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P80. From continental rifting to break-up: tectonics, magmatism and their variations in space and time


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Eleonora Braschi - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Giacomo Corti - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Anna Gioncada - Università di Pisa
  • Derek Keir - Università di Firenze
  • Carolina Pagli - Università di Pisa
During continental extension, normal faults and ductile deformation contribute to thin the plates, a process which is accompanied by generation and emplacement of magma at different lithospheric levels. Therefore, magmatism and tectonics are closely linked during rifting and result in complex interactions which have been investigated for several decades. Nonetheless, many aspects of these processes are still loosely constrained or widely debated: these include the spatial and temporal variations in tectonics and magmatic products within a rift the active or passive role of magma ascent on tectonic processes the contribution on magma generation and migration of several parameters, such as kinematics and rates of extension, mantle potential temperature and presence of mantle plumes, volatile content in the asthenosphere etc. The relations between magmatism and tectonics have potential impacts on other important aspects including geo-hazards, geo-resources, climate and (in East Africa) hominin evolution. This session aims at providing a better understanding of all these processes by inviting submissions dealing with both tectonically and volcanically active rifts and ancient extensional areas. We encourage contributions using multi-disciplinary and innovative methods (field geology, geochronology, geochemistry, petrology, volcanology, seismology, geophysics, numerical or analogue modelling, etc.) and bridging the temporal and spatial scales associated with rifting.
Continental rifting, Continental breakup, Extensional tectonics, rift-related volcanism, magmatic processes
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