P71. Mining- and bio-waste for a sustainable world


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Pietro Marescotti - Università di Genova
  • Silvano Mignardi - Sapienza Università di Roma
A critical challenge today is the sustainable waste management, involving the recycling and reuse of wastes through the development of new suitable methodologies with low environmental impact, low cost and suited to convert wastes into value-added products. Massive amounts of waste are today the residues of food and mining industries that can be converted to new value-added products for numerous applications. A way to overcome this challenge could be the recovery of raw materials from dumped waste and the conversion of biowastes into new materials for the remediation of heavy metal pollution. We therefore invite multidisciplinary contributions about reuse and recycling of mining- and bio-wastes, recovery of critical metals from mining-waste and application of waste-derived materials for the remediation of heavy metal pollution.
Recycling, Mining- and bio-waste, Critical metals, Value-added products