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P64. New advances in the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the central and southern Apennines


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Stefano Vitale – Università di Napoli Federico II
  • Giovanni Luca Cardello – Università di Sassari
  • Sabatino Ciarcia – Università del Sannio
  • Domenico Cosentino – Università RomaTre
  • Monia Sabbatino – Eni
The Apennines are among the most studied fold-and-thrust belts in the Alpine-Himalayan chains, as they offer good outcrops of generally non-metamorphic succcessions and one of the best-documented stratigraphic pattern that records the pre- to syn-orogenic steps of their peculiar tectonic evolution. Seeking resources and risks, or for the sake of basic research, more than 200 years of Geologists have explored this chain to unveil its deep structures and their development through time.
This session offers a symposium to show and discuss the evolution of the central and southern Apennines by gathering the attention of Authors working in different aspects or regions. This session aims at illustrating the new advances in knowledge of regional geology in terms of stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology and tectonics. The conveners encourage the submission of abstracts on different research themes, including the interplay between sedimentation and tectonics during Mesozoic rifting stages and Cenozoic orogenic construction; structural analysis; tectonic inversion of inherited structures; thrusting propagation sequence; seismic analysis; facies analysis; field geology and cartography; paleoenvironment and depositional systems; paleogeographic evolution.
We welcome contributions offering new methods for dealing with multidisciplinary approaches, eventually also involving geophysics, petrology, or applied geology sciences.
central Apennines, southern Apennines, stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology, tectonics, structural geology
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