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P70. Geochemical and isotopic approaches for the improvement of agricultural practices and food safety


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Elena Marrocchino - Università di Ferrara
  • Valeria Medoro - Università di Ferrara
  • Antonello Aquilano - Università di Ferrara
The interface between health and geochemistry is a research field combining multidisciplinary approaches to unravel the link between the natural environment and human health, contributing to the improvement of a global society. New approaches exploit geochemical data to investigate environmental and anthropogenic processes in natural and human-managed soils and ecosystems. The use of innovative and environmentally low-impact formulations can be the key to mitigating the application of synthetic fertilizers, whose residues affect the healthiness of final products and harm the environment while increasing the efficiency of nutrient use by crops and preserving or improving production. In addition, the growing demand for healthy, high-quality food products has led to strict regulations to certify the authenticity and protect against fraud. Traceability studies are based on the hypothesis that chemical elements in plants and their products reflect those contained in the soil. Consequently, univocally determination of geographic origin is critical to ensure the quality and territoriality of products.
This session invites papers that explore the progress of developing new geochemical or mapping methods with applications in environmental sciences and food safety. Presentations at any scale are welcome, from laboratory studies to global geochemical mapping activities aiming at increasing environmental awareness and food traceability.
Geochemistry, isotopic analysis, Food Traceability, Agricultural Practices