P4. Sea-level and coastal changes. From the field proxies to the future scenarios


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Matteo Vacchi - University of Pisa
  • Gaia Mattei - University of Napoli Parthenope
  • Marta Pappalardo - University of Pisa
  • Pietro Aucelli - University of Napoli Parthenope
  • Alessio Rovere - Ca' Foscari University of Venice
How will the coasts respond to changing environmental factors in the future? The rate at which the sea level has changed over the last millennia may help make crucial political decisions around climate targets. A better understanding of the impacts that sea-level rise may cause on coastal communities and the global economy requires a deep understanding of the Earth system dynamics, which produce these changes. The past behaviour of ice sheets, oceans, and the solid Earth – and their effects on sea level – provide essential information to address this challenge. This session will welcome contributions focussing on earth system processes affecting sea-level changes. These include tectonics, glacial isostatic adjustment, ocean dynamics, and mantle dynamic topography. Furthermore, the session will welcome studies that integrate proxy and instrumental observations to understand the sea-level and coastal changes and innovative techniques to use past records to project future sea levels.
Coastal risk, Sea level changes, Sea Level Scenarios, Coastal Flooding 
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