P75. The geoscientist and the geothermal exploration


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Cristina Pauselli - Università degli studi di Perugia
  • Massimo Verdoya - Università di Genova
  • Domenico Liotta - Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro
In a world progressively affected by climate and environmental changes triggered by increasing consumption of fossil fuels, renewable energies represent an added value from the green and sustainable economy perspective.  Among the various georesources, geothermal energy has a high degree of environmental sustainability is. Thanks to the recent developments of technological research in this sector, it is possible to also minimize the production waste of geothermal systems, applying circular economy criteria. In this framework, the exploitation and protection of natural resources jointly operate as driving forces for a new way of development. In order to estimate the geothermal potential of an area, different geological and geophysical investigations are necessary spanning from the evaluation of the thermal state of the crust, and the reconstruction of the geo-hydrological conditions, suitable for the development of a geothermal reservoir, to the study of the thermophysical properties of the rocks, which are fundamental to understand the mechanisms of heat transfer in the subsoil. Contributions dealing with the topics described above are welcome to foster useful discussions and synergies between the geoscientist involved in different ways in the  geothermal energy topic.