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FT7. The Tethyan Ocean-Continent transition from the Pollino area to the Serre Massif


Congressi SGI-SIMP

  • Giacomo Prosser, University of Basilicata
  • Antonio Langone, University of Pavia
  • Alfredo Caggianelli, University of Bari
  • Giovanna Rizzo, University of Basilicata
22-23-24 September 2023

This field trip aims to perform a comparison between the Slices of the continental crust of the "Calabride" complex exposed in the Pollino area and the lower continental crust exposed in the Serre area. This will allow discussions on the composition and the evolution of the middle-lower continental crust exposed in Calabria and how this crustal section has been stretched and fragmented during the Jurassic to form the ocean-continent transition exposed in the Pollino area. Further topics will include the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the continental crust of Calabria in the frame of the Alpine orogeny and the related deformation observed at the ocean-continent transition.
Friday 22 September: slices of continental crust and ophiolites in the Pollino area
1) Cropani: description of continental crust fragments (gneiss, albitic gneiss and amphibolites).
2) Timpa delle Murge and Timpa Pietrasasso (Fig. 1): description of the ophiolitic sequence; relationship with the outcropping metasedimentary units.
Saturday 23 September: The lower continental crust of Calabria in the Serre Massif
1) Acconia Quarry: hornblendites and garnet gabbros tectonically overlying fine-grained orthogneiss of the Castagna Unit along the Curinga-Girifalco Line. The basal, mafic part of the lower continental crust could be possibly observed also in a further stop at the Turrina quarry (near Curinga).
2) Amaroni: migmatitic paragneiss with centimetric garnets belonging to the metapelitic portion of the lower continental crust (Fig. 2).
3) Petrizzi, and probably Argusto: migmatitic paragneiss with cordierite and veins of peraluminous granites (metapelitic top level of the lower continental crust).
Sunday 24 September: Granitoids of the Serre Massif
1) Granitoids of the intermediate crust: foliated, biotite-amphibolite bearing tonalites at the Squillace castle and, possibly, at Cava Madonna. Biotite tonalites with rare amphibole at the Pietra Grande beach (Montauro). LUNCH.
2) 2 pm: departure for the Lamezia airport, Potenza (A3) and Bari (along the Ionian Road).

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