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P85. Magma storage, transport, fragmentation, and dynamics of deposition: advances in understanding magmatic processes and eruptive behaviors


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Alex Scarani - Università di Roma Tre
  • Fabrizio Di Fiore - Università di Roma Tre
  • Alessandro Frontoni - Università di Roma Tre
  • Marisa Giuffrida - Università di Catania
  • Laura Calabrò - INGV - Sezione di Pisa
Volcanic products record the decompression, cooling, and deformative conditions that magma experiences during its migration through the Earth's crust until its emplacement. Furthermore, the degree of crystallization and vesiculation influence the ascent of magmas in volcanic conduits, strongly impacting the rheology, the eruptive dynamics of a plumbing system, and the textures of eruptive products. Understanding the interconnection of all these processes is challenging because of the multiple physico-chemical parameters involved, which ultimately complicate our understanding of how volcanic systems work.
In this session, we welcome petrological, geochemical, and volcanological studies based on both experimental and analytical approaches on natural and synthetic samples, aimed at investigating the kinetics, thermodynamics, and compositional changes that magmas may experience. We also encourage the submission of interdisciplinary works considering the close and complex interplay between experimental and numerical-based approaches to shed light on conduit dynamics, eruptive behavior, transport, and deposition of volcanic material with the ultimate scope of improving hazard assessment and risk mitigation.
Experimental volcanology, Magma rheology, Conduit dynamics, Emplacement dynamics, Numerical modelling
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