P50. Reconstructing volcano-stratigraphies and eruptive histories toward better constrained hazard assessment and risk mitigation


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Ivan Sunyé Puchol Sapienza – Università di Roma
  • Lorenzo Monaco Università di Pisa
  • Danilo M. Palladino Sapienza – Università di Roma
  • Dario Pedrazzi - Geo3BCN – CSIC, Barcelona
One of the main goals in volcanology is to reconstruct accurate eruptive histories (including volcanic processes, timescales, frequency and magnitude of events), essential information to improve short- and long-term eruption forecasting and to provide context for holistic hazard assessment. Indeed, delineating volcanic histories in advance of unrest is important to decrease behaviour uncertainty and to mitigate volcanic risks. However, many volcanic centres lack the basic knowledge of their past eruptions or distribution of the associated deposits, which is an essential guide for predicting future eruptive scenarios.
We invite contributions presenting field-based reconstructions of eruptive histories in volcanic areas through integrated geologic mapping, volcano-(tephro)stratigraphy, geochronology, geochemistry, petrology and geophysical datasets. This session provides a forum to discuss studies on volcanic products (i.e. lava, pyroclastic and reworked volcanoclastic deposits, etc.), sedimentary processes (i.e. transport and emplacement of pyroclastic currents, fallouts, lahars and avalanches) and eruption styles (i.e. explosive, effusive, hydrovolcanic, phreatic, etc.) that describe multi-hazard phenomena. We especially encourage investigations that adopt novel and/or multi-disciplinary approaches, welcoming also physical volcanology studies, distal tephrochronologic correlations and ash dispersal modelling from explosive eruptions, which can represent serious hazards (health issues, infrastructure and aircraft damage, etc.) and/or have impacted past societies and the environment (including paleoclimatic and archaeological studies).
volcano-(tephro)stratigraphy, eruptive histories, tephrochronology, volcanic hazards, geochemistry
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