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P76. Crystalline basements: from field mapping to micro-scale analysis


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Matteo Simonetti – ISPRA, Geological Survey of Italy
  • Martina Zucchi – University of Bari
  • Diego Pieruccioni - ISPRA, Geological Survey of Italy
Working in crystalline basements presents problems and difficulties which make such terranes a challenging topic for geologists. To obtain significant results it is necessary to integrate lithostratigraphic data, structural and microstructural geology, petrology, geochemistry, and geochronology. Furthermore, field mapping is always a basic tool for any investigation aiming to reconstruct the tectono-metamorphic evolution of those settings. Field observations must always be integrated with the analytical data. Such an integrative approach contributes to solving issues that cannot be directly resolved from just fieldwork or just specialistic analysis.
We welcome contributions based on the multidisciplinary study of crystalline basements highlighting:
(1) how the field mapping can be integrated with information from other disciplines,
(2) how the interpretation of analytical datasets can benefit from a precise frame derived from detailed fieldwork,
(3) how new tools can improve data collection, map production, and data visualization (e.g., digital mapping, 3D models),
(4) how multidisciplinary studies can enhance the knowledge of complex tectono-metamorphic contexts,
(5) how several types of data can be reported on thematic maps allowing better visualization and interpretation of specific analytical datasets in relation to the geological context.
Crystalline basements, geological maps, structural geology, petrochronology, 3D modeling, tectono-metamorphic evolution, petrology, geochronology
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