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FT4. The High Agri Valley: a natural laboratory for studying faults, geofluids, aquifers, earthquakes and the environment


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Michele Paternoster, Department of Sciences - University of Basilicata, Potenza
  • Salvatore Grimaldi, Department of Sciences - University of Basilicata, Potenza
  • Giulia Schirripa Spagnolo, Department of Earth Sciences - University of Rome Sapienza, Roma
  • Tony Alfredo Stabile, IMAA – CNR, Tito scalo (PZ)
22 September 2023 (8 hours)

The High Agri Valley is an intramountain basin in southern Apennines, which is considered as a natural laboratory due to its geological and hydrogeological complexities, and its high seismic hazard. These peculiarities stimulate multidisciplinary approaches for a better understanding of the relationships among fluids, faults and rocks. In addition to the presence of the largest on-shore oil field in western Europe, the valley hosts some of the main water resources of southern Apennines, both on surface (e.g., the artificial Pertusillo reservoir at which some induced seismic events are associated) and groundwater (e.g., spring groups of the Maddalena and Viggiano mountains). The field-trip is aimed at showing the unique natural landscape of the valley and, at the same time, providing information of its structural-geological setting and the natural and induced seismicity occurring in the area through direct observation of faults. Furthermore, it is focused on the understanding of the hydrogeological budget of the main aquifers, the water-rock-faults interaction processes (from the past to the present), and the migration of crustal and mantle fluids at the surface by visiting some cold and warm water springs located in Marsicovetere and Tramutola towns.

Departure from Potenza h 8:30. First stop at Marsicovetere, (Panoramic view of the valley and introductive stop), second stop at Sorgente del Copone to observe evident fault surfaces. The field trip will continue with a panoramic tour (Stop-3) around the Pertusillo lake and near the Val d'Agri Oil Centre (COVA).  Stop 4 - Visit to a seismic station near Tramutola Town; Stop-5 Visit to Tramutola Well where  thermal waters and a continuous geochemical monitoring station are found; Stop-6 Visit to Capo Cavolo Spring. Return to Potenza around 7pm

50 € (including transfers and lunch packs )