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FT1. Storage and migration fluid properties of carbonate rocks exposed in the Sorrentino Peninsula and High Agri Valley of southern Italy


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Fabrizio Agosta, Università della Basilicata
  • Stefano Tavani, Università Federico II di Napoli

17-18 September 2023 

The field trip runs through the Mesozoic carbonates pertaining to the Apenninic Platform exposed at the Sorrentino Peninsula and High Agri Valley of southern Italy. The first day will be dedicated to visit the carbonates at cropping out the former site. The first stop will consist on the panoramic view of the Cretaceous, syn-sedimentary normal fault solving up to 250 m of throw. The second and third stops will focus on the background fracture network crosscutting the Cretaceous carbonates, specifically on both strata-bound and through-going sub-vertical joints. Bedding-perpendicular barren joints evolving from strata-bound to through-going joints The second day will be dedicated to the visit of the platform carbonates exposed along the eastern flank of the High Agri Valley. The three stops will be dedicated to the visit of outcrops exposing the inner structures of a low-angle normal fault juxtaposing late Triassic dolomitic limestone against Upper Jurassic limestone (Stop 1), the original fracture stratigraphy of both lagoonal and oolithic Lower Jurassic carbonates (Stop 2), and the pervasive high-angle faults and fractures dissecting Upper Cretaceous massive limestone including rudist fragments (Stop 3).

Itinerary Day 1: Naples central railway station (departure at noon), - Moiano (stop 1), Moiano (stop 2), Villaggio Faito (stop 3), accomodation at the Agrituristica La Ginestra (Santa Maria del Castello, NA)
Itinerary Day 2: departure from the Agrituristica La Ginestra, Villa d'Agri village (stop 1), Marsicovetere village (stop 2), Santuario Madonna di Viggiano (stop 3), Potenza railway station (arrival at 7PM).

150 € (all included). Costs cover transportation, room and boarding (1 night, three meals)
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