P62. Cross-disciplinary investigations of extensional systems


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Gianluca Frasca - CNR-IGG, Torino
  • Giovanni Camanni - Università Napoli Federico II
  • Kei Ogata - Università Napoli Federico II
  • Pietro Sternai - Università Milano Bicocca
  • Valentin Basch - CNR-IGG, Pavia
The broad aim of this session is to investigate the multi-scale processes and structures across extensional systems associated with rifting, mantle exhumation, seafloor spreading and mountain building. The session will address a wide range of topics related to extension and processes taking place across a broad spectrum of temporal and spatial scales such as: (i) modes of lower crust and upper mantle stretching, and associated serpentinisation/magmatic activity; (ii) structure and evolution of the normal fault systems triggered by upper crustal stretching and flexure; (iii) subsidence mechanisms, sedimentary processes and infilling of basins associated with extension; (iv) link between plate kinematics/paleogeography, climate and paleo-oceanographic circulation in extensional settings. We invite contributions that build on data such as outcrop observations (including virtual ones), geological maps, geophysical imaging, earthquake seismicity, petrological and geochemical data, as well as analogue/numerical models and plate kinematic reconstructions. Contributions that deal with the repercussions that a better understanding of extensional systems can have for industry or other societally relevant applications are also welcome.

Normal faults, rift, ridges, stretching, syn-orogenic extension
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