P46. Asbestos and fibrous geomaterials: from monitoring and assessment to good practices in their treatment and disposal in the context of green transition


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Giovanna Rizzo - Università degli Studi della Basilicata
  • Rosalda Punturo - Università degli Studi di Catania
  • Carmela Vaccaro - Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Nowadays, despite all that is known about the health effects of asbestos exposures, a small number of countries continue to mine and export raw fibre for use in the production of asbestos-containing  products on the other hands, other countries banned asbestos exploitation but not its use. As far as countries where asbestos and fibrous materials have been banned, they have to cope with problems related to dismission and requalification of sites and buildings where such materials still occur.
In such a multi -faceted context, the session will focus on asbestos and fibrous geomaterials related to NOA as well as to building and artifacts. Effective detection, monitoring and characterization of ACM (Asbestos containing Materials) and fibers occurring in geomaterials.
Contributions on Sustainable Practices for Asbestos Detection, Management and Disposal in the Built Environment are also welcome.
asbestos, fibrous geomaterials, NOA, dismission and requalification, green transition

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