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P21. Geochemistry of fluids from hydrothermal and volcanic environments: classical, innovative, and prospective approaches to investigate the behavior of natural systems


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Franco Tassi, Università di Firenze
  • Sergio Calabrese, Università di Palermo
Fluid geochemistry represents a robust tool for investigations aiming to geothermal prospection and active volcano monitoring for decades. The continuous improvement of in situ and lab analytical instruments reinforced the role of geochemists in the estimation of the potential of low-to-medium enthalpy systems, actions to mitigate the volcanic hazard, as well as the evaluation of the environmental impact on air quality of naturally discharged fluids and anthropogenic activity related to the production of energy from traditional and alternative sources. This session is open to researchers proposing investigation methods, case studies, theoretical models, and empirical experiences based on fluid geochemistry aimed to dissect volcanic and hydrothermal systems. Multidisciplinary studies that benefit from collaborations of specialists in different areas of research, e.g. geophysics and biology, are also welcome.
Fluid geochemistry, geothermal prospection, volcanic hazard, hydrothermal-volcanic reservoir, volcano monitoring, air quality, environmental impact