FT7. Rocks and soils in the Salento area: from resource to hazard


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Field Trip Leaders: Piernicola Lollino1, Francesca Micheletti1, Stefano Margiotta2

1Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro.
2Università del Salento.

Date: 6 – 7 September 2024
Cost: € 230 
Minimum number of participants: 15
Maximum number of participants: 25

Description and itinerary
The field trip represents an attractive opportunity for knowledge and enjoy some Puglia wonders.
The first stop will be dedicated to visit some emblematic examples of the Lecce baroque style (Basilica di Santa Croce, Palazzo dei Celestini, the Duomo and the adjacent square) built with the soft and degradable calcarenite. The stops in the afternoon will instead allow us to observe the instability processes affecting the soft calcarenite cliffs along the Torre dell'Orso coastline, with evidence of rockfall processes recently occurred and on-going. The evening of 6 September will be passed in the beautiful town of Otranto, where it will be possible to walk in the Middle-Age touristic historical center.
The last stop (morning of 7 September) will allow to appreciate the geological and naturalistic features of one of the most popular geosites in Puglia: the abandoned open-pit mine in bauxite "Lago delle Orte" (Otranto).
Day 1 (6 September):  07:00 - Departure from Bari to visit the historical centre of Lecce in the morning; in the afternoon Costa di Melendugno - Torre dell'Orso; dinner and overnight in Otranto.
Day 2 (7 September): in the morning abandoned open-pit mine in bauxite "Lago delle Orte" (Otranto); lunch time, departure to Bari (estimated arrival at 15:30).

Further indications: 
All stops are easily accessible and require minimal trekking attitude and standard field work equipment (i.e., comfortable clothes, trekking shoes, a hat for the sun, a protective sun cream, a light backpack). Warm and dry temperatures expected; do not forget your swimsuit! Costs cover insurance policy, accommodations in hotels with dinner and bus transfer. The two packed lunches are not included.

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