FT8. Across the nonconfomity: from the late Variscan crystalline basement to the Neotethyan stratigraphic succession around Longobucco (Calabria, southern Italy)


Congressi SGI-SIMP

Field Trip Leaders: Vincenzo Festa1, Salvatore Gallicchio1, Francesca Micheletti1, Francesco Muto2, Enrico Tavarnelli3

1Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro.
2Università della Calabria.
3Università di Siena.

Dates: 5-7 September 2024
Cost: € 325,00 single room; € 295,00 double room 
Minimum number of participants: 15
Maximum number of participants: 20

Description and itinerary
Day 1 (5 September): Late afternoon, departure from Bari to Camigliatello Silano (CS), in the Sila National Park. 1st overnight in Camigliatello Silano
Day 2: An itinerary across the basement cropping out in the Sila National Park. K-feldspar mega-crystals granodiorites of the late Variscan Sila batholith, near Longobucco (CS) village; late Variscan injection zone and contact metamorphism in Palaeozoic phyllites, through the Monte Sordillo area; pre-intrusive ductile shearing in the host-rock of the Sila batholith. 2nd overnight in Camigliatello Silano
Day 3: The nonconformity between the phyllites and the deepening upward stratigraphic succession along the Trionto River valley: (a) The Hettangian – Rhaetian? basal continental red beds; (b) the carbonates of the Sinemurian platform; (c) the Carixian – Lower Domerian shelf and slope marls; (d) the Upper Domerian – Lower Toarcian turbidites. Structural features will be observed along the décollement of a Tertiary thrust, that, propagating across the basement-sedimentary cover nonconformity, carries the Palaeozoic phyllites onto the Mesozoic stratigraphic succession. Late afternoon, departure to Bari (estimated arrival, before dinner, at 7:30 pm).

Further indications
Itineraries on well-marked secondary roads or mule tracks, and on paths that may be locally not clearly visible; there are also steep sections and easy rock passages, which, however, do not require specific mountaineering knowledge; the total planned route is of about 6 km, at elevation around 1000-1200 m and 400-600 m above sea level, during Day 1 and Day 2, respectively. Trekking shoes and hiking clothing adequate for maximum temperatures around 30 °C, sudden rainfall and fresh evenings are recommended; carry sunscreens and medication against insect bites; vipers and scorpions may be encountered. The cost covers insurance policy, accommodations in hotels with dinner and packed lunch and bus transfer.

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