveform-inversion focal mechanisms in the Calabrian Arc subduction zone.

28-33 Pannello 94 Pepe F.*, Ferranti L., Monaco C. & Meccariello M. Architecture and Pliocene to Recent evolution of the offshore prolongation of the Granitola - Castelvetrano Thrust System (Sicily Channel).

28-34 Pannello 95 Pierantoni P.P.*, Centamore E. & Costa M. A new hypothesis on the seismogenic source in the Central Apennines axial sector.

28-35 Pannello 96 Scarfì L.*, Barberi G., Musumeci C. & Patanè D. Crustal structure and fault kinematics between the Aeolian Arc and the Ionian Sea offshore as revealed by earthquake tomography and focal mechanisms stress inversion.

28-36 Pannello 97 Scudero S.*, De Guidi G., Caputo R. & Perdicaro V. Quaternary and active tectonics along the Thyrrenian coast of Sicily and Calabria.

28-37 Pannello 98 Visini F., Ferranti L.*, Pace B., Palano M. & Cannavò F. Seismic, geodetic and geologic scalar moment rates of active faults in the Southern Apennines, Italy.

S29. Fault Zones: geometry, architecture, composition, fluid-rock interactions, and their seismic vs. aseismic behavior

Conveners and Chairpersons A. Bistacchi (Univ. Milano Bicocca), C. Collettini (Univ. Roma La Sapienza)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [15.30-17.15] - Aula 111

29-1 15.30-15.45 Balsamo F.*, Aldega L., De Paola N., Faoro I. & Storti F. Coseismic ruptures along shallow creeping faults in unconsolidated sediments of the Crotone Basin, South Italy: field and experimental data.

29-2 15.45-16.00 Fondriest M.*, Aretusini S., Di Toro G. & Smith S.A.F. The internal structure of an exhumed seismogenic fault zone in dolostones (Foiana Fault Zone, Italian Southern Alps).

29-3 16.00-16.15 Giorgetti C.*, Carpenter B.M. & Collettini C. Experimental Insights into the Frictional Behavior of Calcite/Talc Binary Mixtures.

29-4 16.15-16.30 Mittempergher S.*, Smith S.A.F., Remitti F., Gualtieri A. & Di Toro G. Frictional and mineralogical properties of fault rocks from the Tohoku-Oki megathrust: insights from samples recovered during IODP Expedition 343 (J-FAST).

29-5 16.30-16.45 Novellino R.*, Prosser G., F. Agosta F. & Tavarnelli E. Field and microstructural characterization of Low-angle normal fault (LANF) hosted in dolomitic rock (Southern Apennine, Italy).

29-6 16.45-17.00 Bolognesi F.*, Bistacchi A., Dobbs M., Kirkham M. & Vinciguerra S. The lock-up angle for brittle activation of a phyllosilicate-rich mylonitic fabric: implications for rock strength and failure modes.

29-18 17.00-17.15 Garde* A.A. & Boriani A. Crustal modelling of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone in Italy re-examined: new observations preclude lower-crustal extension and 90° rotation.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

29-7 Pannello 74 Bussolotto M., Benedicto A. & Invernizzi C.* Deformation mechanisms and fault rocks involving micritic limestones: examples from Corinth rift normal faults.

29-8 Pannello 75 Clemenzi L.*, Storti F., Balsamo F., Molli G., Ellam R., Muchez P. & Swennen R. Structural and paleofluid evolution of a low-angle normal fault: transient permeability, reseal hardening and overpressure build-up.

29-9 Pannello 76 Crispini L.*, Scambelluri M. & Capponi G. Fault zone deformation during exhumation of high-pressure ophiolite: evidence for localised coseismic slip in metasediments?

29-10 Pannello 77 D'Amico S.*, Evangelidis C., Neri G., Orecchio B. & Totaro C.* Seismic data analysis for source detection of moderate magnitude earthquakes and comparison to geodetic and seismological data: the case of the ML 5.0 Pollino event of October 25th 2012.

29-11 Pannello 78 Gudmunsson A., De Guidi G. & Scudero S.* Fault development model for the extensional fault system in the lower eastern flank of Mt. Etna.

29-12 Pannello 79 Hassan B.*, Butt S. & Hurich C. Investigation of aseismic monitoring of near surface fracture systems by examining Swave diffraction and interference spectral signature for geo-environmental hazard prognosis in coastal areas.

29-13 Pannello 80 Marti S.*, Heilbronner R. & Stünitz H. Aseismic creep of mafic fault rocks at the brittle-viscous transition - an experimental study.

29-14 Pannello 81 Palano M., Schiavone D., Loddo M., Neri M., Presti D.*, Quarto R., Totaro C. & Neri G. The southern edge of the Tyrrhenian subduction zone (NE Sicily): a multidisciplinary approach reveals different rheologic behaviour.

29-15 Pannello 82 Scafa M., Pace B.*, Iezzi G. & Merico A. Textures of cohesive carbonate fault rocks in the San Benedetto-Gioia dei Marsi (Fucino, central Italy) shear zone.

29-16 Pannello 83 Smeraglia L.*, Doglioni C., Carminati E. & Billi A. Geometry and kinematics from a WSW–trending dextral transfer zone: the Tre Monti fault (Central Apennines).

29-17 Pannello 84 Totaro C.*, Seeber L., Waldhauser F., Steckler M., Gervasi A., Guerra I., Orecchio B., Presti D. & Valoroso L. Fine-scale structure and kinematics of the 2010-2013 Pollino seismic swarm in the southernmost Apennines: setting the stage for post-orogenic extensional tectonics.

S30. Field mapping, remote sensing and geomatics: modern tools for the construction and quantitative analysis of geological model in Italy and the Mediterranean region

Conveners and Chairpersons S. Catalano (Univ. Catania), C. D'Ambrogi (Servizio Geologico-ISPRA Roma), S. Zanchetta (Univ. Milano Bicocca), J. Wasowski (CNR-IRPI, Bari), A. Tamburini (TRE-Telerilevamento Europa srl), A. Corsini (Univ. Modena e Reggio Emilia)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 104

30-1 08.30-09.00 [KEYNOTE] Berra F.* Geological mapping in the digital age: implications of the availability of new digital tools on the process of geological surveying and hints on the education of a new generation of field geologists.

30-2 09.00-09.15 Cipriani A.* & Santantonio M. Mesozoic architecture and tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Mt. Cosce sector (Narni Ridge, Central Apennines, Italy).

30-3 09.15-09.30 Tropeano M.*, Cilumbriello A., Gallicchio S., Grippa A., Longhitano S.G. & Sabato L. Sequential constraints in the stratigraphy of terraced marine deposits of the Metaponto area (Geological Sheet 508 "Policoro", Basilicata, Southern Italy).

30-4 09.30-09.45 Delleani F.*, Rebay G., Zucali M. & Spalla M.I. Structural mapping of the Ivozio Complex, Sesia-Lanzo Zone Italian Western Alps.

30-5 09.45-10.00 Tartarotti P.*, Martin S., Monopoli B., Benciolini L. & Schiavo A.† The Western Alps ophiolites and their cover rocks. A case study from the St. Marcel Valley (Aosta).

30-6 10.00-10.15 Cantù M., Zucali M.* & Spalla M.I. A new subduction-related foliation trajectory map in the Southern Sesia-Lanzo Zone.

30-7 10.15-10.30 Paliaga E.M.*, Deiana G., Todde S. & Orrù P.E. Geological seabed and habitat mapping on SW Sardinia continental shelf.

30-8 10.30-10.45 Tansi C.*, Folino Gallo M., Muto F., Magnelli D., Perrotta P., Russo L. & Critelli S. Seismotectonic and landslides map of the Crati graben at scale 1:50.000 (Calabria, Southern Italy).

30-9 10.45-11.00 Catalano S., Pavano F., Romagnoli G.*, Torrisi A. & Tortorici G. The first level of the seismic microzonation in volcanic areas: the case of Mount Etna.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [15.30-17.00] - Aula 104

30-10 15.30-15.45 Saroli M., Albano M., Polcari M.*, Montuori A., Tolomei C., Lancia M., Moro M., Modoni G. & Stramondo S. Interpretation of the urban areas subsidence detected by multitemporal DInSAR: the Cassino test site.

30-11 15.45-16.00 Hassan B*., Butt S. & Hurich C. An assessment of S-waves potential for integrated geotechnical and geohydrological characterization and monitoring of near surface unconsolidated sediments for hazard prevention.

30-12 16.00-16.15 Marinangeli L.*, L. Pompilio L. & Pondrelli M. Remote sensing techniques for the investigation of terrestrial planets: a multisensors and highly integrated approach for the 3D geological mapping.

30-13 16.15-16.30 Traforti A.*, Massironi M. & Zampieri D. Remote sensing analysis of the Laguna Blanca basin in the Central Andean Plateau (Catamarca, Argentina).

30-14 16.30-16.45 Ortolano G. *, Cirrincione R., Zappalà L., Condorelli A., Romagnoli G., Tortorici G., Tripodi V. & Visalli. R. Structural and petrological field mapping techniques in regions characterized by plastic to brittle transition during exhumation process: an example from the Aspromonte Massif nappe-like edifice.

30-15 16.45-17.00 Piana F.* Database conceptual design and geological field work.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

30-16 Pannello 93 Cara S., Fiori M. & Matzuzzi C.* Proximal remote sensing techinque for 3D mapping using UAS aerial system.

30-17 Pannello 94 Catalano S.*, Pavano F., Romagnoli G., Sturiale G., Torrisi A. & Tortorici G. Geological map of the eastern flank of Mount Etna (1:25.000 scale).

30-18 Pannello 95 Federico L.*, Crispini L., Dabove G.M., Piazza M. & Capponi G. Transgressive and tectonically-reworked contacts in a late orogenic basin: the case of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin in the Sassello area (Ligurian Alps, Italy).

30-19 Pannello 96 Festa V., Gallicchio S.*, Moretti M., Rapisardi L. & Tropeano M. Compressive deformational styles in the external units of the southern Apennines: field examples from the Sheet 407 San Bartolomeo in Galdo area (southern Italy).

30-20 Pannello 97 Finotelli F.*, Guerrieri E., Marchesi L. & Vercesi P.L. Po evolution during centuries in Pavia's area through historical maps using GIS analysis: identification of homogeneous segments and evolutive cycles evidences.

30-21 Pannello 98 Giacometti F.* & Rebay G. Mapping structures and associated mineral parageneses in HP calcschists from the Italian Western Alps: the Beth-Ghinivert area.

30-22 Pannello 99 Lentini F.* & Carbone S. The Geological Map of Sicily.

30-23 Pannello 100 Melis M.T.* , Locci F. , Dessì F. & Vuillermoz E. Dust storm monitoring with MODIS data on the Multan region (Pakistan).

30-24 Pannello 101 Petracchini L.*, Scrocca D., Spagnesi S. & Minelli F. First results of a 3D geological model in northern Latium to support the assessment of conventional and unconventional geothermal resources.

30-25 Pannello 102 Zanoni D.*, Gosso G. & Spalla M.I. Mapping relationships between deformation, magmatism and metamorphism in the Biella and Traversella plutons (Western Italian Alps).

S31. Geodynamics of the Alpine orogenic systems: from surface processes to deep dynamics

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Capponi (Univ. Genova), M. Malusà (Univ. Milano Bicocca), G. Prosser (Univ. Basilicata)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [14.30-17.00] - Aula 104

31-1 14.30-14.45 Spalla M.I.*, Delleani F., Marotta A.M., Rebay G., Regorda A., Roda M., Salvi F., Zanoni D., Zucali M. & Gosso G. The continental crust of the Austroalpine Domain: the record of multiple rejuvenation of an orogenic scar.

31-2 14.45-15.00 Malatesta C.*, Gerya T., Crispini L., Federico L. & Capponi G. Oblique subduction and size of the accretionary prism: insight from 3D numerical modeling.

31-3 15.00-15.15 Festa A.*, Pini G.A., Dilek Y., Ogata K., Balestro G. & Tartarotti P. Understanding mélange and mélange-forming processes: new constraints for the tectonic evolution of the Alpine orogenic system.

31-4 15.15-15.30 Pandolfi L.*, Göncüoglu M.C., Marroni M., Ellero A., Ottria G., Catanzariti R., Tekin U.K. & Sayit K. The geodynamic evolution of the Intra-Pontide suture zone, Central Turkey: evidence from the ophiolite bearing Arkot Dağ Mélange.

31-5 15.30-15.45 Manzotti P.*, Zucali M., Ballèvre M., Robyr M. & Engi M. The Roisan-Cignana Shear Zone (Dent Blanche Tectonic System, Western Alps): from the Permian lithospheric thinning to the Alpine subduction and collision.

31-6 15.45-16.00 Zanchi A.*, Malaspina N., Zanchetta S., Berra F., Benciolini L., Martin L., Bergomi M., Cavallo A., Javadi H.R. & Kouhpeyma M. The Cimmerian accretionary wedge of Anarak: a Variscan subduction complex in Central Iran.

31-7 16.00-16.15 Zucali M.*, Vho A., Chateigner D., Lutterotti L. & Ouladdiaf B. LPO of metamorphic tectonites of the Eclogite Micaschists Complex (Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Austroalpine domain, Western Alps, Italy) as indicators of strain partition during alpine subduction.

31-8 16.15-16.30 Massa G.*, Musumeci G., Pieruccioni D. & Mazzarini F. Out of sequence thrust in the inner zone of northern Apennines: insight from Elba island nappe stack.

31-9 16.30-16.45 Gasparo Morticelli M.*, Valenti V., Catalano R., Sulli A., Agate M., Avellone G., Albanese C. & Basilone L. Deep controls on Foreland Basin System evolution along the Sicily Thrust Belt.

31-10 16.45-17.00 Maggi M.*, Cianfarra P., Arragoni S. & Salvini F. Pre-Tyrrhenian tectonic evolution in the Mesozoic carbonate units of Eastern Sardinia from 3D (2D + t) modeling.


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

31-11 Pannello 85 Arragoni S.*, Cianfarra P., Maggi M. & Salvini F. New structural data for pre-Tyrrhenian thrust tectonics in the Mesozoic carbonate units of Eastern Sardinia.

31-12 Pannello 86 Maino M.*, Stuart F., Ceriani A., Decarlis A., Di Giulio A., Seno S., & Setti M. Zircon (U-Th)/He dating of the Penninic basal thrust emplacement.

31-13 Pannello 87 Malatesta C., Federico L.*, Crispini L. & Capponi G. From ductile to brittle behavior in blueschist-facies mylonite: implications for deformation processes in subduction zones.

31-14 Pannello 88 Zanoni D., Spalla M.I. & Gosso G.* The record of the transition from Variscan collision to continental break-up in the Permian conglomerates of Central Southern Alps.

S32. Geodynamic modeling at different structural levels: comparison between natural data and model predictions

Conveners and Chairpersons G. Corti (IGG-CNR, Firenze), A.M. Marotta (Univ. Milano), F. Storti (Univ. Parma)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [17.15-18.00] - Aula 104

32-1 17.15-17.45 [KEYNOTE] Faccenna C.*, Becker T. & Funiciello F. Subduction and mantle dynamics in the Mediterranean: data, modelling and perspectives.

32-2 17.45-18.00 Malatesta C.*, Gerya T., Crispini L., Federico L., Scambelluri M. & Capponi G. Coupling and tectonic erosion of plates at oblique subduction zones: hints from numerical modeling.

Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 [08.30-10.45] - Aula 104

32-3 08.30-08.45 Faccenda M.* Patterns of seismic anisotropy around subduction zones: predictions by numerical modelling, comparison with observations and implications for subduction-induced mantle flow.

32-4 08.45-09.00 Piccardo G.B.* Anatomy of the Ligurian Tethys: a geodynamic model based on field/laboratory studies and numerical/analogue modeling.

32-5 09.00-09.15 Regorda A.*, Marotta A.M., Spalla M.I., Roda M. & Rebay G. 2D numerical study of the effects of mantle hydration and viscous heating on the dynamics of the wedge area within an ocean/continent subduction complex: the case study of Variscan crust in the Alpine domain.

32-6 09.15-09.45 [KEYNOTE] Govers R.*, van Benthem S. & Wortel R. What drives microplate motion and deformation in the northeastern Caribbean plate boundary region?

32-7 09.45-10.00 Calignano E.*, Sokoutis D. & Willingshofer E. Strain localization during compression of a laterally heterogeneous continental lithosphere.

32-8 10.00-10.15 Nestola Y.*, Storti F. & Cavozzi C. Role of extensional strain-rate on lithosphere necking architecture during continental rifting.

32-9 10.15-10.30 Trippanera D.*, Ruch J., Acocella V., Lamarra D. & Rivalta E. Understanding rifting processes using analogue modeling.

32-10 10.30-10.45 Macchiavelli C.*, Schettino A. & Turco E. A new high-resolution isochron map for the Central Atlantic region since the early Oligocene.


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

32-11 Pannello 103 Agostini A.*, Corti G., Keir D., Van Wijk J., Bastow I.D., Ebinger C. & Ranalli G. Magma-induced axial subsidence during final-stage rifting: implications for the formation of seaward dipping reflectors.

32-12 Pannello 104 Cavozzi C.*, Storti F., Nestola Y., Salvi F. & Davoli G. Magnetorheological fluids as new materials for sandbox analogue experiments.

32-13 Pannello 105 Cruciani F.*, Manconi A. & Barchi M.R. Modeling the long-term mechanical behaviour of the Barreirinhas Basin Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt (Brazil).

32-14 Pannello 106 Marotta A.M. & Splendore R.* 3D mechanical structure of the lithosphere below the Alps and the role of gravitational body forces in the regional present-day stress field.

32-15 Pannello 107 Marotta A.M.*, Conte K., Roda M. & Spalla M.I. Thermo-mechanical numerical model of the transition from continental rifting to oceanization: the transition from Permian-Triassic thinning to oceanisation in the alpine chain.

S33. Planetary Geology: frontiers of geological exploration, modeling and understanding

Conveners and Chairpersons M. Massironi (Univ. Padova), A.M. Fioretti (IGG-CNR, Padova), M. Prondelli (Univ. Chieti), F. De Blasio (Univ. Milano Bicocca)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [15.30-18.00] - Aula 111

33-1 15.30-15.45 Carli C.*, Carrozzo F.G., Altieri F., Giacomini L. & Bellucci G. A peculiar spectral unit in the Southern Amazonian Polar Layered Deposits

33-2 15.45-16.00 Tangari A.C.*, Marinangeli L., Piluso E., Pompilio L. & Scarciglia F. Pedogenetic processes on Mars.

33-3 16.00-16.15 De Blasio F.V.*, Crosta G.B., Valbuzzi E. & Frattini P. Landslides in Valles Marineris and other locations of Mars: a new database and examination of morphologies in relation to the deposition environment.

33-4 16.15-16.30 Di Achille G.*, Longhitano S.G., Ferranti L., Hutton E.W.H., Kettner A. & Rossi A.P. Quantitative 2D and 3D modeling of a ancient Gilbert-type fan delta in Shalbatana Vallis, Mars: paleoclimatic and paleohydrologic implications.

33-5 16.30-16.45 Guallini L.*, Gilmore M. S. & Marinangeli L. Ancient Martian lakestands and fluvial processes in Iani Chaos: geology of Light-Toned Layered Deposits and their relationship to Ares Vallis outflow channels.

33-6 16.45-17.00 Roda M.*, Kleinhans M.G., Govers R. & Zegers T. Correlation between chaotic terrains and impact craters on Mars.

33-7 17.00-17.15 Pozzobon R.*, Mazzarini F., Lucchetti A., Massironi M., Rossi A.P., Marinangeli L. & Cremonese G. Fractal clustering analysis and numerical modeling results from Firsoff Crater (Mars).

331-8 17.15-17.30 Komatsu G.* Possible mud volcanism and astrobiological potential on Mars.

33-9 17.30-17.45 Pacifici A.*, Cannarsa F., Murana A., Aboudan A., Ori G.G., Marcer A., Portigliotti S. & Lorenzoni L. Geological geomorphological map of ExoMars 2016 landing site.

33-10 17.45-18.00 Mancinelli P.*, Mondini A., Pauselli C. & Federico C. Relationship between surface geology and impact cratering: global and local studies from Mars and Mercury.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-10.00] - Aula 111

33-11 08.30-08.45 Giacomini L.*, Massironi M., Marchi S., Fassett C.I., Di Achille G. & Cremonese G. Dating a thrust system on Mercury: implications for the planet's thermal evolution.

33-12 08.45-09.00 Serventi G.*, Carli C. & Sgavetti M. Analysis of reflectance spectra from Proclus and Copernicus craters.

33-13 09.00-09.15 Palumbo P.*, Di Achille G., Adriani A., Cremonese G., Debei S., Della Corte V., Ferranti L., Galluzzi V, Magrin D., Marinangeli L.7, Massironi M., Mazzotta Epifani E., Popa C., Ragazzoni R., Schipani P., Tosi F., Zusi M., Jaumann R., Hoffmann H., Lara M.L., Holland A. & the International JANUS team The exploration of Galileian satellites by the JANUS camera onboard the ESA JUICE mission.

33-14 09.15-09.30 Massironi M.*, Cremonese G., Giacomini L., Pajola M., Marchi S., Besse S., Thomas N., Oklay N., Vincent J.B., Barucci M.A., Bertini I., Ferri F., Fornasier S., Lazzarin M., Magrin S., A'Hearn M.F., Marzari F., La Forgia F., Snodgrass C., Naletto G., Jorda L., Barbieri C., Sierks H. & the OSIRIS team First geological observations of 67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO comet nucleus from Rosetta mission.

33-15 09.30-09.45 Tribaudino M.* & Mantovani L. The meteoritical collection of the Parma mineralogical museum.

33-16 09.45-10.00 Cavazzini G.* Radioactive decay as a second-order kinetics transformation process. Consequences on radiometric dating.


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

33-17 Pannello 99 Cardinale M.*, Silvestro S., Vaz D.A. , Michaels T. & Marinangeli L. Aeolian Activity in Herschel Crater, Mars.

33-18 Pannello 100 Carli C.*, Serventi G., Ciarniello M., Capaccioni F. & Sgavetti M. Particle sizes influence on the retrieving optical constant of silicates on planetary regolith in the VNIR by Hapke model.

33-19 Pannello 101 Colantuono L., Baliva A., Guallini L.*, Marinangeli L., Mastrogiuseppe M., Cassenti F. & Seu R. Capabilities of the SHARAD instrument to detect subsurface features on Mars: an example of possible buried outflow morphologies in Elysium Planitia.

33-20 Pannello 102 Di Achille G.*, Salese F. & Ori G.G. Geomorphology and sedimentology of an unnamed ancient fluvial system in the Acidalia region of Mars.

33-21 Pannello 103 Domeneghetti M.C.*, Alvaro M., Fioretti A.M., Cámara F. & Marinangeli L. New augite geothermometer for nakhlites.

33-22 Pannello 104 Frattini P.*, Crosta G.B., De Blasio F.V., Castellanza R. & Utili S. Landslides in Valles Marineris, Mas, and their possible triggering mechanism.

33-23 Pannello 105 Galluzzi V.*, Di Achille G., Ferranti F., Rothery D.A. & Palumbo P. Geological map of Victoria quadrangle (H-2) of Mercury from MESSENGER images.

33-24 Pannello 106 Marinangeli L.*, Liberi F., Piluso E., Pompilio L., Cardinale M., Rosatelli G., Tranquilli A. & Pepe M. Geological constraints for carbonate occurrence within Elorza Crater central pit.

33-25 Pannello 107 Orlando A., Serventi G.*, Carli C., Borrini D., Pratesi G., Sgavetti M. & Capaccioni F. Synthesis of Fe2+- bearing plagioclases: a valuable tool for interpreting reflectance spectra from Solar System bodies.

33-26 Pannello 108 Pernechele C., Solzi M., Mantovani L. & Tribaudino M.* Magnetic behaviour of the high Ni NWA6259 iron meteorite.

33-27 Pannello 109 Pondrelli M.*, Rossi A.P. & Marinangeli L. Evolution of the fluvio-lacustrine system of the Eberswalde crater (Mars).

33-28 Pannello 110 Vivaldi V.*, Ninfo A., Massironi M., Martellato E. & Cremonese G. Morphometric analysis comparison of differently degraded simple craters on the Moon.

S34. Structural geology studies in extensional and compressional plate tectonic settings: petroleum geology implications

Conveners and Chairpersons M.R. Barchi (Univ. Perugia), S. Corrado (Univ. RomaTre), C. Magistroni (Eni E&P)


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 [17.15-18.00] - Aula 109

34-1 17.15-17.30 Panza E.*, Zambrano M., Agosta F. & Tondi E. Multi-scale fracture networks of faulted and fractured Apulian carbonates, Italy.

34-2 17.30-17.45 Felici F.*, Alemanni A. & de Montleau P. Continuous Fracture Modeling: from well data to dynamic flow. Methodology and application.

34-3 17.45-18.00 Prosser G.*, Agosta F. & Giano S.I. The Vietri di Potenza relay ramp, Southern Apennines, Italy.

Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 [08.30-11.00] - Aula 109

34-4 08.30-08.45 Grigo D.*, Aldega L., Andreucci B., Caricchi C., Corrado S., Di Paolo L., Romano C.4 & Zattin M. The thermal history of the Baltic Basin evaluated by means of a multidisciplinary approach, the IMPR - Integrated Maturity Profile.

34-5 08.45-09.00 Obiri G.*, Cella G.M., Italiano D., Aiolfi C., Ronchi P. & Benalia L. Structural evolution of the syn- and post -rift domain of West Africa sheared margin and Implications for Petroleum Potential: Ghana Margin Case.

34-6 09.00-09.15 Cruciani F.* & Barchi M.R. Seismic transects through the Somali Basin gravity-driven Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt (East Africa).

34-7 09.15-09.30 Balsamo F.*, Nestola Y., Storti F., Nogueira F.C.C. & Bezerra F.H.R. Periodical post-rift shear reversal along the Pernambuco Fracture Zone, NE Brazil: implications for hydrocarbon exploration in passive continental margins.

34-8 09.30-09.45 Bolis G., Bresciani I., Calabrò R.*, Feltre L., Perotti C.R. & Zucca F. Tectonic setting of the SE sector of the Taurus Mountains (Kurdistan, Iraq).

34-9 09.45-10.00 Aldega L.*, Carminati E., Bigi S., Trippetta F., Corrado S. & Shaban A. Thermal and tectonic evolution of the SW Zagros (Fars province) from internal to external zones.

34-10 10.00-10.15 Minelli G.*, Bigi S., Aldega L., Carminati E., Lupattelli A. & Shaban A. Tectonic evolution of the Sarvestan area (Fars region, Zagros): constraints from seismic lines, field data and thermal maturity of sediments.

34-11 10.15-10.30 Sala P.*, Pfiffner A. & Frehner M. Visualization and modeling techniques in complex tectonic settings for petroleum potential assessment, a geometrical example from a collisional mountain belt.

34-12 10.30-10.45 Castelluccio A., Andreucci B., Grigo D., Jankowski L., Ketcham R.A., Mazzoli S.*, Szaniawski R. & Zattin M. Structure and tectonic evolution of the Western Carpathians: new insights from sequentially restored balanced cross-sections integrated with low-temperature thermochronometry.

34-13 10.45-11.00 Fantoni R.*, Dal Zotto O., Fattorini A. Martinis S. & Stanculete A. Inversion structure in the Po Plain and Adriatic foreland (Northern Italy).


Mercoledì 10 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

34-14 Pannello 108 Caricchi C.*, Corrado S., Di Paolo L., Romano C., Aldega L., Grigo D. & Vona A. A new multi-method approach to assess thermal maturity of Lower Paleozoic sedimentary successions: the case history of Polish Baltic Basin.

S35. Poster - Open Session

Conveners and Chairpersons B. Cesare (Univ. Padova), E. Erba (Univ. Milano)


Giovedì 11 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

35-1 Pannello 109 Argentieri A., Console F., Doglioni C., Fabbi S., Pantaloni M., Petti F.M.*, Romano M. & Zuccari A. The "Geoitaliani" project: history of geology as a key for the spreading of scientific knowledge in Italy.

35-2 Pannello 110 Braschi E.*, Orlando A. & Ruggieri G. The utilization of the electron microprobe analyses to non-silicatic systems: examples of applications.

35-3 Pannello 111 R. Calabrò, P. Martini, A. Pica, G. Rigo, P. Shiner, P. Vecchia* A "group of Oil&Gas Geology" within the Geological Society of Italy. Why? What? How?

35-4 Pannello 112 Cirillo C., Scarpa L., Acampora G.* , Bertoli B., Russo M. & Esposito R. Rus in Urbe: GIS for archaeobotanical data collection of green spaces of ancient Pompeii.

35-5 Pannello 113 Citton P.* & Romano M. Hunting for a putative trackmaker: "élite prints" 3D morphology as an objective tool to recognize osteological patterns and to infer locomotor functionality.

35-6 Pannello 114 Columbu S., Costamagna L.G., Cruciani G., Elter F.M., Fancello D.*, Franceschelli M. & Scodina M. Petrographic features of foliated leucocratic body in the Migmatite Complex from northeastern Sardinia.

35-7 Pannello 115 Costamagna L.G.*, Cruciani G., Elter F.M. & Franceschelli M. The Variscan (?) Settiballas "Micaschists" (SW Sardinia): geological and petrographical investigations.

35-8 Pannello 116 Costamagna L.G., Cruciani G.*, Elter F.M., Fancello D., Franceschelli M., Massa F. & Spano M.E. The high-grade metamorphics from Pittulongu to Golfo Aranci (NE Sardinia): an attempt of lithological reconstruction.

35-9 Pannello 117 Crippa G.*, Felletti F. & Raineri G. The Lower Pleistocene Arda river invertebrate fauna: palaeoecology, palaeoclimatology and biochronology.

35-10 Pannello 118 Cuccuru S.*, Casini L., Naitza S., Puccini A., Secchi F. & Oggiano G. The late Variscan Monte Linas Pluton (SW Sardinia): a source of granophile element ore.

35-11 Pannello 119 Di Bella L., Frezza V.*, Conte M.A., Falese F., Martorelli E., Sposato A. & Chiocci F.L. Foraminiferal assemblages in active volcanic areas: two study cases from Azores Archipelago (Atlantic Ocean) and Pantelleria Island (Mediterranean Sea).

35-12 Pannello 120 Ferretti A., Ferri A., Moraga D.J., Pica D.* & Di Bella L. Living foraminiferal assemblages in two submarine canyons (Polcevera and Bisagno) of the Ligurian Basin (Italy).

35-13 Pannello 121 Fiannacca P.*, Bonanno F., Carciotto M., Militello. G. & Cirrincione R. Geochemical constraints on late Variscan granitoid magmatism in central Calabria (Southern Italy).

35-14 Pannello 122 Franceschelli M.* & Cruciani G. 40Ar-39Ar results on amphibole and biotite of an anatectic amphibole-bearing migmatite from the Variscan basement of NE Sardinia, Italy.

35-15 Pannello 123 Gattullo C.E., Cuccovillo G., Pizzigallo M., Medici L.* , Tomasi N., Mimmo T., Cesco S. & Terzano R. The role of flavonoids on the weathering of iron and manganese minerals in the rhizosphere.

35-16 Pannello 124 Inzoli S.*, Giudici M., Mele M. & Bersezio R. Complex electrical resistivity measurements on alluvial sediment samples toward sedimentological and petrographic properties estimation.

35-17 Pannello 125 Laurora A., Brigatti M.F., Malferrari D. & Medici L.* Quantitative phase analysis of clay soils via the Rietveld-RIR method and thermal analyses coupled with evolved gasses mass spectrometry.

35-18 Pannello 126 Longo V.*, Testone V., Oggiano G. & Testa A. Prospecting and assessing structurally controlled bentonite deposits by employing Electrical Resistivity Tomography.

35-19 Pannello 127 Marengo A.*, Costa E. & Borghi A. Depositional environment of calcite-alabaster: two compared case studies.

35-20 Pannello 128 Mattioli M., Renzulli A.* & Agostini S. Petrography, major-trace elements and isotopic compositions of the lavas from El Tigre volcano (Fonseca Gulf, Honduras): increasing data on the Central America Volcanic Front.

35-21 Pannello 129 Messina R.*, Berardi G., Rossetti F., Soligo M. & Vignaroli G. Geochronology of travertines and calcite veins in the Tafone Graben area (Manciano, southern Tuscany).

35-22 Pannello 130 Prezio T.* & D'Alessio A. Burial contexts in the protohistorical necropolis of Torano Castello: SEM and XRF spectroscopy analyses.

35-23 Pannello 131 Reguzzoni M. & Sampietro D.* A global crustal model from the inversion of GOCE gravity observations.

35-24 Pannello 132 Romano M.* & Citton P. Using PCA and standard deviation analysis to evaluate the reliability of digit length impression as sound ichnotaxonomical character.

35-25 Pannello 133 Sacchi E., Roncacè S., Nicosia U., Romano M.* Forensic Geosciences.

35-26 Pannello 134 Spatola D.*, Pennino V. & Sulli A. New foundings of contourite deposits in an active continental margin (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea).

35-27 Pannello 135 Traforti A.*, Zampieri D. & Massironi M. Structural analysis of the Laguna Blanca basin in the Central Andean Plateau (Catamarca, Argentina).

35-28 Pannello 136 Vigliaturo R., Harries D., Pollok K., Langenhorst F., Capella S. & Belluso E. Gentle sample preparation methods for specimen contained in complex matrix.

35-29 Pannello 137 Zecchin M.*, Ceramicola S., Praeg D. & Muto F. Regional unconformities in the Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary successions of the Calabrian Block (central Mediterranean).

S36. Poster - Geoscience outreach: a challenge to be faced

Conveners and Chairpersons Gemma Musacchio (INGV), Giovanna L. Piangiamore (INGV)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

36-1 Pannello 89 Ambrosi D.* The secret to lustro between art, science and mineralogy.

36-2 Pannello 90 Azzara R.M.*, Bartolomei L., Romizi A. & Senserini L. Seismological literacy, a contribution to the mitigation of seismic risk. The educational project for the schools of Arezzo (Italy) and its province.

36-3 Pannello 91 Calligaris C.*, Zini L., Turpaud P., Iervolino D., Lippi F., Cucchi F. Dissemination through InFEA Project: the water, an inalienable right.

36-4 Pannello 92 D'Addezio G.*, Rubbia G., Musacchio G., Lanza T., Marsili A. & Piangiamore G.L. Because the ERN belongs to public: lesson learned at INGV.

36-5 Pannello 93 D'Addezio G., Rubbia G., Abbruzzese D., Caddeo G., Di Stefano M., Giordani A., Le Pera T.*, Ramieri C., Scipilliti F., Todaro R., Tosto E. & Valle V. A National Civil Service project at INGV: for contributing to Earth Sciences outreach.

36-6 Pannello 94 De Lucia M.*, Alessio G., Altavilla R., Avvisati G., Casapullo R., Cubellis E., Del Gaudio C., De Natale G., de Vita S., Di Laura F., Di Vito M.A., Gaudiosi G., Loddo M., Marotta E., Mattoni S., Milano G., Molisso G.4, Nappi R., Nave R., Pino N.A., Ricciardi G.P., Riposati D., Russo M., Salerno G., Serio C., Siniscalchi V., Torello V., Trimarchi E. & Uzzo T. "I luoghi di Mercalli": a travelling exhibition as a tool for scientists to dialogue with the public on volcanoes and earthquakes.

36-7 Pannello 95 De Vita S.  & Foresta Martin F.* The island of Ustica, an open-air geoscience museum: the role of geoparks in the dissemination of the Earth Sciences.

36-8 Pannello 96 Di Vito M. A., de Vita S.*, Ricciardi G.P., Marotta E., Avvisati G., Uzzo T., De Natale G., Ghilardi M. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. Volcanoes, a window into the Earth's interior: the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the new exhibit of the Royal Observatory of Vesuvius (ROV).

36-9 Pannello 97 Eva E., Musacchio G.*, Piangiamore G.L. & Solarino S. The trust of Italian students in geoscientists: a quantitative pilot study.

36-10 Pannello 98 Gianotti F.*, Forno M.G., Ajassa R., Ferrando S., Ghidone G. & Oreglia E. The Serra d'Ivrea (NW Italy) as a didactic example of lateral moraine devoted to the scientific dissemination.

36-11 Pannello 99 La Longa F.*, Crescimbene M. & Lanza T. The Eco-Museum an innovative educational methodology to discover the earth sciences.

36-12 Pannello 100 Lancellotti L.*, Invernizzi C. & Paris E. Teachingearthsciences: a website for teachers without a geological background.

36-13 Pannello 101 Lanza T.* Using narrative to disseminate Earth sciences culture.

36-14 Pannello 102 Musacchio G., Piangiamore G. L.*, Solarino S., Pino N.A., Eva E., Sansivero F., D'Addezio G., Augliera P., Piccarreda D., D'Amico M., Gomez A.C.A., Lovati S., Luzi L. & Massa M.5 ScienzAperta: Earth Science for everyone... finally in Milan!

36-15 Pannello 103 Pagliuca N.M.* & Calcagni E. The Geophysical Museum of Rocca di Papa: between knowledge and scientific research.

36-16 Pannello 104 Piangiamore G.L. & Musacchio G.* The Tree of Natural Hazard Education.

S37. Poster - Le geoscienze a scuola

Conveners and Chairpersons S. Occhipinti (Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Scienze Naturali), F. Pagani (Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Scienze Naturali), E. Paris (Università di Camerino), M. Pelfini (Università di Milano)


Venerdì 12 Settembre 2014 - Area Poster

37-1 Pannello 105 Boniello A.*, Paris E. Geosciences in virtual worlds: a path in the volcanic area of the Phlegraean Fields.

37-2 Pannello 106 Ciceri P.*, Cicconi A., Pierro L., Tizzoni P. Dal laboratorio al palcoscenico: il teatro-scienza per apprendere e divulgare le discipline scientifiche.

37-3 Pannello 107 Colli A.*, Spadaro G. Star bene per far star bene la terra.

37-4 Pannello 108 Giudici M.*, D'Orsi P., Caironi V., Baratelli F., Cattaneo L., Comunian A., De Filippis G., Dell'Arciprete D., Durante C., Inzoli S., Mele M., Vassena C. Familiarizzare gli studenti del Liceo Scientifico con le geoscienze attraverso attività seminariali e di terreno.

37-5 Pannello 109 Lancellotti L.*, Invernizzi C., Paris E. Teachingearthsciences: un sito web per insegnanti.

37-6 Pannello 110 Lancellotti L., Macario M.* Darwin, il geo-investigatore - Ripercorrere in chiave inquiry based alcuni esperimenti storici del teorico dell'evoluzione.

37-7 Pannello 111 Merlini A.*, Grieco G., Oneta C. Scuola terra e fantasia: un progetto sperimentale per la diffusione delle geoscienze nelle scuole dell'infanzia.

37-8 Pannello 112 Paris E.*, Occhipinti S. Earth-net: una rete per la didattica delle scienze della terra.

37-9 Pannello 113 Pelfini M.*, Bollati I., Zucali M. Le scienze della terra sul campo: applicazioni didattiche per la comprensione dell'evoluzione del paesaggio.

37-10 Pannello 114 Porta M., Grieco G., Merlini A.* Canale Geotube.

37-11 Pannello 115 Realdon G.*, Paris E., Invernizzi C. Preparazione indagine sull'insegnamento delle Scienze della Terra nei licei italiani post-riforma.

37-12 Pannello 116 Scacchetti M.*, Fantini R. Le argille, protagoniste del paesaggio attorno a Baiso (RE).

37-13 Pannello 117 Scapellato B.* Il learning cycle delle 5e per introdurre l'IBSE nella didattica delle Scienze Della Terra.

37-14 Pannello 118 Sperone P.*, Magagna A., Giardino M., Ferrero E., studenti classi 1H-1P Un'esperienza didattica di studio del paesaggio geologico con il supporto dello smartphone.

37-15 Pannello 119 Stroppa P.* Ammoniti: gli abitanti più famosi dell'appennino accompagnano gli studenti alla scoperta dei fossili.

37-16 Pannello 120 Stroppa P.*, Pierantoni P., Invernizzi C., Paris E., Viaggio spazio-temporale nel geosito del Monte Conero (Marche): uno strumento per la didattica delle geoscienze nelle scuole.

37-17 Pannello 121 Sturani M.*, Porta M, Esposto S., Pelfini M. Le scienze della terra nei libri di testo della scuola secondaria di secondo grado italiana: cambiamenti ed evoluzione.

37-18 Pannello 122 Villa M.*, Spadaro G. Microcosmo suolo.