P84. Data and Questions on the deformation history of the southern Apennines of Italy: from long-term tectonics to seismogenic faulting


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  1. Francesco Brozzetti (Università di Chieti - CRUST)
  2. Simone Bello (Università di Chieti - CRUST)
  3. Carmelo Monaco (Università di Catania - CRUST - INGV)
  4. Barbara Orecchio (Università di Messina - CRUST)
  5. Luisa Valoroso (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, INGV)
The session is sponsored by CRUST (Centro inteRUniversitario per l'analisi Sismotettonica Tridimensionale)
The deformation history of a large region such as the southern Apennines of Italy cannot avoid an integrated approach in the various disciplines of geosciences. When the topic falls in the broad sense of the long-term deformation (i.e., entire Quaternary) to the present seismic activity, the synergy between structural geologists and seismologists represents the keystone to understanding the geodynamics of the area. This session aims to collect contributions on new data and constraints on the deformation history of the Southern Apennines from both the broader interest of the regional tectonics and the high-detail of the single earthquake event, in a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach. Contributions deriving from seismological, structural-geological, paleoseismological and integrated morpho-tectonics studies are welcome.
Long-term deformation history, structural geology, seismotectonics, earthquakes, Southern Apennines
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