P7. Geosciences and heritage in a time-lapse: origin, lifetime and future challenges


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Michela Botticelli - University Of Glasgow
  • Giulia Ricci - University of Padova
  • Laura Medeghini - Sapienza University of Rome
Geosciences are one of the pillars in Heritage Science. Natural materials undergo artificial processes to become artworks, which are then subjected to natural weathering mechanisms, whose impact is increasingly higher because of climate change. Natural or synthetic geomaterials can also provide a valuable tool for green restoration, because of their high compatibility with original materials.
In this context, geosciences allow to study artworks and their life cycle, but also to ensure their preservation for future generations with a sustainable approach.
This session aims to stimulate the discussion among the three main applications in the field:
i) the study of the past, possibly through methodological innovation (minimizing the sampling, introducing new techniques)
ii) the identification of uncharted risk factors and degradation phenomena
iii) the development of novel conservation approaches (green/bio-materials)
Particular interest will be given to innovative approaches and new solutions to the conservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage which fall in the aims of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).
Heritage science, methodological innovation, degradation phenomena, sustainable conservation
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